Best Aspect In Our Synastry Chart??


If there is a such thing as soulmates then he is mine. There's no doubt about it. I met him on 8/17 (88). 88 is the number for double happiness and infinite completion, four full circles. We first made contact at 8:51pm. This is reassurance for me that this is something special because I have always seen this time and wondered why. I feel like the luckiest woman in the world yet I feel undeserving. He is just pure bliss. Do I really get to experience the rest of my life with this amazing soul? Now that I know him I don't ever want to not know him. As a Virgo Sun of the 3rd house (Gemini), one can rightfully assume I am double minded and fickle. I've already told him bye a few times out of fear. The 3rd time he told me my way of thinking was distorted and ugly, that something else was better for me. He pretty much dismissed me. I actually pleaded with him to forgive me. He finally said we'd be friends. I thought I'd lost him but I guess there's nothing common about this union. I had this pattern of pushing men away and isolating myself, but he shut that down. He has interesting analogies for life lessons. If the tags are outdated on my car, he says I will worry about getting a ticket so I will never go anywhere. He says he will just go and deal with things as they come, but no matter what he went. He has this way about him. He is so smart and wise and a great communicator. I want to share him with the world because he has a gift for inspiring others.

I believe our strongest aspects are his Jupiter conjunct my NN. I listen to everything he says. He's honorable.

Also, his Sun is conjunct my Mars in my 6th. He (Sun) gets me going (Mars) daily (6th), makes each day better (6th).

We have a crazy sexual attraction. My Venus conjunct his Pluto. Desire (Venus) for sexual act (Pluto). We may also capitalize (Pluto) on our relationship (Venus). I am flirting with the idea of creating a web radio show and co-authoring a self-help book.

My Sun and Mercury are in his 5th with his Moon. He is constantly flirting with me. There is a mutual adoration. We just enjoy each other.

His 10th house is in my 7th. Public, honorable (10th) relationship (7th).

This love is so amazing it makes me want to create a dating site that matches people according to their synastry charts. The world would be a better place if everyone had love like this.

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