Bike Stolen


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So, a few hours ago someone stole my bike off the back porch. One of my relatives had just got finished riding it and forgot to chain it up. We went searching around the block for it afterward with no luck, and... more than likely, we're not gonna get it back (I'm realistic), but I decided to cast a chart for it anyway, to possibly determine its whereabouts.

The question I specifically asked was: where is my bike?

Never casted a Horary chart before, so I was wondering if I could get some help. Thanks, guys.


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There are 4 testimonies it will be found!
It can be at gas station, highway, railroad station, public places or friends house, hilly uneven ground, places recently dug up, stone quarries, vineyards. Maybe at parent's home or near some restaurant. Or in or next to a garage or at places where you park your car.

Direction: North

As POF is in 2nd house it can be near some bank or in , flower graden, shrubbery. It might be near cathedral, church, courthouse, gambling hall, doctor's house, stable, racing track, college, and university, places of public function, lawyer's office or bookstore.

Direction: north by east