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Hello to all those that have come to this site to learn about astrology..... Astrology is not a medieval, dark ages, archaic, dooms day prediction practice anymore.... It is 21st century, and in line with now.... It is psychological and encourages free will... strengthens the spirit... directs our paths a to successful life... So this commentary is all about "you".. We are so busy in our daily life with so much going on, that we don't have the time to sit down and see the patterns that astrology sees... Astrology will never tell you how to live your life... but gives you a peek at what's coming your way... My messages are from my guide spirits, and don't contain confusing technical astrology terms that most don't understand.. But a down to earth, practical commentary instead.. ( I think my Capricorn is showing )... I would like to talk about what oppositions are in a chart, and how they affect you.... First of all, let me say what an opposition is.... All of life is based on opposites.. its how we evolve.. opposites are extremes of the same issue... It shows up in your charts, every time a transiting planet activates it.. The purpose of an opposition, is to let you know that its time to make some decisions, (before its too late), because you need to move on and forward... You cant have light without darkness, there is no up without a down ( opposites)... water seeks its own level (how we resolve)... you need to see the extremes that are going on in your life.. its important to keep in mind, that making "no" decision is making a decision... If you don't make corrections as indicated by the opposition, then you get the "squares".. A square is no longer tolerant of indecision, and putting things off.... Squares, make you, force you, to make decisions. There is no time to think about it... its now.. So astrology can show you, things that are getting worse, even though you might not think so... It shows you how it will eventually, become a squaring off ... It might be an opposition that is an "internal decision", or it might be an , outer world influence, outside person or issue.. No matter, the opposition is your warning sign, its the yellow light that comes just before the red light...... the square is making you act on it... Now just as you might think your are doomed to a fate, the universe gives us ways out.. It's called the "sextiles and trines"... These are connected to your chart at specific places to point you to how easy it will be to resolve issues, before they become squares.... The only unfortunate thing about trines and sextiles, is that we tend to focus on the traumas, rather than the good things we are capable of doing... This message comes directly from my guide spirit....


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That is so true. That is why I avoid the traditional section. Honestly it’s just misery, sadness, doom and gloom, and doomsday predictions. Its just such a sad reflection. I’m glad we don’t live in such dark times anymore where these things existed.

It is 2020, and we have so much free will. Astrology is deeply entrenched in the field of psychology and we are learning so much and I think honestly makes for a good scientific study.

The sky is the limit :)