Birth Angels


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I like this - I think that the "Angel interpretation" of one's nativity is accurate. I also very much liked the music and felt it close to my being.

Some details are also in this article.


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It too resonated deeply with me, here are my three angels:

Physical: Jabamiah

Many of the things are exactly like me. For example, Jabamiah's negative athism. I am an Athiest. And I would consider myself someone who stands for justice. Aggression? Well, when I'm pushed to the corner.

Which parts of the song I resonated with:

The second half of Jabamiah, which I assume is the doom and the gloom. But it made me feel powerful as well.

I loved ALL of Yeialel, No doubt representing the genius the angel seems to represent. The deepness, the depth.

Yelehiah's song was just magnificent. Intelligence with power.
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it relates to a specific book relating to birth angels in the kabalic tradition.....not the name of every angel in the tradition... hmmmm cant find the name at mo