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DC80. yes civilisation and language did indeed totally collapse. below a very good lecture by Dr Cline on topic. I suggest you buy his book.

collapse of civilization

Greece technology are credited to,chart to find prime numbers.

antikythera and astrology (/ˌæ,and eclipses decades in advance.

roman empire fell after 450 AD. its a long way from 1100BC to 450 AD.


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I have the same problems with Version 9 on my new computer with Win 11. Not shure about the graphic settings. It doesn't matter. I use V8 and I am quite happy with that.
Jut wonder if they do bring a new version out in the future. I think the last one is from 2011.
May I ask what specifically does not display properly?


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May I ask what specifically does not display properly?
Hi, in V9 in the Half Grid the symbols for the aspects and the numbers for the amount of separation of the aspect are almost overlapping. The aspect is in the middle of the single field and the numbers are underneath. It looks bad.
In V8 the aspects are in the top part and the numbers underneath with enough space in between.

In V9:
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The astrolabe, similar to the antikythera, was created during the sidereal Age of Pisces. So was modern technology. There's no reason for the Neptunian-ruled sidereal Age of Pisces to destroy electronic civilization. The tropical Age of Capricorn, which is occurring simultaneously on a different wavelength might though, since it's ruled by Saturn, which both creates and destroys.
And from the age of Aquarius, electronics' modernness will be expanded and become even more futuristic than before!

I think you should trying software like "Solar Fire" or "Janus." Both have extensive location databases and allow me to enter latitude and longitude manually. They're downloadable, so I won't have to wait for shipment, and both have user-friendly interfaces. If it's not okay to mention software names here, please feel free to PM me for more details.



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I'm still using a pre-Windows 10 version of SolarFire on Windows 10, but it still does just about everything I could ask for from an astrology program except serve snacks and drinks while I "do astrology". It has surprisingly good interpretations built in for all the progressions, transits, natals and synastries, can precess them all (which an older person like me appreciates and recommends from lots of experience), has dynamic on-screen (& printable) uniwheels, biwheels, triwheels, even quadriwheels (which you can very easily advance forward or backward in time on screen.

The search engine for specific chart features and combinations of features in the unlimited lists of charts you can store and categorize is amazing and invaluable. SF can produce both tropical and sidereal charts, many different house systems, do astro-mapping, include all major asteroids, stars, midpoints, nodes, etc., etc. It does so many things that I haven't even explored them all yet in all these years - it's like an astrology school that seems limitless.

Yet the user interface is quite user-friendly as @selenaathoomass says. I don't get lost in the menu controls. It even has a procedure recorder that will save a series of common steps that you go through (like set up a progressed chart with relocation, precession, and put into a bi-wheel around a natal chart) and package all that into a single click procedure ("Astrologer's Assistant" feature).

And no, I don't work for or get compensated by the makers of SolarFire in any way. (Darn it.)
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