Based on my chart what should I be doing for work now?


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Born on 9-12-97 at 8:28 am in Midland TX. I have looked into my birth chart. I'm not dumb to it but can you guys help me out? I've had issue with more for the last 2 years. Based on my current transits I can see how. But for some odd reason I'm getting the feeling like maybe the reason why I haven't had success is because it's time to do what I'm meant to? Based on my 2 nd house I was going to try to ( come up) by doing temporary modeling. But it's been hard to get a job. So I was thinking that maybe I can use my 2nd house? Chiron in Scorpio? To possibly start a YouTube and talk about overall what I've been through? When it comes to healing. Tbh I just want to know if my intuition is right? In the future I plan on being a guru I know I have the ability to heal and I see it all in my chart. Bit for right now I have to get some cash. I'm a single mom going crazy! Especially with certain transits. I'm also asking this because for the jobs I did try to start. " They don't work out" which is making me think it's time to make money on my own. I know I'm meant to be self employed. But based on my chart where do I start? What Can I do Right now that will help me make some money finally???? Am I right about possibly gaining money ( before big money hits) by talking to others?(Chiron in 2nd in scorpio) I do feel like I inspire people. I also have Pluto in the 3rd ruling Scorpio. Still kinda new so don't come for me ������ lol

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