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Among astrologers, who do you believe is the best and most accurate astrologer living today? Is there a basic concensus? If I went to a Medical forum, I am sure there would be recommendations of, at least, the top five doctors in a partical field. What do you think of Astrologers?



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there is no way to tell that...

there are knowledgeable people and less knowledgeable people... you can't compare astrologers as you can't tell who is more evolved spiritually of a group ...


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Your question is interesting to me (as a Professional Astrologer) from the standpoint that I do not recall ever seeing or reading any sort of poll or vote for the World's Top Living Astrologers. I have heard all sorts of testimony and praise for certain departed Astrologers - Dane Rudhyar, Jim Lewis, Sydney Omarr, etc.

I myself would enjoy seeing such a poll. I'm certain that just like many other votes or polls, it would be very subjective and public opinion would figure in a prominent way in the results. What would make sense would be to set up categories (such as best Financial Astrologer, best Media Personality, etc).

I will also say that I respect all those who hope that there will never be an "Academy Awards of Astrology". And there are some Astrologers who are very shy and private Uranian souls who would certainly duck such attention regardless of how accomplished they are!