Been suffering since 22 years



May I request a reading? My details for birth chart creation are:

New Delhi, India.

I being a female born in India to conservative parents, had to face a lot of irrational behaviour at the hands of society. It did not end there, I am in Australia since MARCH 1998 - I am facing a lot opposition from my husband and his family. I get thrown out of job by bullies and insecure teammates.
My attitude and ethics are not even acknowledged.
I need some respite. Could you please help me understand what is the reason according to Vedic Astrology?



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Rahu in ascendant, Mars in bedroom, afflicting ascendant lord and ascendant lord is afflicting Mars.Both have exchanged their position too.
Indications are that from Rahu/Saturn period, (From December 1997) situation has started giving some issues.
It will be better to stick to your commitments, your statements or discussions should be clear, otherwise may give impression of false statement. Bedroom environment should be lovely, fights or anger or irritating behavior may spoil married and family life too.
Avoid minute analyzing and criticizing.
After taking precautions, situation may give better results after November 2020.
Otherwise you may feel loneliness.


Thank you Anoop Ji. The situation is never going to change as my husband is under a spell. Possessed. He brings negative energy in the house.

Is there a remedial measure which can be followed?