Autoimmune disease, anything present?


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Hey guys,

I've had joint pain all my life (total Capricorn, right?), and recently I've been referred to see a Rheumatologist because they suggest that I most likely have an Autoimmune disease, most likely Rheumatoid Arthritis, fibromayalgia or lupus. I was curious to know if you guys see anything that would point to a serious condition or chronic condition, especially if it involves the joints. Its been worse as of recently, so I've posted my Natal chart with transits and progressions.

I'd love to hear your guy's thoughts, astrology seems to always soothe me and right now is definitely a time where soothing is needed.


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dr. farr

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Have you been diagnosed by an MD regarding this matter? Regardless of what we come up with (I'll look at the chart) it is important for you to obtain a competent medical diagnosis of your condition.


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I have my diagnosis tomorrow. They're leaning towards RA, which is what I've suspected. I was in the emergency room today to try and figure out what was going on, my parents over reacted a bit and they ruled out any other arthritis disease and moved right into autoimmune.


hi quixotic,

first off, i echo dr. farrs wise and prudent comment.

RA would seem to connect with saturn in aquarius, as aquarius is associated with the lower joints - knees and angles in general, while saturn is associated to the frame and bone structure more generally.. neptune in capricorn is a generational factor that brings greater sensitivity and potential weakness to saturns realm of capricorn which is once again structural issues - back, frame and bone structure.. the first midpoint picture that involves both saturn and neptune that i would be trying to understand better is mars/saturn = neptune.

let me quote to you some of what ebertin mentions in his book -cosi- under biological correspondence for mars/saturn : 'the bone forming process', joints, muscles as active factors and bones as passive factors, the joining spots of the tendons or sinews with the bones. - an inflammation of the bones or of the bone-marrow.

neptune is the modern ruler of your 6th house as well..

i hope you are able to sort it all out in a positive sense and be able to move forward, regardless what you find from the doctor visit today.. cheers james


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Your 6th house of health is in Pisces, ruled by Neptune in your 4th (in Capricorn no doubt)... this could show possible issues with delicate health (pisces) in the bones, joints or skin areas..

Because your 6th house ruler is in your 4th, this may be genetic... or you may have inherited this from someone in your family. Is anyone else in your family affected by issues similar to this? Were you born with it?

Neptune is also squaring your Asc, so your appearance could possibly be affected by this sometime in your life..... especially your posture, walk, etc....

Best wishes and recovery!!

EDIT: Here's something a little interesting I found....

"For those interested in where the potential for arthritis is in Gary's birth chart: he was born with Saturn (rules arthritis, stiffness, joints, and joint aliments) in his 6th house (rules potential health problems and diseases) and Saturn is opposite (limitation, obstruction, difficulty) his Venus (rules flexibility and ease). Venus, in turn, rules his 3rd house (fingers and hands) and is in his 12th house (toes and feet)."

This shows the correlation between arthritis and Saturn/Capricorn.... he also healed from this, so there is hope! :)
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Just wanted to update those of you who replied to me, I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia is a disorder characterized by widespread musculoskeletal pain accompanied by fatigue, sleep, memory and mood issues. Researchers believe that fibromyalgia amplifies painful sensations by affecting the way your brain processes pain signals.

So now that that has been diagnosed, I do believe that you all were right in finding that my chart does show some problems with my body!

dr. farr

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I can perhaps see this "brain amplification of pain" in the relationship among Mars (pain), Moon (brain) and Mercury (sensations, nerves): notice the containment of Moon (brain) bewteen Mercury and Mars; and , of course, the group is conjunct among its components: then too we have these 3 planets plus Venus (which can be a soothing, "anti-inflammatory" influence) all under the fiery Sagittarius, which is also a mutable sign (fibromyalgia pains are notorius for their shifting locations, for their mutability, so to speak!)

Third (cadent) whole sign house placement of this conjunctional focus, might have resulted in the most "mild" of the possible conditions, being the one which actually "took" (fibromyalgia does not have the degenerative ramifications of either rheumatoid arthritis or lupus; it is, basically, a functional condition, rather than reaching to organic structural alterations, as in the case of these other 2 chronic diseases).

Notice also that the dispositor of the 3rd house/Sagittarius, Jupiter, is in the whole sign 12th house, the house of restrictions, pains, etc: and Jupiter is also the dispositor of the 6th whole sign house under Pisces (6th house can show tenencies to disease conditions and susceptibilities)-so Jupiter disposits both the 6th house and the Mercury/Moon/Mars conjunction (under Sagittarius), from Jupiter's unfortunate place in the 12th whole sign house (further note that Jupiter is in detriment also by being posited in Virgo in addition to being detrimented by the cadent 12th house placement)

So, what would we look at therapeutically, if the above analysis is accurate (or at least fairly accurate)
a) Moon-being conjunct Mars-would need to be strengthened
b) Mercury-in its detriment (like Jupiter is) both by sign (detrimented in Sagittarius) and cadent placement (3rd house) would need to be strengthened
c) and, I think perhaps even at more fundamental level, Jupiter (which disposits Moon and Mars and Mercury and rules the 6th house as well, and is in mutual albeit detrimental reception with Mercury) would need support and strengthening
d) Mars (pain, muscle pain) would need "antidoting" (modifying its influence)

I think Saturn is not that significant as a causal influence here; had rheumatoid arthritis, or even lupus, been diagnosed, then that might have changed my outlook re to Saturn in this chart as a possible causal influence, but I really don't see Saturn as a culprit in this matter: Jupiter, by its situation and condition, has been transformed into a "malefic" in this chart, and along with Mars, I think is likely to be causual to the nerve (Mercury) and brain (Moon) sensitivities here.