Astronomy Psychology returning to Astrology?

I've read some articles relating to astrology. I've read some that says astronomy and psychology has it's roots directly from astrology. Now for a while now, at least in the US, astrology has been seen as something that's taboo, commercialized or just a bunch of archaic ideas thats not real. With the whole new age movement we're starting to see a strong resurgeance in astrology, thankfully in part of the internet. My question is do people see astrology returning to it's credibility? When taking a psychology or astronomy class will we see mention of where it came from? or maybe one day go to a state school and one day be able to major in astrology? thoughts? just some of my own mental rambling i wanted to share.



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The introvert and the extravert are of opposing and conflicting natures. No compromise between them is possible. And astrology is tied into that conflict.