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this is a question ,any new comer may ask.and the answer is not that simple.
any one can learn astrology,provided that he has good study material,desire ,concenteration ,effort and patience,required in this study.just as one can learn maths or music ,one can learn astrology.but to excell in a field ,be it maths or science or music,we must have the natural inbuilt it is with astrology.hard work and dedication will help u become quite good in astrology,but to excell and leave ur mark -u have to have the natural inbuilt aptitude for the occult studies.these words are not to disencourage i have said that hard work pays and one becomes quite good .but for excellence, natural aptitude is needed.natural aptitude backed by hard work and dedication gives excellence.



as said,natural occult aptitude backed by dedicated effort,gives excel,there has to be this in built aptitude.
the chart does show occult aptitude.
for eg:-uranus in the 1'st or 10'th house,especially on the cusps or very near to the cusp,in aspect to the sun,the moon, the chart ruler and the ascendant ruler and related to 3'rd or 9'th house ,shows immense occult aptitude.even the malefic aspects-the squares ,the oppositions ,here ,show strong occult aptitude.such uranus , is on the cusp or very near to it ,of the first house,especially,the occult colours the whole life of the individual and occult plays the vital role in the life an fate of the man.occult here becomes like life blood,for the individual.with dedicated effort,this man is sure to excell.

neptune is not much related to astrology and other study based occult average man ,the material man is not much affected by its influence.
but in those who vibrate to neptune influence, a prominant neptune in the chart,tends to give psychich and receptive depends on the individual how he controls and uses these majority of cases,it gives bad results, because being psychically reciptive, opens u to the negative cosmic vibrations and untill and unless u have good defenses against them,receptivity will always cause strange mental and emotional problems.only the mentaly strong ,should go into the psychich side of occult.
neptune influence,thus, is benifecial for psychich practitioners,crystal readers and those in divinations.but is not of help in the practical studies branch of occult like astrology,palmistry or numerology.these branches is in the scope of URANUS.
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tim's chart is very interesting ,WITH REGARD TO OCCULT shows very clearly, A MAN FOR WHOM OCCULT IS THE LIFE BLOOD,FOR WHOM IT IS THE LIFE'S MISSION.he has been very hard working and dedicated in his study and mastering of astrology,seeking to to better himself always.
in his chart,uranus is near the 1'st cusp,in conjunction to the ascendant lord,sun ,the moon ,and also the 3'rd lord,and all lying in the first house.there can not be a stronger statement of occult aptitude than this.occult is flowing in his he has the ability to put in lot of effort,in the quest of perfection,seeking to find answers to everything and so he is sure to excell.

radu chart is also interesting ,but in another way.the chart does not show much astrology potential and comes no way near that of tim.neptune in the 1'st house will be rather uncertain.but it may give radu some receptive abilities which can be developed.radu may or may not have more astrology knowledge than tim ,but he will never be as effective astrologer as tim.
radu's leanings towards astrology works in different way-to network astro friends and those interested in astrology,and so quite naturally he created this forum.
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the purpose of 'astrology for all' has been to give a broader picture and to show the importance of a more complete and whole approach for chart analysis and judgement.its purpose has been to help the student ,to see how the chart works,as a whole,as one unit,and to synthesise the chart keeping the whole chart in the view.the purpose never was,to give detailed astrological information,but was to show the way to use the information,tools and techniques allready availble to the forum members.purpose has been ,to stress the fact THAT WITHOUT UNDERSTANDING HOW A CHART WORKS AS A WHOLE AND HOW THE DIFFERENT FACTORS WORK TOGETHER , ALL THE ASTROLOGY KNOWLEDGE THAT WE HAVE ACCUMULATED ,NO MATTER HOW LARGE.....IS OF NO MUCH USE IN STUDYING THE NATIVITY.


'astrology for all' can go on and on for a long long time,going through the deep details,but all the details will be of no much use,practically.all details are easily available in books and materials.yes there are thousands of combinations and practical considerations for the practical astrologer.from the study of minutest one tenth part of each degree to very complex combinations,but these are too vast to be in the scope of this thread
many more things like considerations for health or marrige or carreer could have been included,but it is all very time consuming.

so 'astrology for all' ends here .
thanking all ,
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Excellent Mannu
I have learned alot..thank you for taking the time to
expalin how you view the concept of astrology.:sunny:



astrology....karma and past lives.

now a days,we hear a lot about astrological interpretations of karmic issues and past lives.many experts claim to have systems to study past lives.but they are just firing in the dark.anybody can say anything about past lives...i can say that ,you were a napoleon or joan of arc in your past there any way to prove or test such!.is there any way you can test past life interpretations-no!.there is no way to test the effeciency of pastlife we must remember ,that astrology has limitations even with the study of the present life.........for an average astrologer,it is good if he gets it right 50 percent times.with experience his success rate improves.and by developing and using intutive skills and other occult branches,he can raise his accuracy rate to a very high level....but even then there will be some misses.many things do happen...which can not be explained astrologically.
past life interpretations can only be using clairvoyance of extremely high order(very rare)...BUT IF WE HAVE SUCH CLAIRVOYANCE... WE DO NOT NEED ASTROLOGY.
for a student,it is best to focus on the present life,in which he can proove and test his skills.he can go on and on,giving volumes of past life karmic enterpretations...without learning anything and without testing his skills.

YES,astrology does give ,in a general and rather vague terms ,the karmic current flowing and the areas of life of the person, which will be affected.the heavy planets,the nodal axis....the aspects,positions,indicate in a general way,the type of karma...the direction of the karmic flow,and the areas of life which are likely to be affected.the same applies when comparing two charts for karmic chemistry.

so astrology can say that "something must have gone wrong, some past life"........but it can not say what exactly went wrong...and in which past life !!!

OLD SOULS !!!-being an aries,does not mean that the soul is young...
to study how advanced a person is....SPIRITUALLY...,we have to look at "patterns"!!!!



malefic planets.

traditionalists and modernists differ on this topic.
traditionalists have their malefics and benifics,but the modernists do not agree with such labelling of planets.
and to a certain extent ...both are right !
modernist is right because the influences ,represented by the physical planets ,are neither positive or negative,even though they may be expressed in these ways in the life of an individual.the influences are pure energy,though they may be expressed in different ways.
the traditionalist is also right in that,the so called malefics will be expressed in destructive and negative way,unless vey favourably possitioned in the chart.
how such malefics are expressed in the natives' life ,depend on some factors.
1)being in good aspects with the luminaries-sun and moon,helps greatly in the constructive expression of the so called malefic.affliction by the luminaries makes it very difficult.
2)being well aspected by the ruling planet of the nativity,helps a lot.
3)being well aspected by the ruler of the sign,in which the malefic is placed,is ALSO beneficial.
such well aspected malefic ,if in own house or in exaltation....will be immensely ,well placed malefics(so called by the traditionalists),will be expressed constructively and positively.
but otherwise....their energies will be expressed in erratic and uncontrolled way,destructively and negatively!!
some consider mars and saturn as malefics,some even uranus.many hindu astrologers consider even the sun and weak moon as malefic,they also have temporary malefics based on house lordships.
but how these malefics are expressed,depends upon their positions and aspects.but even if they are afflicted...we must not loose hope,for the human inner will has the power to rise above chart limitations...yes it is very hard and almost impossible for the majority.....but it can de done !.
venus and mars in good aspect,helps a lot...for it gives stability in emotions.affliction here,gives a very volatile and erratic emotional being.
venus rules the higher emotions and mars the lower emotions,and good aspects bring a healthy emotional balance...which is very useful while dealing with other afflictions.


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i m learning astrology but at a very first stage..any website or book recommeded by you manuuji?? vedic astrology is easy for me as familiar..



the SUDARSHANA CHAKRA....the sun ,moon and ascendant chakra.
analysing the three layers of human existence......the inner being,the mental makeup and the external personality.
sudarshana chakra,analyses the horoscope,from three angles.the natal ascendant,the moon and the sun.
three simultaneous charts,using three ascendants ,are set up and superimposed.
each of the three-the sun ,moon and the natal ascendant,is taken as the ascendant and a chart is cast, giving three charts having three different ascendants.the three charts and their indications are superimposed and blended.
sudershana chakra is used for indepth study of the person.not only the physical\material aspect of his life ,but also his emotional\mental\psychological world ,inside him....
and also deeper spiritual energies...

sudarshana chakra,is used to see if the different layers of the person's being are in harmony or not.
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as said in the last post,sudarshana chakra studies the different layers of a persons being.please see the last post ,edited today.

the ascendant stands for the physical,material and external aspects of the persons life,all that is visible outside.his personality(as percieved by others),the external circumstances of his material,marriage...etc ..ect.
sometimes everything may seem perfect ,in the persons life......seen from outside.on the surface, everything looks fine .......but deeper down the person is not happy,is uneasy.heh
has emotional\mental issues..of which he is aware,but may not be expressed outside.
suppose,in his marreied life-everything may seem to be fine,this will be shown by the benefic indications of the seventh house of the natal ascendant chart.
but deeper down the person is uneasy.mentaly and emotionaly,he is experiiencing stress .
this will be shown by malefic indications of the seventh house from the moon the moon ascendant ,malefic influences of the seventh from moon ,will cause problems,DESPITE FAVOURABLE INDICATIONS OF THE SEVENTH FROM THE NATAL much the lunar indications affect the material\external life ,varies.
usually it is felt by the person ...but may not be expessed.
but when moon is very strong,by position and aspect..the effects may manifest in the material world.
there may be cases when the moon dominates the ascendant,especially when ascendant and its lord are weak,while the moon is very strong,conjunct with strong planets and recieving strong the lunar ascendant may rule supreme.
in vedic astrology,moon plays vital role.all aspects of the person life will be studied from the moon also.predictive tools and timings are based on the moon and its position in sign and asterisms.and IT WORKS!
to be continued-
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as said before,the sudarshana chakra analyses the different layers of a person-his physical\external,his mental\emotional and his deeper spiritual impulses.
sudershana chakra shows,how well integerated the person is--wether his different layers are in harmony or not.
every aspect of the man's life should be analysed from the three ascendants.
sometimes everything may seem to be ok, when seen from the natal ascendant and the moon ascendant...but the person is still not satisfied,he feels some strange emptiness and uneasines but he is not able to pinpoint the cause of his uneasiness.such things happen when his life is not in tune with deeper spiritual impulses.sun signifies the inner being,the higher self ,the spiritual being-so studying the solar ascendant chart helps in understanding the inner currents.
for a person, to be perfectly satisfied with life,the three layers must be in harmony and working in tune with each other.others wise there will stress and conflicts in his being!
understanding the qualities (triplicities etc etc) of the signs of the natal ascendant,the sun position and the moon sign ,helps a lot.
sudershana chakra gives an indepth study of a person...helps in detecting deeper issues and blocks,harmony or lack of it.