Biden's presidency is collapsing quickly now


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Poll: 74% Say Joe Biden’s America Is on Wrong Track​

The terrible poll numbers for Biden come as gas prices have averaged over $5 for six consecutive days since June 9, according to GasBuddy. Americans will pay $450 more for gas in 2022 than they did last year on an inflation-adjusted basis, Energy Information Administration (EIA) reveals.

Inflation is the highest it's been in over 50 years.
Everything now costs a lot more, not just gas but lumber, food & housing.
Lack of food supplies including baby formula.

The O'Biden Regime can send 50 BILLION to Ukraine which is funnelled to the Azov nazis, Ukraine oligarchs,
Democrat politicians & Zelensky but can't even feed American babies.

The O'Biden president is the most catastrophic in American history.

THEY ARE DELIBERATELY DESTROYING AMERICA to allow the Chinese to takeover without firing a shot.

These Demonrats & RINO traitors need to be arrested & sent to Gitmo for treason.

We need to SAVE AMERICA before it's too late.

Biden’s Still Fighting in Court to Keep Ban on Oil and Gas Leases​

White House is attacking an industry. The Biden White House just asked a Louisiana federal judge, Congressman, to uphold the president’s ban on new federal oil and gas leasing and they want to now limit fuel exports. We’ve never seen a government attacking a U.S. industry like this.”

8 months later after the topic thread's OP, we're not in good shape in 2023, Biden had a SOTU and he insisted he's a "capitalist" and the far-right in the audience heckled and shouted he's a Chinese communist psyop", and he's another corporate-Liberal alike Barack Obama, and Bill and Hillary Clinton - the generation born before that full moon night Dec 31, 1982 (over age 40 as of Jan 1, 2023) are still the majority (for now, a decade from now, I expect Gen X'ers like John Fetterman and Ron Desantis to become the majority of the government) aren't quite in touch with anyone under 40 with their concerns on the inability to become fully established independent adults in a different economy than their parents or elders remembers before Dec 31, 2001 (ages 21-40 group), more numerous generation than my own 1964-82 era who are dwarfed by the boomers still in charge in their 70s-80s.


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All I know that his term is half through!
The Pentagon is in a state of desperation in Ukraine
leading Biden and company to send U.S. arms stockpiles stored in Israel
to the battlefield

as the situation on the ground deteriorates. Will it work?

Pentagon Getting DESPERATE to Arm Ukraine :)

as Russia Nears Bakhmut Victory



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Residents of Ohio a taking showers with bottled water
because their drinking water is contaminated with toxic chemicals.
Meanwhile the Biden administration is mostly absent from :)

the worst ecological disaster in modern American history.



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QuidProJoeBiden visits
Greedy Greenscreen COMEDIC Billionaire Zelen$ky in Ukraine

rather than meet Americans suffering the impact of a chemical spill in East Palestine, Ohio. :)

also discussion
the collapse of landmark anti-missile treaties in the face of US escalation in Ukraine




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Joe Biden likes to reassure his audiences when he’s not kidding, particularly while telling stories
that no one would ever think he was joking.

Most recently he told a bemused audience in Virginia Beach
about his encounter with a military nurse
he said did things for him
that wouldn’t have been taught in nursing school, including breathing on him
and bringing him a pillow from home.
Jimmy and Americans’ Comedian Kurt Metzger discuss Biden’s advancing dementia

and whether his story sounds like the plot of an adult film :)

The fact there's still people still considering voting for this man - need to get out of America. It's done.



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Is Satanism the state religion of the USA?


The regime certainly loves to abort babies to the moment of birth and beyond, sacrifice children to the vax, castrate/sterilise children, persecute Christians



There appear to be some depraved characters/satanists at high levels of power (e.g. military, monkeypox coordinator)

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Bud Light PANIC
Social Media SILENCE

Backlash Could Kill Brand

Bud Light's marketing team doesn't know what to do after going Woke.
They have stopped posting on social media
and their Marketing VP just was exposed as liberal Diversity Activist
Imagine destroying an entire company

to appease a group of people that comprise less than 1% of the population? :)