ASTROLOGY of the 2016 US elections


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That's not the same scrutiny at all.
The scrutiny being given to Trump is about his own behavior.
He's not being held responsible for something his spouse did.
The "she's running for president while married to philandering husband Bill" remark is holding Hillary Clinton accountable for what her spouse did.
That is a double standard.
Hillary Clintons birth time is unavailable therefore there is no certainty of the ANGLES of HRC natal
IF two of the many speculative times are ;near enough'
then it is possible that the 1 September 2016 ECLIPSE may be already affecting Hilary Clintons IC/MC axis

the times of birth are unreliable
so there is no certainty

by the way

The double standard is ignoreing the philandering behavior
of an ex president while in the Oval Office

IF Hillary Clinton were president and Bill Clinton were not allowed to enter the White House :smile:
then fair enough for HRC to enter theWhite House without Bill

the double standard would allow Bill Clinton to sneak back into The White House
despite Bill Clintons well documented scandalous behavior for which Bill Clinton is responsible

Bill Clintons judgement is defintely questionable
Bill Clintons wife is intending to allow Bill Clinton to "take charge of the economy"
IF she were elected

Hillary Clinton is currently being investigated by Congress
for lying to FBI



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In any case, even if Hillary does have Bill help her out with economic policy, she'll be calling the shots.
He won't have final say, just input, and in an unofficial capacity.
Presidents' spouses always have personal influence, and often they have pet projects that influence the country
--like Michelle Obama's Let's Move program and White House garden,
or Laura Bush's literacy efforts,
or Hillary Clinton's efforts towards better health care when she was First Lady.
But in none of those cases were they actually passing a policy.

However, there is lots of precedent throughout America, and much of the rest of the world, too,
of blaming women for their husbands' affairs
and considering women's marital lives part of their professional qualifications while having no such standard at all for men.
That is exactly what is happening here.
ECLIPSES are associated with sudden unexpected events
1 September 2016 Eclipse may well be affecting HRC career
IF her MC is around 9 MUTABLE
as some are of the opinion

MC is linked to career
being president is career

You appear to be unaware that any whiff of scandal
associated with the spouse of the president of the United States
is not good news for the president

In this case the spouse IS an ex- President
who did not have just any old 'affair'
but an affair with an impressionable intern
which was initially denied
but later proved
so denial was overturned

It was sufficiently serious that Bill Clinton was impeached
and lost license to practice law
- was ordered to pay a hefty fine to one of the women he wronged

If that were Trump
and Trumps wife were running for the presidency
you would apply your double standard and complain vociferously



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I disagree. This is just more demonizing of Hillary Clinton. Do people really have this much difficulty with powerful, ambitious women? (But not with powerful ambitious men?)

Use a whole signs house system, and those Scorpio-Leo planets move into the angular first and 10th houses.

Give Clinton credit for doing a remarkable job with a difficult chart. Prior to announcing her candidacy, Clinton was actually very popular in the US. She has many honours, award, and honorary degrees; in large part due to her advocacy on behalf of families and children. (The 8:02 TOB gives her a 5th house Pisces moon.) We might debate on a separate chat thread whether Clinton was an effective Secretary of State or not, but nobody called her evil prior to the right-wing attack on her for Benghazi, in which she successfully defended her record throughout 9 separate official hearings, most led by antagonistic Republican members of Congress.

Regardless of her TOB Clinton has an exalted Mars in Leo in mutual reception with her Scorpio sun. Her Jupiter is domiciled in Sagittarius.

Everyone of HRC's generation (baby boomers) has Pluto in Leo, and many have that Saturn in Leo, as well. The conjunction appears with everyone born in 1947 and 1983.

I think HRC has a very difficult chart. I give her credit for making something of her life, notwithstanding.

Trump's chart is not so ominous as Hillary's, but he is not going to be the winner.
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It's really about synastry between the candidates and the voting public. Who will the voting public prefer inside the voting booths? Polls don't work because people will say one thing, and do another when it comes to a secret ballot. Even husbands and wives will lie about who they voted for, as well as friends and family.
Given the lack of appeal of both candidates, small things at the last minute can change minds. Barring some new, shocking revelation about one of them, Sun and Mercury in Scorpio will give HRC the edge. It occurs to me that not everyone realizes the widespread, powerful effect of the Solar transit; which to me, as a Piscean, is so easy to observe.
There's something about her Mercury that's causing a lot of trouble - emails, pneumonia, Parkinson's... Also, Saturn is currently transiting her 1st house (body).


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The 8:02 AM, CST, time is given pride of choice because of the following quotes (Bolding by me) and the results obtained when it is applied to various events in her life and because there are more references for a morning birth than for any other time.,_Hillary

"Basil Fearrington relates in January 2001, "A musician friend of mine played in the Democratic fund raiser for Al Gore in Manhattan this past summer. Afterwards he got a chance to talk to Hillary. Knowing my on-going love affair with astrological data (he is a student of mine), he asked Hillary what time she was born. Her exact words were, " I know it was very close to 8 AM, 4-5 minutes before or after." "


"However Eileen Applegate quotes an article from the Chicago Sun Times stating, "Her mother went into Edgewater hospital after midnight and Hillary was born early on the morning of October 26th." "


"In an article in "Horoscope" magazine, November 1998, by Frances C. McEvoy: "Mother states in article to 'Chicago Sun Times' in 1992 that Hillary was "born in time for breakfast." "


"Alice Mason called on January 16, 2003 to report that she had talked to the Clinton Democratic Office in NY and was told by a helpful associate (who wished to remain nameless) that Hillary Clinton was born at a recorded 8:02 AM."

Here is Hillary's 8:02 AM, CST, birth chart progressed to 9 PM on election night in New York. Using 9 PM EST because I think a victory by HRC will be known early but not announced by media because voting will not be completed in the Western time zones.

Looks victorious to me. Jupiter on the MC trined by Pluto.



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‘The panic is beginning’: GOP strategist Steve Schmidt predicts Election Day disaster for Republicans

"Republican strategist Steve Schmidt sees a landslide victory for Hillary Clinton and possible Democratic majorities in both the U.S. Senate and House."

"Schmidt told MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” on Wednesday morning that Clinton was currently “trending over 400” electoral votes, based on recent polling, and he said Republicans are freaking out over the real possibility of losing their majorities in both houses of Congress."


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Since there is no reliable time of birth for Hillary Clinton :smile:
there are no reliable delineations
so it's all speculation
particularly since HRC numerous purported times of birth include
morning, afternoon AND evening speculations