Bad reputation in my chart

I'm kinda worried these days.Anything good I want to do yields opposite result.No wonder so far my friendship luck is bad also my family life has been a matter of tension since childhood.My relationship with my father is not good as he's domineering and conservative whereas I almost don't believe in religion.Sometimes I feel like an idiot.I know I have many bad qualities which I'm working on for years.I'm always serious about my career but my results are not up to the mark these days.
Can you please tell me if you see anything even worse in the coming days.I read in a website I may have bad reputation and it's partially true for now.Also if you can tell me something about my career


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This chart has some very strong points. Jupiter in the tenth whole sign house and in its domicile rules both the ascendant and the tenth house. This is very promising for career and reputation. Difficulties most likely are coming from retrograde Saturn in the first house. Concentrate on matters ruled by Jupiter and try to have Saturn in cadent houses. This will improve your life situation over time.
Hello sir, thanks for your kind reply.Can you please clarify a little bit what is meant by " Matters ruled by Jupiter" as I'm not very knowledgeable about astrology.Perhaps the things I should do and those I should not