Belong to another culture? Past life influence?


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I've been noticing something......

I do not fit in very well with Americans, in general. I've never really felt I belonged here, for some reason. However, there are other cultures that I really resonate with, even though I've never been there and lived among them. ( at least not in this lifetime)

They are Native American and Indian (India). The Native American I can get, because I've had at least 2 past lives as Native American. One was Cherokee in Oklahoma. The other was a smaller tribe ( not sure of the name) near the coast of Southern California. The tribe was evangelized by Spanish priests who built missions in the area. Both of them were happy lifetimes, in general. I have a strong pull to Indian reservations and tribal grounds.

The India part I'm not so sure of. I do have one past life memory of being an assistant to a Holy man that may have been in India - if not, near there. I was raised in rural West Virginia. The only person of another culture was the local doctor, who was Korean. But an Indian woman was visiting in the area one day, and visited our Girl Scout Troop - bringing traditional Indian food, and wearing her Sari. That seemed to be the trigger. It all felt so comfortable, and I've longed for India ever since.
Tibet area kind of rings a bell, too.

I had many past lives as European, American, and a couple Asian - yet none of those cultures resonate with me. Any thoughts? And do any of you have the same feelings - that you would feel more comfortable in another culture besides the one you were born into?

(I wonder if this can be found in one's chart.....?)


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Besides the Nodes for karmic influence, try the position of Uranus. Uranus has a very strong influence on whether you feel like you belong or 'fall somewhere between heaven and earth'. I'm a 10th house Uranus, always felt like I'm the 5th wheel everywhere. From the looks of it, your Uranus is pretty strong as well.

Uranus would be "the culprit" if you feel like "even if it's a lot out of place, I would feel more comfortable than just a little out of place".


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Besides the Nodes for karmic influence, try the position of Uranus. Uranus has a very strong influence on whether you feel like you belong or 'fall somewhere between heaven and earth'. I'm a 10th house Uranus, always felt like I'm the 5th wheel everywhere. From the looks of it, your Uranus is pretty strong as well.

Uranus would be "the culprit" if you feel like "even if it's a lot out of place, I would feel more comfortable than just a little out of place".

Thanks for the input. I would never have thought to look at Uranus. Mine is in Virgo in the 8th house - but Koch and a few other systems, put it in the 9th. I guess that might count for a little? 9th ruling foreign cultures? Plus, the ruler of my 9th is Mercury Rx in Sag in the 12th - so recalling cultures from the past? Mercury and Uranus are square

Still wondering if I'm the only one with this going on - or do others have something similiar?


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It seems to me that I get along very well with Indian people. Those actually from India. I seem to befriend them and we get along very well.

I also really love the culture of the African Americans. I have done some research in college and would spend hours of free time going through and researching slavery and how awful it was. I felt compelled to research it as though it was my heritage. I was so sad and angry, yet I felt like they were "my people."

I have a huge amount of respect for African Americans and what they had to endure just because of the color of their skin.

I do wonder what I was, who I was in a past life.


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I guess that anything could play a part in this.

I have read all the posts in this thread, and am quite intrigued. I have had my share of past life `memories', through obsessions with other countries and cultures. The most noticeable one has been a recent past life - perhaps in the past 300 years - in which I was a Catholic priest (I think in France), but was excommunicated for some reason. I have put this down to both my SN in Scorpio in 10th plus my Jupiter in Sag in 11th. I was brought up in the Methodist church, and loved to visit the Anglican church in our town because of their rituals and the candles and crosses, and all that palaver. Methodist services were so plain by comparison.

I find the reference to Uranus - made by Rasalhague - to be an interesting one, and I would not have thought to look at that. My 5-year-old grandson recently began school, and is attending a Catholic primary school. No-one in either family (i.e. father's or mother's) is actively a Catholic, or anything else for that matter. I began to freak out a bit about it, as the school supports quite strict and traditional values which the child's parents do not necessarily subscribe to. I discussed my concerns with a friend, and she mentioned that he may need this for some reason. I now believe that he has had one or more past lives as a Catholic - and perhaps a priest - and he is having to somehow `finish this off' by attending a Catholic school, even if only for a couple of years. He has Uranus in Pisces in the 9th house, very close to the 9th house cusp. Uranus forms an inconjunct with his Libra Jupiter. [I have noticed that others who have this aspect seem to have a `higher calling' thing happening in their lives, where they reject what is presented to them as a `normal path' to follow for the voice of their inner drives.]
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I am skeptical about past lives, but I do not discount them. I just don't know for sure yet.

I do know how it feels though to resonate with another culture. I'm from the UK, but not really sure this is my roots or where I belong. Maybe this is because here, my Chiron is on the Nadir.

I strongly resonate with Egypt though. I've been to a few places, but nothing felt quite like Egypt. Though, I don't resonate with the culture. I do resonate with the place, the whole country, the geographical area.

I spent one month there with my friend, this friend has travelled the world twice over. I just knew where to go, I felt at home, not lost at all. My friend though was less self assured when we were there. We have travelled to other countries too, but nothing was like the experience in Egypt.

I'd be interested in looking at the chart of the country, though these are not always accurate, or available.


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Usually Pluto in the 9th (Pluto being the soul of the chart) shows many past lives in other cultures, native lives (sagittarian experience living by natural law/other cultures), and also shows the experience of feeling like a "stranger in your own land' in this life. I have Pluto in the 9th and most of my most recent lives were as a native person, tribal, living by natural law. (Ive had dreams about this). But your South Node is in Sag., which is very similar to Pluto in the 9th - so you have many of your past lives in other cultures, as a native person. the past lives are a combination of the house Pluto is in, and the south node, showing what the soul has been doing in the past.

Your sense of not belonging, being alienated in this culture is also that south node in the 11th house, feeling much more comfortable with native cultures, cultures that live according to natural law, America generally lives completely OPPOSITE to natural law, everything is against nature and the natural cycles, so you'll naturally feel at odds here. Your aquarius moon also heightens that sense of alienation. I live in America and I feel DEEPLY alienated here, always have, I've always gravitated to more indigenous cultures. I've always felt more comfortable with other cultures, as so far all cultures have more elements of natural law, whereas America is the farthest from natural law because here capitalism, money, materialism, individualism, etc...has nothing to do with indigenous values of living at one with nature and the earth. you might like living near native reservations or to work with native people. i am reading an amazing book, "Native Grandmothers Counsel the World", sharing wisdom about the ways of life and how far we have come from has been blowing my mind and really validating the part of my soul that knows that is the truth, how native people have lived for 20,000 years, and how we have to go back to the ways of nature for this planet to survive. Just the fact that elders are valued, revered, and respected in native culture, where they are not in American culture, says a lot. They are 13 amazing, medecine women, from all over the world, with prophecies, wisdom, healing, heart, so important for these times. They came to speak at my school, so amazing. I hope you can check it out, you'd like it. :cool:



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I have Pluto in my 9th House, and I too have felt out of place in the US. I still need to go back and see my past lives firsthand, although according to a couple of readings I've had I have had a considerable number of past lives in Europe, and I also feel like I resonate with Egypt and Japan although I don't know much about my lives there just yet. I also know that when taking Spanish and French classes at school I've picked them up remarkably quickly.

Though I remember watching Roots when I was younger, which felt like a massive trigger for me. Although in this lifetime I'm white and grew up in the South, which can be quite racist and many in my family are no exception, that attitude always felt wrong for me, and if the readings I've had are accurate my other experience being American was as a slave.


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My Pluto is in the 9th conjunct Moon...
can we get some clues where we have been by country signs or something...or it is not reliable...?
How do you people know what were your past lives...and where...?
I suspect I had one in the UK, Ireland or Scotland ...and may be India...but not sure....just guessing...
How can I understand .....:confused:
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you can ask for the information to come to you through dreams, that is where i've gotten a lot of past life memory...or you can talk to a psychic, or meditate on your birth chart. People with Pluto in the 9th usually have past lives in a culture very different than their own culture now, so they feel very strange in their current culture as it is usually their first time there.


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Interesting posts.
Neptune Rising, you mention about looking at the countries chart. What's the best way to get a countries chart? And what sort of things would be one be looking for when comparing? I guess it's just like a regular chart - right?
I've often wondered why some parts on earth just feel right. I never even considered past lives. I don't discard this idea, but I guess I've never been able to access it. I've always been very aware of places resonating or not. I've always been drawn to desert lands, the places that felt 'right' being some remote parts of Australia, New Mexico, and just recently Israel and Egypt. I'm wondering as I type whether this has links to past lives or is it because I have no water in my chart!!! In which case shouldn't I be drawn to the ocean??


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Considering past lives.....we've all had so many, been each other's parents, children, enemies, loved ones......I feel this is the point.
It's good to feel connected where ever we are. When we feel as if a stranger in a strange land, that comes from our own mind. If we remember that indeed we're related and interdependent with all beings, all species, we are at home where ever we are. And obviously some places feel more like home than others because of karmic patterns. I think you should follow your intuitions while keeping the larger picture in mind.
If we can have love and compassion for all beings, then there's a chance we might not anihalate our precious planet, and an enlightened world will not be just some mere conceptual dream.


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Besides the Nodes for karmic influence, try the position of Uranus. Uranus has a very strong influence on whether you feel like you belong or 'fall somewhere between heaven and earth'. I'm a 10th house Uranus, always felt like I'm the 5th wheel everywhere. From the looks of it, your Uranus is pretty strong as well.

Uranus would be "the culprit" if you feel like "even if it's a lot out of place, I would feel more comfortable than just a little out of place".

My uranus is in the 7th house and opposing chiron. Im biracial/or tricultural.... But I feel that many people believe that Im from certain places, especially Spain, Italy, France, South America and that kind. Many spaniards ask me if Im from Spain at least.

When I lived in France, they thought I was native French, and now that I live in Poland alot of people start to ask me if Im Polish, and I never got this question before! EVen when Im NOT in Poland anymore others still ask it....

Maybe its just the biracial curse? Or something fishy about my karma/past lives:D

Many times Ive dreamt that I speak Germany fluently and about living there. Ive never lived there in my life though. These dreams started when I lived in France one year, like really vivid dreams.

Some times I got deja vu from speaking the little german I know with some germans. But I wonder if it maybe reminds me of learning Norwegian at the age of 5-6? Cause their kind of similar....

SN is in the 6th house conjunct my chart ruler Mercury and conjunct pluto in scorpio....
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My case is a bit different and might be weird sounding to some.

I was born in one country, and grew up moving to different countries every 2 to 3 years. Some places were culturally segregated and others were culturally diverse. I identify with different cultures, and I don't resonate with one particular culture.
Also, I have had many past lives, but I don't necessarily feel connected to a certain culture because of my past life experiences.
I just don't see cultural boundaries. I identify with many cultures, and I feel as though this Earth IS a one big country.

So here's the thing with me. I've always felt like I didn't belong in this Earth. Anyone felt the same? I feel as though I belong to a place outside of this Earth.
I LOVE traveling, but world travel doesn't excite me as much as space travel. I love watching the starry night and the blue sky, and I love seeing the earth and the clouds through the airplane window up in the sky. :smile:

Uranus: 12th house Scorpio
Moon conjunct Mars: 9th house Virgo
Pluto 10th house Libra (conjunct Sun, Jupiter, Mercury in Libra)