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Good day to all, this is my first article. I'm sure it might not be as big as the others,
because I'm in a bit of a writers block. But I LOVE Astrology and I love being a part of our family.
So I wanted to make an article just for beginners. I know how rough it is. You see this chart
filled with these lines. What do they all mean? What are the houses? This article hopes to address
all of that.

Twelve Signs:
There are Twelve Signs in the Zodiac, they are divided amongst 3 modes and 4 elements. To which
we'll get to later. Those signs are:


The Three Modes:
There are Three General Modes, Modes in this case would be much like the personality of the sign.
The three modes are:

Leo, Aquarius, Scorpio, Taurus



Fixed being that of those who were fixated towards their goals and their dreams. Those with heavy
fixed energies are probably not going to give up any time soon.

Mutable is the opposite. Mutable signs/energies will of course be neutral and well-respecting.
Gemini(Communication), Virgo(Self-dilgence), Saggitarius(expanding horizons) and
Pisces(The spiritual plane) are all examples of signs that will probably see to something bigger
then themsleves. I am an Astrologer after all :)

Cardinal is right in the middle. It initates the action. Those with Cardinal energies are those that
can be pro-active and can be supportive. If you literally look. The Cardinal signs are but a reflection
of the Mutable signs. Although Aries(Mars) the God of War isn't quite the symbolism of
Saggitarius but you get the idea.

The optimal chart(for which I hate to brag I have pretty much close to). Would be that of a balanced

The Elements:

The Four Elements, are Fire, Water, Earth and Air. They literally symbolize all of planet earth and it's
core being. Those with a emphasis on fire would be energentic, sponatanous.

Those with an Emphasis on Water are emotionally attached, etc. They may feel or see things
differently then that of others.

Someone with an Emphasis on Earth would be extremely grounded and principled.

And someone with an Emphasis on Air would be someone who could openly communicate at willl.

Minor aspects aside, there are Five Main Aspects. Trine, Sextile, Opposition, square and conjunction

The Trine: A Trine is an aspect perfected at 120 degrees. It's thought to be the most positive
aspect. A Trine literally means "Energies flow perfectly".

Let's take Venus and Mars. If Venus and Mars trine, then it means Venus(Love) will flow
easily to Mars(Action). Such a person may be a very affectionate person. He could be that
Prince Charming, or that Woman who happens to be such a passionate person.

That's because Mars also rules Passion and Venus love. A trine between these two is truly
magnificent. For a personal example, I have Sun trining Pluto.

That would be Sun(Soul, Personality, literally "You")'s energies flowing easily through
Pluto(Revolution, changes, etc.).

Any Sun-Pluto aspect is bound to bring with it transformations and indeed alot transpired in my
life. But see where Pluto is? The 4th house. Amidst all of the changes, I felt most empowered
at home.

Pluto strengthened both my soul and my home, transforming me into the person I am today. It makes
me feel powerful and share powerful feelings. It gives me strength to lean my convictions on.

The Sextile:

The Sextile is an aspect perfected at 60 degrees. It's the second most positive aspect,
the literal meaning of it would be "Energies work together".

Why "work together", because unlike the Trine, it's of lesser strength. In order to get the most out of
a sextile, you have to work towards it.

Another personal example:
Both the Sun and Pluto are sextiling Uranus-Neptune.

This means Sun(You) and Pluto(Revolution) are working together with Uranus(Ideal) and

A Very literal translation would be prompting me to working towards fulfilling a vision of my
ideals. Since they are sextiles and not trines. I will have to work towards this goal. And unlike
the positive force that Sun-Pluto afforded me in my transformational ordeals, this sextile
will not 'back me up'. I have to back IT up.

The Opposition:
The Opposition, unlike the Trine and Sextile are "negative" aspects. That's not bad per say,
it just means there's a harmony to be found between the two planets caught in the aspect.

It's perfected at 180 degrees.

I'll give you two examples. A hypothetical and a opposition in my chart.

Hypothetical: Let's say Mercury(Communication) is in opposition to Moon(Feelings).

Very easy, There's a difficulty in communicating your feelings, your emotions. It's pressuring you
to find a balance. At times like these, you look towards the "answer" that aspect that could help
with the balance.

Let's say for example that Mars is Conjunct the ASC.(We'll get to the Conjunctions last)
That means your positively influenced by Mars(Action). Mars is your balance guy. He helps
you find peace in mind to speak.

My Chart: We have Jupiter(Expansion) opposing Sun(Personality, You). In this case, the Sun is a bright
light. It's the star of the Zodiac. Opposing Expansion could mean many things. It could very well
mean you like being in small and cramped up rooms. It could mean that your a very strict
person who doesn't change very often(expansion).

I'd have to say, this aspect translates the most in my verbal thinking(Jupiter's in my 2nd House).
Many people teased me(as they tease all of us). So I don't feel I'm worth(Jupiter) what I believe
I should be(Sun). I literally disbelieve in myself. I still do.

So, where's my solution? It's in that Sun-Pluto trine. I must reinforce that confidence in myself,
because oppositions(and squares) are persistant, as bullies are. But I must truck on ahead ^^.

The Square: The Square is in much the same way as the Sextile described earlier. This one is
perfected at 90 degrees. This time, I will be able to use my chart purely for presentations of Squares.

Very often, our aspects show our personal lives and how those energies will likely play out.
In this case, I have 3 applying aspects.(I will not Count Saturn squaring Pluto. 9 Degrees is too
far out, even with Pluto Retrograde)

Venus Squaring Pluto. This is literally Love(Venus) Budging Transformation(Pluto).

The difference between a Square and an Opposition is like a Brawl and a disagreement.

In this case, Venus Square Pluto probably is in reference to how I perfer to stay at home,
as opposed to other people. While at the same time wanting them to love me, me love them.

This is a beautiful square with many meanings and it's applying very tightly too(1 degree).

It could also mean A love(Venus) of Power(Pluto) or a Powerful(Pluto) love(Venus).

In this case, Pluto prevailed over Venus. Being in Scorpio and hence the stronger planet.
So it turned into a Love for Power. And a restriction from others(that's what a square is).

The next Square: Moon(Feelings) squaring Neptune(Vision).

It happens all the time, what you feel is different from what you see. In this instance,
I want to create a perfect world.(Moon is in Cardinal Aries) but I see people not acting in
positive harmony(Neptune is in No-nonsense Capricorn).

The Last Square: Moon(Feelings) squaring Uranus(Change).

This is another aspect that reflects a understanding between many people. Who likes constant
change? I have powerful emotions that I keep to myself and I trust people to respect them. I don't
like being yanked aorund and manipulated.

So what's the solution to these 3 squares?

I was going to reference to Chiron last in the article. But the solution to Venus-Pluto square
is a Chiron(Wounds) trining Mercury(communication). I have to talk to people about my struggles,
their struggles and come to understand everyone's pain.

And the solution to Moon Squaring Neptune-Uranus is an aspect I often underlook. It's
my Moon(Feelings) sextiling Mars(Action). In this case, Mars acts like a big brother to Moon.

Keep being spirited and warm(Mars). Things won't be easy, but if I'm weak willed to let even the
smallest problems pose a hurdle in my way? Then I can't succeed where I want to.

The Conjunction:
I would literally give Conjunctions a 5 degree Orb. Why only Five Degrees? If it's too
far, it's not a Conjunction. More like a Cluster. Now, there's two different conjunction aspects
dealing with the Sun. Cazimi(When a planet is within 17 minutes of the Sun. This happened twice.
During the inauguration of President Barack Obama in early 2009 of January and in Game 5 of the
Winter Classic in MLB. ), and combustion.

The difference between being in Cazimi and in Combust is rather simple: When in Cazimi,
that planet is literally infused with the Sun. For example, Sun(Soul) is one with Mercury(Communication)
Perhaps on that day, everyone's souls were intwined with what they wanted to communicate.
Which of course, the theme was hope and change.

Combust is when a planet is within 15+ degrees of the Sun.

Example: Venus is now Combust the Sun at the time of this article, so please don't try to do anything
crazy love-wise. Venus is literally engulfed by the Sun. If you recieved an angry letter or a breakup,
don't say I didn't warn you :p

Mercury's also combust, but this is actually quite the norm for our friend(as he is the first planet in the
Solar System), so I believe many astrologers don't pay as much attention as they probably do to the
Sun-Venus combustion.

I believe it comes at a time where many people are pessimistic about the economy and recent
attacks from terrorist groupings around the world. There's a feeling of anxiety, stress and anger.
As the Sun literally blows up Venus.

Now, with those two special conjunction rules out of the way. I'll reference you to my chart
once again. As I have two conjunctions.

Let's take Uranus(Change) Conjunct(join together) Neptune(Vision).

In this case, Uranus and Neptune are working together. Uranus is giving Neptune the energy to carry out
the flow of it's visions. Seems pretty simple right?

Now some conjunctions are more negative then others. For example, if Uranus and Neptune
were too close. Uranus could literally change the vision of Neptune into something else entirely.

Since Neptune-Uranus are seperated by 5 degrees, I find it to be the perfect conjunction. As neither
are overinfluencing the other.

Now, my second conjunction:

Mars(Energy/Action) conjunct Saturn(Restriction). This is what primarily keeps me at home,
and what makes me withdraw from everyone. But it's also what allows me to form a very solid plan.
As Saturn is also Structure. I do things with Structure and disicipline and not get out of control.

It could be alot worse, a negative version of this conjunction would be Mars(War) Joins together
with Saturn(Control). Obiviously that wouldn't be too good. And with a conjunction that close, you can
imagine at some points sparks did fly and tempers did burn. But I had to remain disicplined.

Saturn and Mars are historically mutual enemies. Being rulers of Aquarius and Scorpio whom are virtually
yin and yang. I feel like my Saturn-Mars conjunction shows that mutual respect and mutual
difference in feeling. Scorpio wants to destroy, Aquarius wants to create.

I hope everyone liked the article, I hope the descriptions were accurate enough and easy to understand.
I don't want to influence others in a negative way, so I say: From here on, may you study yourselves
and see if my words hold truth to the Astrologers of Past and present times. I'm a frequent visitor to the
Fourms, so if any of you would like assistance, you can PM my username.

Practicing Astrologer,
LeQuan Glover

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carol gibson

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Interesting chart.

I'm wondering how to determine a Grand Trine as opposed to any other kind of trine. Also, how many degrees are allowed for it to be in orb?

I like to do bios and charts on famous people, and I'm kind of confused about the aspects. I'll really appreciate any help I can get.


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Carol, maybe this will help you further. Another way of finding information on orbs is to go to Google and type in Orbs in Astrology. You will get many sites explaining orbs.

Alan Leo on Orbs