Beginning to Study Astrology


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As a person just starting out, I would think to become a competent and trusted astrologer it would take a long time to sort out the minutia. Some people probably can do better readings because they have a gift of " sight". More like a psychic. So far it's looking so daunting to me that I'm just focusing on the planets, the houses, the Nakshatras,and the ruling dieties to paint a gross idea of the people I know. Each thing could be studied on its own for years. An Astrologer told me decades ago that I'd be good at astrology, but really, I would never want to take the responsibility of making g predictions for anyone. It's too heavy. I think it's almost better for people to just read the funny papers version for themselves, unless there is a forensic purpose. I truly think there is a reason that some people emerge from the womb screaming bloody murder, and others come out quiet and calm. They still have memory of the last time around. But I am hooked on studying Vedic astrology now because of the spiritual dimension. Good Luck to all the newbies out there, and Thanks to all the more experienced folks for your help. I really appreciate it.
I'm just a beginner of Vedic Astrology, and an intermediate (upper?) in Western equivalent of it (Tropical Western astrology), but your post makes me have even more motivation to study Vedic Astrology extensively!