August New Moon in Lindy Chamberlain's chart


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I have had an interest in Lindy Chamberlain since her newborn daughter was taken by a dingo at Ayer's Rock (Uluru) on 17th August 1980, as she was tried and gaoled briefly for the baby's murder. True vindication has been a long time in coming, but today's New Moon seems to be playing a role.

Australian's may have seen ACA on TV last night. The whole program was devoted to Lindy and her 2 sons returning to the scene of the baby's disappearance 30 years ago. It seems that there is information which is now emerging from this event which places a different light on things. One of these has been that the NT government was keen to prosecute Lindy back in the 80's because they wanted to cover up the fact that dingoes attack people. It seems that the NT tourist industry was nervous. In essence, Lindy and her family became sacrifial lambs, something I suspected right from the start.

I am mainly referring to the following post, in which JerryRR had drawn attention to Lindy's Mars, Saturn and Pluto in Leo.

What I find interesting in light of today's New Moon at 17 degr 25' in Leo is the following:

  • The New Moon conjuncts Lindy's Saturn, which is at 17 degr 24' in Leo
  • Lindy's Saturn is conjunct her Mars/Pluto MP, which is at 17 degr 41'
Perhaps the time for public vindication of she and her family is in Lindy's chart.

Also interesting to note is that in the baby's natal chart, today's New Moon squares her natal Chiron in Taurus in then 8th house, but also - and possibly more importantly - the long-term transit of Neptune-Chiron late in Aquarius squares her natal Taurus Moon, also in the 8th house. This would indicate exposure of what has remained hidden.


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