Astrology for pay, how to do it


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I completely agree. I only looked at certification because someone mentioned that possibility.

Having done an apprenticeship with a particular well known astrologer or people they've mentored might raise my credibility, though, because people who know a little about the astrology field will conflate who you've studied with, with the kind of astrology you do. If someone is telling clients, for instance, that they did an apprenticeship with Steven Forrest, I know they're an evolutionary astrologer, and it's probably a good match if I'm seeking astrological advice from them.

It's the same way in my other field, herbalism: certifications exist, but no uniform standards, and it's not an academic field, not taught in universities. Herbalists learn the trade through a patchwork of apprenticeships and self study and maybe a course here and there. But there are some big names in the field, and if you have studied or apprenticed with any of them, that adds to your credibility.

How long did you study astrology before starting your practice? Did you have a teacher at any point, or was it all self study?

I've largely been self-taught, and been inspired by top astrologers on Youtube, plus practiced observing charts. I find many top astrologers were initially self-taught, and later got certification. I'm not opposed to it, but I don't think it's absolutely necessary. If a person has a good track record and reputation, a piece of paper won't change that.


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And I have a follow up! My idea of moving forward with doing readings for pay did not happen quickly at all. I did offer it up, both to my classmates and through the local timebank, but got no bites. I kept my focus on herbalism and day jobs and studied astrology more seriously along the way.

I now have a paying client! Just yesterday, an acquaintance mentioned that she wanted to get her chart read, and the first thing out of my mouth was, "I'm an astrologer. I can do that for you."

I'm about to have a month or so of down time. Both my current job and my herbalism school take seasonal breaks in December and January. I think I'll use that time to start promoting myself as an astrologer. Get myself a website and some business cards, look professional.

Now I need a name for my practice. I could just call it My Name, Astrologer, but I want something with more cachet. I know a few individuals--astrologers and otherwise--who've started their own businesses and given them names that fit very, very well with who the business owner is. If I know anything about their natal chart, the name is always especially suited to some key factor in their chart (and in most cases, they picked it without knowing that). And, if I have a website, a good name should help me get hits.

Anyone have any ideas for a name? Just brainstorming will help me think of one, whether or not it ends up being what someone here suggests. I don't want it to be something strictly about astrology, though, because I 'll probably want to use the same name and website to promote myself as an herbalist when I'm ready to start doing that.

I've attached my chart, in case anyone finds that useful.


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As a name... What about Cosmo-Solitan :tongue:

Aka: Cosmopolitan :biggrin:

Took me a while to puzzle that one out. Are you thinking sol as in sun? Is it because I'm a Leo?

For astrological factors, I was thinking more along the lines of what the chart as a whole shows. Maybe house placement more than sign placement. One of the examples I was thinking of, of business owners I know whose business name fits their chart, is someone with the sun in Leo in the twelfth house. Her business name is clearly twelfth house related (not in the sense of undoing, but think ancestors-elders-place of healing, that kind of thing).

For me, the eighth house is the big power place, and since that's where I'm coming from and that's where the services I want to give are coming from, that may be my gold mine for a name. Not, of course, Death-Taxes-Occult-Sex-Horrible Losses. I'm thinking deeper than that. But I don't know what it would be.

I'm also open to ideas I haven't thought of. Keep them coming!


Charging for readings is a great decision. It's your time, your knowledge and your energy. They should be appreciated and valued, otherwise, people may listen to you just for the sake of amusement and don't give any validation to the information you're giving them.
In terms of pricing, in my opinion, $100 may be a little high given an understanding that you provide only natal chart reading without forecasting (transits, progressions, solar return, etc).
Start small and improve your readings by adding different techniques 🙌


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Re: Astrology for pay, when to start

What's the use or objective therefore?
My reply was to someone who said they were not professional yet, didn't understand how to rectify, do progressions or transits, etc etc.

So in that specific case, I suggested they just do very basic readings about the natal chart, to help someone understand that information. As the astrologer grows more experienced and advanced then they can tackle those areas of expertise.


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My sister did computer print outs. Of course they came back wanting to know more. That is when she began charging.
I did readings once with runes!!! I also got their birth data. I did not consider myself an astrologer way back. I barely knew transits well. Still not tops.
I made decent money.
That was long ago.
Massage therapists use astrology.
Majority do more than one modality.

I did charge with a few friends later.
A few free.

I practiced a lot NOT using astrogise.!!!!!!
Which is important.
No one understands, if all you saying is squares or trines and planets.
You want to show their chart. Aspects

It really good to learn what the transits speak without a lot of tech.
Moon trine Jupiter transit. We here know.
That does not mean a lot to a person unfamiliar with astrology.
They walk away not knowing anything.


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I usually like to do things for a Saturn square (about 7, or 8, years) before I even consider myself making a decision whether I want
to be paid for something I do, or not!


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As a name... What about Cosmo-Solitan :tongue:

Aka: Cosmopolitan :biggrin:
Cosmopolitan is more like me than Osa, since I'm a very Jupiterian and Sagittarian person, who wants to become an astrologer for the working class (I'll charge low prices, since I do it for the working class).


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Feel free to use it. I've already chosen mine.
I'm kind of young, so I need to continue all of my educational path and then I'll become an astrologer later (I'll memorize Sabian Symbols to use them in the future, and in Vietnam, there's only a Uranian, Asteroid and Esoteric Astrologer, and no Sabian astrologers, so I'll become one soon. My astro-name will be Astrologium Libertas, or Proletariat Astrologer, since I'm an anarcho-communist, but I'm kind of indecisive).