Biden's presidency is collapsing quickly now


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Comer will 'continue to press' for info on Biden docs scandal after​

White House says no visitor logs in DE :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:

There are no visitor logs for Biden's home in Wilmington, Delaware, the WH​

Counsel's office said Monday ☹️☹️​

"The WH, National Archives, and the DOJ withheld information from Congress and the American people
about classified records found in unsecure locations from Joe Biden’s time as vice president," continued Comer. "
The American people deserve transparency, not secrecy.
We will continue to press the Biden Administration for answers about who had access to these classified documents &
why Biden aides were permitted to rummage through the Wilmington residence after the appointment of
a special counsel."




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Former Clinton Adviser David Gergen Says Biden Risks Being ‘Creamed’​

by Docs Case: ‘Very, Very Big Deal’​

Former Clinton administration adviser David Gergen believes President Joe Biden’s handling of
classified documents risks doing very real damage to him.

Who had access to these classified docs that O'Biden stole when he was VP & had NO authority
to keep them or to de-classify them?😗😗😗

Who visited him in Delaware & had unfettered access to these documents?
Chinese spies? Ukranian spies? Who else?
We all know that China/Ukraine own lying Biden as they've paid him & his family millions.

Oversight Committee Demands White House Release Biden’s​

Wilmington Residence Visitor Logs​



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The Secret Service does background checks on everyone who meets with the president,
but the WHouse wants you to believe there's no visitor log at Biden's Wilmington home.

Reminder, Biden has spent 1/4 of his entire presidency in Delaware.




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It looks like somebody might be a tax cheat, and the question is whether it’s Presidentish Joe Biden,
his son Hunter Biden — or both.😗😗

On the Schedule E portion of his 2017 tax forms, Joe Biden reported $19,800 in “rents received,” &
none in 2018, according to information reported.

But when filling out a background check, Hunter Biden claimed to pay a specific $49,910 rent each month
to his dad from March 2017 to February 2018.
This is the same home where classified documents were recently found stacked in the garage.
Biden the Younger spent about a year — during part of his drugged-out times
renting (?) Biden the Elder’s Wilmington, Del., home following his divorce from Kathleen Biden.

Kathleen filed for divorce after learning that (among other women, including an Arkansas stripper who gave birth
to Hunter’s unacknowledged daughter in 2018) Hunter was having an affair with his dead brother Beau’s widow,
Hallie. 😌😌😌

No, this is not an episode of Dynasty.
This is the family life of the Bidens.
The whole clan is so wrapped up in a nasty web of sex, money, & inappropriate showers between China Joe &
his “hyper-sexualized” young daughter that it’s easy to get lost.

The $50,000 that Hunter paid his corrupt, traitor father, Joe was part of the money-laundering scheme.
10% to the 'big guy' remember.😗😗😗


Hunter Paid $50K A Month To "RENT" Biden's STOLEN Classified Docs!​




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CNN Exposes the Biden Crime Family & Admits that Joe Met With the​

Corrupt Business Associates of his Son Hunter​

The green light has been given to go after Joe Biden.

CNN is now against Joe Biden.

Last week, it came out that Joe Biden kept stolen classified documents in the wrong way in his private office and at his home in Delaware.

The Deep State is after Joe Biden to stop him from running for president again in 2024.
China Joe has served his purpose to steal the 2020 election & now they can drop him as he's become
a liability.
Now that MAGA have taken over Congress & exposing the O'Biden corruption, lying biden has got to go!

CNN has begun to report on the Biden criminal family.

Jake Tapper slammed Joe Biden on Sunday for having confidential materials in his garage alongside his Corvette.

Biden's family faces renewed scrutiny​



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Hey, how much do you want to bet that China Joe will go 'full-blown' dementia on us to avoid
He is guilty of treason, sedition & crimes against humanity.
To avoid being charged, he'll act even crazier than ever.....then.....
He'll be removed by the 25th Amendment.

We, in the conservative movement, said this was always the plan.
Use China Joe up until he became too much of a burden & then dump him using his
mental incapacity as an excuse.

Another 'conspiracy theory' proven to be conspira-fact!


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Just a friendly reminder that it's been two years to the day when China Joe
was installed into the WH
.....and no president has destroyed the country in so little time!☹️☹️☹️

In just 2 yrs, over 5 M illegals have invaded the country from the open southern border

Crime is skyrocketing in all Dem-run cities; some are more dangerous than war zones.

In just 2 yrs. China Joe has destroyed the oil/gas industry & revoked all the policies Trump put in to make
American energy independent.
Xiden now running around the world, begging to buy oil at outrageous pricesm & prices have tripled for
Americans to fill their cars or heat their homes.😌
In just 2 yrs, the Resident has weaponized the DOJ/FBI & created a two-tier justice system whee
murderers like Alex Baldwin wander free while Jan6 peaceful protesters only charged with trespassing are still
held in jail without bail or a trial date.:sick::sick::sick:

In just 2 yrs, over 120,000 Americans have died from fentanyl overdoses which comes from China
& smuggled to Mexico where the drug cartels bring it over the border.
In just 2 yrs, the O'Biden regime now running the largest child sex trafficking operation in the world &
handing children over to pedophiles (he deleted the rules requiring background checks).
In just 2 yrs, he has killed thousands with his covid vaxx mandates; people were forced to choose btwn their
job or their health. And he's still mandating them even with all the studies which have been published.

Lying Biden has spent millions of taxpayer's monies fighting lawsuits which are
brought to have these mandates dropped.

In just 2 yrs, Basement Biden has destroyed the economy, destroyed the border, destroyed people's health,
destroyed people's lives, destroyed the energy sector, destroyed many jobs.
O'Biden offers NO hope to the people, has called half the country 'terrorists, white supremacists & racists'.

Meanwhile, the Bidens who collected multi-millions from China, Ukraine & Iran, committed treason,
sedition & crimes against humanity.....have yet to be charged with one crime.
Not a one. Not even pedophilia even though there is child pron on Hunter's laptop.

Because the Dems can commit any crime & get away with it.

You see, there are serious consequences to stolen elections & having a sock puppet placed in the WH to
do Chinese, Ukranian & Iranian bidding.



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DOJ Searches Biden’s Home,​

Finds More Documents with Classified Markings 😗😗😗​

The trove is in addition to the about 25 classified documents unearthed by Biden’s personal attorneys
in past weeks between the Penn Biden Center & Biden’s residence.

But NO FBI raid even though Biden did NOT have authority to take these docs or de-classify
them as VP.

Did O'Bomber know that his VP stole top secret documents?
Why did he allow it to happen?



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Another one leaving the sinking ship.

Is there anyone left in the WH? The rats have scuttled out in both VP & The WH!

Guess they are trying to run & hide before the traitor, China Joe gets impeached.

Democrat President Joe Biden’s chief of staff, Ron Klain, will leave his post at the WH
in the coming weeks, according to several news reports on Saturday.

Klain, a longtime Biden hand who has served as his chief of staff since the president
took office, is
expected to leave his position shortly after the upcoming
State of the Union address on February 7.😌😌



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Biden COMMITTED FELONIES by Taking Possession of Classified Top​

Secret Documents “Whether or Not They Were Passed on to a Foreign Entity”​

Biden gang committed felonies in taking possession of top secret classified documents &
that’s before providing them to the Chinese at the Chinese front organization [the Penn Biden Center]. 😏😏😏

These are very serious felonies for each top secret document that was taken out of its secure location.

In an interview between Frank Gaffney & former CIA Operative Sam Faddis,
Faddis shared the following about the documents found at what Faddis called the Chinese Front Organization (the Penn Biden Center):

It’s a really serious thing…It’s a felony, it’s probably any number of felonies. We send people to prison for this, that’s without any evidence they passed it to foreign powers…When you’re done with it it goes back in a safe and it’s shut and it’s behind an alarm and it’s secure and there’s an armed guard downstairs.
So these are felonies, that’s before we get to whether or not it was passed to a foreign power
We should remember that we are talking about a man who is up to his eyeballs in evidence of being compromised by the Chinese Communists…
…In a Chinese front organization [the Penn Biden Center] we find top secret classified information brought there by a guy who has taken tens of millions of dollars from the Chinese.

I think we call this espionage where I come from.😗😗😗


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Hunter Biden converted Delaware house with classified documents into home office​


Hunter Biden apparently turned his father’s Wilmington, Del. mansion into a high-powered and possibly compromised
home office, wheeling and dealing with some of the same nations whose names have turned up in classified documents
recently discovered at the home, according to experts and leaked cellphone texts.

At least 12 classified documents — some dating back to President Biden’s career in the Senate —
were found on its premises in recent weeks.

Remember that a 'document' doesn't mean one page. One 'doc' could contain as much as 100 pages!
O'Biden had no LEGAL right to steal any class docs; he didn't have the authority to declass them as VP.
And his money grifting, crackhead son met with foreign sell them the classified docs?

With 10% going to the 'big guy' of course.

Why aren't these O'Bidens arrested 4 treason already?😏😏😏



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BREAKING: Biden In DEEP As MORE Classified Information Uncovered In​

Emails On Hunter Biden Laptop​

“The Biden crime family made millions in Ukraine performing nefarious and criminal activities,
including espionage,”

According to emails uncovered last week from the “Laptop from Hell,” Hunter sent his business partner Devon Archer
a very detailed email on Ukraine on April 13, 2014 – just one week before Joe Biden visited Ukraine to meet with
then-PMArseniy Yatsenyuk.

“It appears that Hunter Biden was emailing Devon Archer information he received from a briefing his father, then \
VP Joe Biden held earlier.

“This email included this classified information and Hunter had no security clearance or reason to have this information.
This was not the first time Hunter Biden had access to classified information.
Today we have another email showing more Biden family crimes,” he reported.

“Sandweg shares the classified visa information with Hunter’s firm which is not a government agency.
Hunter’s firm shares the classified information that he never should have had with Burisma, a foreign company
– this is espionage,”





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Another loser traitor leaves the lying Biden fascist regime.
Another rat jumping off the sinking ship!😚😚

Breaking: Top Biden Economic Aide Brian Deese to Step Down​



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The Biden Crime Family are being exposed now thanks to the GOP majority in the House!
FBI colluded with the Dems to suppress the Hunter laptop from hell for nearly 4 years now!
Even the fake news admitted that the laptop was authentic & not Russian disinformation!
Now, even the cokehead Hunter admits everything on the laptop is verified & real.
So, now, he's suing the computer repairman & others involved to exposing their crimes!

Tell me, how does a family that sold classified secrets to Ukraine, China & Iran (which i treason)
are still free? (the brother too is guilty of treason).o_O
DOJ still protecting them & refusing to issue indictments.
Garland a traitor too.

The country is bring run by a mafia!