Biden's presidency is collapsing quickly now


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Just a reminder that this is not an astrology thread about Joe Biden; it's a chat thread about the Biden presidency which
is collapsing. He's now the most unpopular president of all time. The biden fascist regime is deliberately destroying
the country from within so that China can be the #1 superpower.
There are plenty of :scorpio: men & women who make wonderful leaders & sun sign astrology is very primitive & only gives a
tiny insight into a person's character.
This is actually Obama's 3rd Term as he bragged about wanting to be in the basement pulling the strings.
Biden's problem is his corrupt & depraved soul which only God can save now.
He's done horrific things which have been posted on this thread & others.
Incest with his own daughter, accepting bribes from China/Ukraine/Iran, selling the country out to gain money & power,
lying about everything & being corrupt for the entire 50 yrs he's been grifting off the taxpayers.
He's never done ONE good thing for anyone in his entire life; he's a sociopath.


Biden promised to bring people together – he has failed. He’s a liar, incompetent, and an extremist.

Liar – He’s lied about Afghanistan, the border, raising taxes, Hunter’s corruption, his schooling, his past jobs, the places he’s been … the list goes on and on.

So why should Americans trust him on anything? The answer:

They shouldn’t and they don’t.



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China Joe's attempt to win back the black men from the Demcrat plantation has failed.
Black men are the biggest group leaving the Dems after the great Hispanic exodus who now vote Republican.
His silly marijuana law only affects a few thousand people on the federal level but vast majority are charged at the
state level which his law doesn't change.:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:
Why didn't he decriminalize marijuana? That would be the only solution for those using it for medical/recreational use?
Already 19 states allow weed 4 personal use & many other states are voting 4 that in Nov.
As usual, Beijing Biden full of deceit & deception. The devil loves playing the lying game.

Oh, and we haven't forgotten how you totally destroyed the energy industry in the US.☹️
Totally destroyed the secure border.☹️
Totally running the largest human-child sex trafficking operation along the southern border!😌
Totally destroyed personal choice & freedom by mandating the vaxx, firing people who didn't comply & taking anyone to
court who tried to fight the Biden medical tryanny.
We haven't forgotten that your fascist regime is still pushing the vaxx onto babies & children, even after the world has
banned that horror.😭😭

We haven't forgotten that China owns you & your #bidencrimefamily who paid millions to have you as their puppet.
And Ukraine.
Oh, and we haven't forgotten that your own daughter Ashley wrote in her diary that you took naked showers with her when
she was 12 yrs old & that you molested her.
We haven't forgotten about you sniffing & molesting young girls & admitting 'she was 12 & I was 30 in a recent
video'. You admit the truth without realizing it due to your dementia!
The Dems don't have a problem with your pedophila but the majority of the country are disgusted with you.:sick::sick::sick:

We haven't forgotten that you colluded with China & other foreign nations to steal the 2020 election from the real winner, DJT.
We haven't forgotten that you are the worst president in Histroy who is deliberately detroying the country from within.

We are taking back the country Pedo Pete & you & your entire family & cabal are headed to GITMO.
We are taking back the diamonds you stole!😂😂😂

Joe Biden brags about having “the most extensive and inclusive VOTER FRAUD organization” in history.​



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Hidin' Biden Avoids Midterm Campaign Trips Amid Plummeting Favorability​

Red Wave? Democrats Forced to Abandon Key House Races​

That means there's also a blame-game at play here in the midterm cycle.
The WaPo is a good place for Dems set to take heat — either for failing to protect incumbents or keep the GOP from gaining a significant majority — to begin setting the table to avoid accountability for Democrat losses and the consequences of what is shaping up to be a strong Republican majority in the next Congress.

It's far less painful for Democrats to say they simply couldn't compete and lost races due to a lack of money — thereby passing the buck (heh) down to donors and away from the party leaders and national funding groups — then admitting Democrat policies destroyed the American economy and the party couldn't spin away the pain Americans felt due to inflation, soaring crime, or several other crises that remain at the top of voters' minds.


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Americans Are Fed Up and Want the Border Wall Completed​

With just weeks before the November midterm election, Americans appear beyond ready to tell the Biden administration what they think about open borders and the illegal immigration crisis.

A new Issues & Insights (I&I)/TIPP poll shows that a majority of Americans want the border wall, and they don’t think Democrats are the right folks to actually secure the border.

Voters were asked, “Do you support or oppose building a wall along the border with Mexico?” Of those polled, 57% said they would like to see a wall, and 33% were opposed.

Drilling down a little bit, 39% strongly support the wall, while 20% strongly oppose.

Clearly, the Biden administration is not listening to the American people.


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Biden Approval Collapses​

Lowest Confidence In US Presidency Ever Recorded In History, According To Latest Polls​

Far-Left NPR Acknowledges Bidenflation ‘Busting Budgets and Killing Joy’​

Far-left NPR almost engaged in some real reporting about Joe Biden’s inflation crisis…

Inflation is starting to seem like the horror movie monster that won’t die. The newest data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows prices in September hit another 40 year high.
What was striking about the data was that a lot of the worst inflation is hitting us at home: rent was up 7.2%, electricity prices are up 15.5%, groceries are up 13%.
The welfare queens at NPR even pointed out that natural gas is up a whopping 33 percent.

O'Biden deliberately destroying America from within.☹️☹️



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459 legal violations reported on Hunter's laptop with China/Ukraine Joe getting 10% of the billions!

And crickets from the Mockingbird Whore Media.:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:

Even proof that Hunter paid 4 Ukranian prostitutes who were part of a human trafficking sex operation.

Hey, nothing to see here, move on folks!

Except when the Reps take over in Nov, there will be arrests & convictions of the #bidencrimefamily
Both treason & crimes against humanity will be in the arrest warrants.



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It's worst than that!:oops:

The Biden Administration is under CCP control::sick::sick::sick:

FBI is Creating a database of gun owners.

The CCP has access to U.S. citizens' government, financial, and military records.

FBI arresting dissenting media voices ahead of the #midterm elections.

Biden greenlights China to open up to 59 CCP Police stations across the U.S. over the next two years.

Still think we're going to have an election in #2024?


Chinese Communist Party-Tied Group To Run Midterm ‘Election Observer’ Program In​

Swing States​



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The pedo traitor only cares about pushing the mutilation & castration of children.
O'Biden doesn't care about the open borders & 4 M illegals flooding in, costing the taxpayers
O'Biden doesn't care about the bidenhyerinflation where everything costs 4x what it did 2 yrs ago.
O'Biden doesn't care about the huge increase of major crime in Dem-infested cities
O'Biden doesn't care about women, children, the taxpayer, the Constitution.

ALL the demon cares about is the sick, degnerate trans agenda.:sick::sick::sick:
These Dems are so sick & depraved.

This is why the Dems are going to be wiped out in Nov, you don't allow children who are incapable of making such
drastic decisions decide if they want to get their body parts chopped off!
This same pedo, traitor O'Biden is pushing the vaxx onto the chidren, without their informed consent, yet he thinks it's
okay for CHILDREN to make their own 'gender' decisions'.:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:
If a children decided they wanted to be a cop, would O'Biden give him a real gun to 'play with'.

THANK GOD for Reps who are banning this abomination & will continue to fight the Dem satanic agenda.

  • Biden says ‘it’s wrong’ for states to ban sex reassignment surgery and puberty blockers for kids in White House interview with transgender TikToker Dylan Mulvaney

Let Kids Choose:
Joe Biden Slams Republicans for Banning Sex Changes for Little Children (VIDEO)



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The O'Biden fascist regime have created a real shortage of diesel fuel & by Thanksgiving it will be all gone!😏😏
No solar, wind or other 'green' energy can replace diesel is ESSENTIAL for trucks to move.
The O'Biden criminal gang did this deliberately; created a depletion to crash the economy....
nothing will be able to be transported without trucks!
Yet, the fake news won't report on this.☹️☹️
When it does completely devastate the trucking industry, the House/Senate will be taken over by the Reps
(who are poised to win huge on Nov 8).
Are the Dems then planning to blame the Reps who actually don't take up their political positions until Jan/23?
What is their plan to stop this catastrophe from happening?
This NEVER would have happened under President Trump who made the US energy independent.
China Joe & him evil cabal don't work for the American people; they are doing everything they can to
destroy the country from within.
Abraham Lincoln warned us about this. Said the only way that America could fall would not be from outside
forces but forces within the country.
Sad but true.

Diesel oil set to run out​



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The President owes these incredible workers an immediate and public apology,” Manchin said.

Sen. Joe Manchin is demanding a public apology from Biden over what Manchin describes as
Biden’s “outrageous” remarks regarding coal.

Remember, Manchin is a very blue=to=the bone Democrat & even he's had enough of O'Biden & his hateful,
divisive comments.

Wonder how much longer they will keep the pedo, traitor in the WH.
Maybe after the huge red wave on Nov 8, they'll remove China Joe with the 25th?



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Biden says ‘it’s wrong’ for states to ban sex reassignment surgery and puberty blockers for kids in White House interview with transgender TikToker Dylan Mulvaney

Let Kids Choose:
Joe Biden Slams Republicans for Banning Sex Changes for Little Children (VIDEO)

Dylan Mulvaney is a drama actor troll, the LGBTQ community and women alike are protesting Dylan's heavily stereotypical transition into transwoman or "girlhood", this appears to be an act or for show and it's so offensive and inciteful to not just social justice activists, even Caitlyn Jenner who isn't also favored by social justice activists is a more famous transwoman who apologized for past comments about homosexuality and same-sex marriage equality (it turns out after transition, she admits was once ashamed of a hidden gender identity differently matched her sexual and romantic attraction to women) and found Mulvaney to be an annoyance and problematic to literally had fighting words and a verbal match on TikTok. Mulvaney (a formerly non-binary or gay man) is a "transtrender" performs a false image of femininity, being gay/NB/trans, and queerness to infiltrate spaces of groups of people who longed dealt with sexism, misogyny, discrimination, intolerance and transphobia, and then Mulvaney plays around as a "girl", which is insulting to many women (cis and trans) and plays on negative behavioral stereotypes of Gay men (the "exaggerated rasp vernacular, fickle naive vanity" and hand gestures or body language).

It's comparable to the late Sacheen Littlefeather misrepresenting Indigenous Americans, Mexicans/Latinos (she is of Spanish or Mexican descent) and People of Color, because to impersonate or misrepresent a historically marginalized social minority group of people esp for personal gain and attention is not humorous and just plain wrong. I've watched almost 3 hours worth of TikTok vids of Mulvaney's "240 days of girlhood" and I keep sighting, facepalming and heads on desk repeatedly, because who would let's say waste a box of tampons during the current year supply shortage (many women and persons who need them can't easily acquire these necessary hygienic products for their needs) or hike in the wilderness in high heels? (That's clearly dangerous).


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O'Biden CHOSE to be interviewed by Dylan Mulvaney so clearly China Joe thinks he/she/it/they are okay.

Please don't hi-jack the thread as it's not about the trans-agenda which Dems are pushing.

it's about the COLLAPSE of the Biden Regime.

Hey, even many Dems want him to quit, leave, go away.
He's a LIABILITY & he's the cause of the upcoming demise of the Dems on Nov 8.

I expect they will remove him w/the 25th AFTER the midterms; he clearly is mentally incompetent
& the worse president ever. He's dragged the Dem party down to as low as it can go.


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Biden Says He Plans to Change ‘Nothing’ After Midterm Elections

In other words, the O'Biden marxist regime plan to continue destroying
America from within with their insane & destructive policies.

Joe Biden defiantly proclaimed “nothing” will be different in terms of his policies
despite 75% of voters believing America is headed in the wrong direction.

SAD :crying::crying::crying:

Biden says there's no 'guarantee' country will 'get rid of inflation' ☺️☺️☺️