Australian federal Election.


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On 24/Nov 2007, Australians will go to the polls to elect a new prime minister...The incumbent is John Howard and the leader of the opposition party is Kevin Rudd..
I have drawn up a chart for *the closing of the polls*..
Chart data
Canberra ACT Aust
Lat: 33.S55
long 151.E 10 Placidus cusps
10.59 Taurus on asc.
I am hoping this chart will predict the outcome of the election.:)
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I'm not too experienced about mundane charts so i'm hoping someone will help me....
As I understand it, the ascendant represents the country- Australia...Taurus on the asc, a fixed sign and the sign that rules income and possessions. The moon is in this house showing where the concerns of the country are focussed...The moon is late in degree...not long before it changes sign into Gemini...(the media)...The public very interested in the result. The country's wealth is ruled by mercury and mercury is in the seventh in scorpio, the seventh representing the *house of foreign affairs*...pacific neighbours...
The house of the media, house 3 is ruled by cancer, the moon, so a definite interest in foreign affairs/ foreign policy and the fiscal state of the nation.
Apparently the *opposition* is ruled by house 4 and leo, the sun, rules this house...The sun is square the nodes and in the house of foreign affairs (also open enemies)...The sun and moon are moving to opposition...A result the public will not like? Saturn is in the house that rules Kevin Rudd's party, not too strong in virgo and applying to an opposition with uranus in the 10th which is said to signify the *reigning monarch* Uranus is unpredictable, but even stranger is the close contact made by neptune to the MC...the point that represents Howard.Mercury and neptune are square (H7- H10)..Lies to the media? lies exposed BY the media? Certainly a very deceptive influence...
The ruler of H4, rep Rudd,is the sun, newly in jupiter's sign sag...The sun will square saturn in the fourth and when the moon changes sign it will also square saturn there...(The media made a big deal of Rudd having health problems some time ago- perhaps sat in virgo reflects that....)
I also notice that the ruler of the tenth is in the fourth...suggesting victory for Howard.The asc (country) will sextile uranus AND mars (the media- or action taken by them....
House six, the house that rules the workers has venus on the cusp trine to neptune on the MC> Will the workers truly be deceived again? Bribed with cash back short term solutions? While their jobs are outsourced to (cheaper) overseas businesses? Venus and mars are still in orb of a square...mars on cusp of house that relates to the media, news....but mars is sextile the asc, the country and its people...mars in cancer is weak and doesn't *do* much...perhaps the media could have done a better job in reflecting more truthfully the concerns of the people?

In the eighth house of *overseas finances* is the jupiter/Pluto cj. A coup in a neighbouring counytry that affects our financial state? AN ECONOMIC COLLAPSE???? or is that what the people fear?
On balance I would say that the current government will be re-elected, but the opposition will have an increased majority but that foreign affairs will be taking center stage on the day....
Please help me with this someone?
Thanks, Lillyjgc
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how about looking at the chart for biginning of polls too. I would also have a look at the close of polls for Perth Western Australia because that is the last minute of voting going on. There is a couple of hours difference in TZ.



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Hello...Yes, having checked John Howards natal, opening and closing of the polls charts I am willing to say that John Howard will be re-elected at the polls but based on the above chart i feel there will be an eruption of dissent.anyone else care to have a look at the chart? I'm new to this....Cheers, Lillyjgc
I must say that I dont know a single person who will openly admit to voting for Howard again. Maybe people do things differently at the polls i guess....
Or its rigged!.................I will cry if he stays. So I hope you are all just wrong on this one :( I am sure your good on all the other threads!


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I reckon if you look at the prog and other chart details for both kevin and john you will realise that Kevin is in a much better place to win popularity than John Howard.

Kevin Rudd, rectified by Dymock Rose 21 Sept 1957 12 07 pm Nambour Qld AEST.



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Howard has prog moon in the 12th. Napolean never won any battles in those years. Rudd has directed moon in 10th conjunct Jupiter. thats a fair amount of popularity.

The prog 12th moon is such a killer for Howard.



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Well everyone. tomorrow is the big day....Dunno whether to buy the champagne...or not! don't like these cliffhangers! Makes though, for a riveting night in front of the TV. Watch this space....cheers, lillyjgc
Just sing kumbaya lilli...................ruDD will win if there is any good or god at all! May the best man win and may all trolls get a one way journey to their retirement(jonnie)
Looks like he's outta here........maxine rocks!!!!!!!!!!

Johnny, blame the progressed 12th sunshine......SEE YA!!!!!!!LOLLOLLOLLOLLOL


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Hi Folks! This is definitely one of those times I'm ecstatic to have got the chart *wrong*...hoping someone can point and how and where....I've only done one of these election day charts prior to this...Our country has made an optimistic choice, so perhaps the jupiter to pluto conjunction coming up shows a chapter in our history has come to an end.Looking forward to the *post mortem* on the chart. Cheers and darn! Shoulda bought the champagne afterall!
Congratulations Kingsley- You were spot on....

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Hi Lilly !!

This all seems to fit with Theo's analysis of the upcoming Transits ...

Jupiter to Saturn ..... Pluto Changing Sign ....

It's more about change than anything else .... if only the face of things.

The next 3months will be fun ....silly season with a new government .

I smell "post-mortem" feasting by the unions upon the corpse of the outgoing government. An kneejerk reaction to the industrial/fiscal policies of the last decade. The banks wont like this .... inflationary spiral.

Theo's work is fascinating [big smile] .... i wish i had the time to "overlay" it onto some of the charts of the individual / entities at work here ... the timing is just ...ummm . so-o ....ummmm opportune ..

ROFL [at my own silliness]


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I've just checked the transits to both natal charts-Rudds and Howards.
I can't believe what I am seeing: Rudd has the following aspects by transits:(on the day of his victory):
Sun and moon both squ his natal pluto
sun square Nat. Neptune
Mercury squ Nat. moon
Saturn squ sat.
Uranus sextile (rectified) ascendant
Neptune opp natal moon
Tran. Pluto square his sun and mars...
On the *good* side, he has Tr. mars sextile Natal mercury
and transiting saturn sextile natal venus.

Howard, on the other hand, has the transiting sun trine his natal sun/pluto
Trans. moon in house one (but opp sun)
but moon also sextiling his natal sun/pluto conjunction and semi sextile saturn. He also has transiting jupiter trine mercury BUT saturn opposite his MC (and this is the aspect that failed him, I'd say). Transiting jupiter is square his natal neptune (over ambitious) and venus was making no aspect to him *on the night*.
By far though Kevin Rudd had the most difficult transits at the time of his victory....Comments? Anyone? Lillyjgc


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comments you ask ...[rofl]

yes ...please save the birth data .... this is a goood subject.

thanx lilly ..

I like the Pluto bits .... i think it's a player in this picture ....and the full moon in Sag as we speak ... the upcoming Jupiter to Saturn ....

Rudd's victory could be at the worst possible time ??

RottenJohn's defeat may be the best thing that could have happened ??

Interesting times we live in Lilly !!!


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Well the chart that is displayed seems to be the close of polls in Canberra. The last polling booth closes in Perth at 6 pm. The approaching full moom in Gemini will be a very good indicator that the "King" will be dethroned. Whenever the moon goes to full moon like that there is an upset with respects to horaRY or event work.