Beginning Horary Astrology


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Hello everyone, this is my first post. I'm very impressed with this site and glad to be here. My questions are about horary astrology, which I'm new to:
At what point, do you really "ask a question?"
Meaning that, if you are asking the stars about it, it's probably been on your mind for some time.
If I have already asked the universe about something (or a spiritual guardien, what have you), but am still foggy on the outcome/answer/best course of action or if there's still unresolved energy there, if I ask the stars, will I get a true answer - to that moment? Or did I already ask this question in my heart and since I can't remember the time, should just plug away at life?
I guess this is a philosophic question on the nature of what it means to ask.
Really appreciate your insight here!


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Hi Faith

Even if you have been tortured by some question for months, the moment you decide that you can't take it anymore and cast a horary chart for it is the moment you ask for the Universe to assist you in solving the problem.

This approach is valid if you are your own astrologer and you delineate the chart. If one knows nothing about astrology then it's better to use the moment when the question is taken to an astrologer.

It is not the question per se that makes it a valid horary question, but possibly the moment it is decided that the question will be answered by the means of horary astrology. (but this is no rule, just a grounded approach to horary, in order to prevent rambling).