Best Transits To Have On Your Wedding Date


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Any experiences from married people who feel they are in a successful and loving long-term marriage?

What transits did you have on your wedding date?


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An aspect that I would consider in my own wedding chart:

Although some may disagree on this point, I read the MagiAstrology's book about the Magical Aspects. They said Venus/Chiron aspects are the most important in synastry between a man and a woman.

About the Chrion/Venus linkage: Its supposedly the best aspect a man and woman can have. In the book (Love & Money) it says about this aspect: "The Golden Aspect. It is singularly the most powerful and beneficial linkage that two persons can have. United destinies, becoming one family, money as partners, a lifelong friendship, a charismatic relationship. If you have this aspect with someone, it is very likely that you will be of great help to each other. This is the strongest of all linkages and helps form enduring bonds."

I kept an open mind about the aspect (sounds a little too good to be true ;) ).

Anyway, about 2 years later, my best female friend met a woman and within 2 months of becoming friends, the woman decided to put my friend entirely through college and to send her on a trip to Europe to become well-traveled. She then went on to say that she considered her family. Anyway, I immediately looked at their synastry and found that they had chiron conjunct venus by 1 degree. That was their closest and most noticible synastry aspect. What transpired was IDENTICAL to the book's description.

Anyway, after seeing its influences, I'd say this might be a nice aspect in a wedding chart ;).
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