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I have this conjunction and I swear it really really affects my relationships both intimate and non-intimate. Family, work associates...I just can't seem to clear the toxic thoughts, anger and definitely the need to be infallible. ALways in competition with everyone. Except maybe my children. What gives? Why the lack of empathy? Is it just this stinking aspect of mine? I fear it is the base root of my anger issues.
Does anybody else see any points to take up in my chart where this is also reflected. That's the big bad red flag in my opinion.
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Hi...I have your chart from July. You failed to mention that your Pluto and Mars ALSO conjunct Uranus and they are in Virgo. This group opposes Saturn in your 8th house.
THIS is the reason ....your answer to WHY do you react this way.
You are reactionary. All opinions, especially personal ones, are interpreted by you to be combative ....confrontational.
In a separate pattern, you have Neptune, Mercury, Sun and Venus in Scorpio square MOON on the 7th house cusp. This is really difficult as your fixity shuts down your ability to LISTEN and discriminate between hostile (and dangerous) opposition and just plain (and normal) difference of opinion or even just average conversational dynamics.

You learned THIS behavior when you were very young. Unless you can conscously go back and figure out how this began, you may be stuck with these attitudes and dynamics indefinitely.

Or can find better ways to have differences of opinions and arguments. YOu could learn ''Assertiveness.'' - Assertiveness is intellect driven and not impulse driven rhetorical style.

Implied in your overall chart is GREAT frustration. That is something you'd need to speak with a therapist about.