Billionaire's Missing Wife: Where Is She?


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I drew this chart for the day that Anne-Elisabeth Falkevik Hagen went reported missing, the 68-year-old wife of Tom Hagen — a media-shy real estate investor and owner of an electric company. This has been reported around the world today. So where is she? What happened to her? Since I do not have an exact time of the event, it's challenging but I assigned a time for the evening since that makes the most sense to me.

  • The ransom note was written poorly ("Bad English) which might suggest a foreign enemy (Mercury/note in Sagittarius/foreign)

    Uranus (Bitcoin) at 0 degrees Taurus (Money) in 10th shows ransom and the police asking for the public's help.

    I don't like the degree of the Sun (8 degrees/death in Scorpio/death) or the Asc.

    I believe a foreign govt is behind this and or "outward enemies"/6th/Pluto.

I think investigators/Scorpio near her home (4th) will need to head towards cold/Saturn water (Neptune/Pisces) to find her.

Any observations?