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I'd like to start an experiment if i may.

My Chart is "going off" @ the moment !!!

I hope to show that :-

1.> "Orbs" are only for Natal Charts (without set rules , but minimal)

2.> For progressions and transits there is no necessity for the use of orbs.

(that the applying and seperating influences can be best explained together
with an "event" or , another alternative and separate "event")

3.> My little life is pretty mad at the moment !!!! :D

4.> Discrepancy occurs as a product of the quality of the Birth Data

alas petronius , perhaps the fault lies not in the stars , but in ourselves.

When an enquirer shall make mature search into an expected event,
there will be found no material difference between the event itself
and his idea of it.

5.>Natal=Potential - : - Progressed=set & setting -:- Transits=Triggers

so .... here we go ..... a natal/prog chart for today.

-The current Mercury Rx cycle started on My Natal Neptune (9sco05)
-Pluto's Transit To Natal Jupiter and Natal Nodes
-Progressed Moon conj Asc opposing Progressed Neptune
-There's a "yod" (of sorts) shaping up to the Progressed Asc
-Other Stuff.

Please offer anything you see fit ...... this is an Experiment

Natal/Prog 1nov07



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This is Progressed 1nov07 with Transits

Yods ??

The Prog Moon is Just Emerging from a Solar Eclipse !! It's hitting the Asc.

Pluto Starts cycle between Natal & Prog Jupiter

Transitting Sun !!!!!

Phew !!!

Is today the day ??

The attached PDF has the Data .... bottom of page#2 has a table which shows the "orb" and aspects between Progressed and Natal.

A penny for some thoughts.



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Natal Sun conj Transiting Neptune
Progressed Sun Quincunx Natal Neptune
Transiting Sun conjunct Natal and Progessed Neptune ..

I suppose the question is .... am i dreaming ???