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In the next stage of evolution of the soul,the soul becomes near to the divine and touches the SPIRIT.CONSTELLATIONS RELATE TO THE SPIRIT.the present majority of the human race will never reach this stage and so the effect of constellations is not felt nowadays, for the humanity ,in general.
BUT RARE SOULS DO TAKE PHYSICAL BIRTH.THEY ARE THE 'BUDHAS' AND THE THE 'CHRISTS' AND IN SUCH HOLY BIRTHS-REACHING NEAR 'THE DIVINE',IT IS THE INFLUENCE OF THE CONSTELLATIONS THAT LEAVE THEIR MARK ON SUCH LIVES.such great souls rise above the house and even the sign influences and relate to the constellations ,for they have reached the stage of the SPIRIT, which is the highest form a soul can attain ,before finally becoming free from the cycle of rebirths by merging into the DIVINE.


Mankind can be divided into following groups-

1)CRUDE AND BARBARIC -these types are utterly unevolved.they are overwhelmed by animalistic tendencies,traits and behaviour.they are totally controlled by passion.they totally lack control over themselves and are driven by the animal in them.such types are completely dominated by the HOUSES AND ARE 100 PERCENT FATED,THEIR IS NO SCOPE FOR FREE WILL.

2)THE AVERAGE COMMON MODERN MAN-he comes in between the evolved man and the animalistic man.he is neither evolved nor is he dominated by the animal instincts.he is materialistic to some extent,but he can also keep his passions under control by using his logic and reasoning.
in such types the houses are still most important,but the signs also leave an effect,though subtle.such person is not totally fated as the former.he can use his will power ,to progress and evolve and to refine doing so he starts using the sign influences more and more,andthe house influence weaken.but it is must that the individual makes the effort to rise.such person who though dominated by the houses, at birth and child hood and even early youth, can evolve as he grows and start using the sign energies more and more and at some point in his life he will relate more to signs than to ascendant and houses and in doing so he makes his destiny.but this is a difficult task and needs all moral courage and will power.many succeed in doing so,BUT MAJORITY FAIL.But this group is the future hope of astrology ,it is here that astrological guidance and support can be used to make lives better .
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3)THE EVOLVED MAN-he is the one the one who has gained mastery over the animal in him,over his passions,over his materialistic and physical desires.he is the one who has elevated his mind and intellect above material and physical and has tuned his mind to recieve the higher vibrations, which a common man can't percieve.he is the sage,seer ....
such evolved people are not governed by houses,they mainly relate to sign energies, still some negligible house influences can remain.these people are not fated, to a large is to be noted that a common man can ,attain this stage in his life,through proper use of will and moral courage,through righteous thoughts and actions.history has many sinners who transformed into genuine SAINTS.

4)THE SPIRITUAL MAN-he is the epitome of evolutions and very near to the supreme divine.houses have no effect .sign effect is also very weak and even negligible.he vibrates to the constellations,to the whole universe.he is the man god -the budha-the christ,his life is guided purely by the higher influences,natal astrology is meaningless here.only constellations matter.
such souls,even decide their own death time,they conciously leave their body,in what we call SAMADHI.
the LAST STAGE OF SOUL IS NIRVANA.when the soul becomes pure and merges with the supreme,that which we call god,Never to be born again.

let us note here,that though these concepts have their roots in hindu astrology and relegion,it is nowdays heavily used in western occult.KARMA ,REINCARNATIONS,PREVIOUS LIVES,SPIRITUAL ASTROLOGY...ALL HAVE BEEN ABSORBED BY WESTERN ASTROLOGY AND IS NOW A COMMON FEATURE OF WESTERN ASTRO,ESPECIALLY THE ESOTERIC BRANCH.
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Can astrology explain the enequalities of human lives ?
why is one man born with the golden spoon,born into wealth, prosperity and all the comforts for a refined and moral upbringing AND ON THE OTHER SIDE ,another man is born into wretched circumstances of misery,poverty,immorality with no hope for a healthy moral upbringing ?
why is a vast humanity born into this wretched misery ...a hell on the earth ?
is this a mere conincidence? NO. IN THIS UNIVERSE EVERY THING,FROM THE
astrology we generally use is THE EXOTERIC ASTRO,which studies the material and physical manifestations in a human life.but even millions of exoteric facts can not explain this question.
for this we have to use the esoteric approach.esoteric deals with the subtle and latent energies which lie deep,but which can't be seen by the exoteric.
why people are born unequal can be only explained by esoteric wisdom,involving reincarnations and karma,which is based on the universal law that every thing has its cause and also its effect and that there is no accidental coincidences.birth is not in a mans control.he has no choice.why he is born into certain conditions ,good or bad ,can be only explained by karmic forces involved in the rebirths,in which the soul has to undego certain experiences,inorder to grow.
but we can completely ignore the esoteric and focus on the material manifestations in the present life,by using the exoteric astro.just as we can study the physical body alone,without studying the deeper self ..the soul ..the spirit.but the deeper occult researchers know that ,to see the whole picture of mans evolution,his purpose in the present life and future, the ESOTERIC WISDOM IS NEEDED.
to be continued-
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an endless debate has been going on,on this topic,among the astrologers.
on the one side we have the fatalist astrologers who believe that man is fated from the birth to the death and each moment of his life is as preplaned by the higher powers and there is no scope for free will.they belive in total fatality.but here we can ask a question.if everything happens as it is fated what is the point in knowing in advance,when we can do nothing about it.wether we know or we don't know in advance,they will happen.isn't it then better to not know and live as it comes?
on the other side of the extreme,we have those who enthuthiastically propogate the scope of free will,completely ignoring the element of fate and believe that man is the sole maker of his destiny.they overlook the fact that man is fated because he is born.born into circumstances over which he has no control.
both these extremes,by themself don't give the whole picture for man is neither totally fated nor is he totally free.he is both.he is fated by birth,because his birth is not in his control.the circumstances into which he is born ,good or bad,is decided by karma of past lives.
but what he does with this life,how he uses the circumstances into which he has been placed,to some extent, is in his control.he can better them and evolve or he can make them worse.this fact is overlooked by the fatsalists.this scope for the free will is what which differentiate between man and animals .animals are fated but man has some scope to use his free will.he is given a chance to learn lessons(based on past karma) and improve himself and help the soul in evolving to the next plane.
so what is needed is a balanced approach,taking into accccccount that men are fated to some extent and also giving free will ,a reasonable scope.
while studying charts ,we should study the karmic bondages ,indicated dy debilitated planets,planets in fall,those badly aspected... and also those indicaters which show grit ,moral strength and courage, and will power .all these show the powers ,visible or latent,in the person,which help him to rise above circumstances.these indicators are the good karmic influences.the role of the astrologer should be to make make the person aware of these positive powers and guide him to develope and use them,in bettering his life.
but the astrloger should make sure that the latent power is there in the chart waiting for expression before giving the scope of free will.if chart has no such positive indicators then there is no point in giving advice.the individual is fated to a large extent.what he should do here is to prepare the individual to accept the realities.the natal chart has all the past and future,the scope of willpower is also much?..depends on person to person.evolved and refined person has morer scope for free will than an unevolved person who is fated to a large extent.the astrologer must treat each case differently and should never impose his expectations regarding use of free will on the client if the chart does't give much promise in that direction.
as said before ,it is a delicate balance between fate and free will.this balance works differently in different people.the extent of fate and scope of free will has to be arrived at,in each chart,before giving astro advice.
to be continued-
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students should have complete concenteration and devotion to this study of astrology.this study is worth the effort and the advantage of doing it thoroughly will become apparent as the student progresses.
before starting to read nativities we should master the basics.first we have to master the theoritical part and then the ptractical part.we should be able to give correct judgement,without consulting any astrology book,material or authority.this is possible only when we have fully grasped the meaning and significance of houses,signs,planets and aspects and then we can combine and blend there influences together to arrive at a result.IT IS VERY IMPORTANT that the student is able to do this ,without consulting books and other material.IT IS IMPORTANT THAT HE LEARNS TO RELY ON HIMSELF,ON HIS MENTAL FACULTIES AND IT IS ONLY THIS WAY THAT HE LEARNS TO SYNTHESISE CHARTS.
for example,venus in aries ,in 7 th house.he should be able to blend the energies of venus,aries and the 7'th house,to arrive at the result by himself ,without consulting grasping the theoritical basics is a must for synthesis.other wise we will remain the BOOK ASTROLOGERS.
BEFORE SEEING OTHER CHARTS,we should first study our own charts and discover ourself,because it is only when we know ourself that we can know others.
student should first fully understand the natal chart first and only then should he use the progressions and transits.because it is in the root-the natal chart that potential for the future lies,only to be triggered later on by progressions or transits.the predictive tools are of no value without the natal arriving at the correct natal promise is a must.
student must remember that planets are merely symbols of the higher forces.
astrology has both the practical side and also the deeper side which is religious and spiritual.student should not ignore the deeper side of astrology.
now days horary astro is beeing used for each and every thing and is getting hoplessly mixed with natal astro.student should keep in mind that human birth is much more important than the birth of a thought or a question .it is birth that contains all the past and is the birth time which is paramount.this should clear the relative importance of horary astrology with regard to natal astrology.
to be continued-
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IT has been a few months since i have started looking into this forum and it has been a very good experience.this forum is doing great.and it is doing a great service to the cause of astrology ,in this modern world.that new more and more members are joining in ,is in itself,a proof of its popularity.let me thank RADU,for it is because radu had a vision and also the will power to bring this forum into reality.let me also thank arian mav ,for her untiring effort in keeping this forum moving and yes fact she is the axis on which this forum is revolving.let me also thank TIM WILSON TC for his willingness to share his knowledge and wisdom,with students of tim we have the very rare genuine astrologer in our forum .his role as a guide to the upcoming astrologers is very important.
as every thing has its positive and negatives,so does our forum.
this forum has every astrological information,all that is there in western astro will be there in this forum.all the latest tools and techniques may also be there..everything is there.. but all scattered here and there and every where.natal here ,horary there,election here,karmic there,spiritual immense amount of astro information is floating arround in this forum with no common thread uniting them.there is lacking,a system which helps in uniting all these astrological knowledge into a practically applicable system.the information is all there but what is lacking is HOW TO USE THEM?.
As we all know that astrological knowledge is by itself ,of no use.astrological knowledge in bits and pisces,will be of no good in producing astrologers,no matter how immense this collection of astro information is-it is worthless without the ability to practically use it.this the reason why many among us will know all about astrology that is there to know,but yet are not genuine astrologers.people with a tenth of our knowledge but having the knack in using it are far effective as astrologers.
knowledge alone is not enough .what is more important is the ability to use the available knowledge effectively.our aim should be not to just convert the members into large storehouses of astro data,but to help members to become effective in the practical use of this science.
it is not my intention to be critical just for the sake of it.I am doing so because i see lots of brilliant talents in this forum with very very good occult potentials ,which can be realised only under careful guidance ,either self or from outside.though i like to see this forum as a launch pad for practical astrologers,it is upto RADU,the administrator, to decide the purpose and objective of this forum.if the objective is to provide a feel of astrology to as many people as possible and to spread the popularity and acceptance of astrology and to form a network of astrologically minded people arround the globe,then our forum is doing extremely well and deserves full credit.
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Re: Astrology for All - Discussion Board


as said before there is no hard and fast rules in astrology .nor is there any fixed results. a lot depends on the student's own judgement,logic ,experience and effectively he uses them,decides his success in astrology.

houses and planets are very important.the planetary house positions are very significant.but some times it is difficult to decide in which house the planet is ,we have to consider the cusp of the house involved.generally the more the planet is close to the cusp the more effective it is .but planets in the middle of a house can also be very powerful if they are exalted or in their own sign.gut generally ,when there are more than one planet in a house,it is the one closest to the cusp of that house, which will be most effective.there are exceptions,as said earlier.
then there are planets which are technically not in the house but are in the previous house,but they lie very close to the cusp of the said the problem which house should the planet be included? again there are no hard and fast rules.for all planets in general ,we can give a MARGIN OF 5-6 degrees, to all house cusps in a planet falling wethin 5-6 degrees before the cusp of a house is to be included in the said house rather than the previous house .for eg jupiter in 16 deg scorpio and 3'rd cusp being 20-21 scorpio has to be included into the 3'rd house.
this margin is to be increased in case of exalted or own sign such cases the margin can be 8-9 jupiter in 16 deg cancer and the third cusp 24 -25 deg cancer has to be included in the third house.the more powerful the planet ,the more is the margin .much depends on student's judgement.
the above are for the cusps in general,but in case OF ANGLES THE MARGINS WILL BE FAR GREATER.ESPECIALLY THE 1'ST ,7'TH & 10'TH CUSPS.
here we can give a margin of 7-8 degrees to planets in general.AND for planets in own signs and in exaltation WE CAN GIVE GREATER MARGINS of 9-10 degrees.
here ,i would like to again mention that there are no hard and fast rules to determine the margin of THE CUSPS INFLUENCE.EVERY STUDENT HAS TO WORK WITH DIFFERENT MARGINS AND SELECT THAT WHICH WORKS BEST FOR HIM.
the above margins seem to work in general and so can be used to start with.
NOW we come to the LUMINARIES ..the sun and the moon.the margins for them will be much greater than the planets,in general.exaltation and own signs position increases this further.AND IN CASE OF ANGLES THE MARGINS WILL BE FAR GREATER.LET US TAKE the sun.the sun has a very wide orb of influence,more so in agles.if in seventh house then its efect is felt even in 6 and 8'th house.but coming to practical astrology,we can ignore this wide orb, safely.but still sun's orb is large.IN CASE OF ANGLES WE CAN give a margin of 8-10 degrees to the sun in 16 deg cancer and the 10'th cusp 25 deg cancer can be included in the 10'th house.and in case ofthe sun in ARIES OR PISCES A GREATER MARGIN SHOUD BE sun in 29 aries and the 7 'th cusp 10 deg taurus is to be included in the 7 'th house and not the 6 'th.ALWAYS REMEMEMBER THAT THE MARGINS ALLOWED TO THE ANGLES ARE GREATER THAN THE OTHER CUSPS AND THIS INCREASES IN CASE OF EXALTED OR OWN SIGN PLANETS AND INCREASES FURTHER FOR STRONG SUN AND MOON.
in case of the 1'st cusp,particularly,the margin of 15 deg can be given generally,while deciding the rising planets.
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Re: Astrology for All - Discussion Board


as we all know ,the rising sign is ,in majority of cases, the axis of the chart,arround which the whole chart revolves.ascendant signifies the person himself and how the world sees gives the expressed traits and shows the physical and material aspects of his existence.this makes the rising sign and the ruler of the rising degree very important.
but the rising sign is highly affected bythe planets in the first house .the rising planets,especially the ones close to the cusp-the rising degree,modify the influence of the sign rising.yes they can not completely cancel the sign influence but they do leave a very strong print of their own.the closer they are to the cusp,in general the more is their effect.exalted and strong planets near the cusps give greater effect.exalted planets have a strong effect even if away from the again,the student has to depend on his judgement to arrive at the effect of the planet ,on the fast rules the sign rising and the planets rising, to a large extent decide the physical traits and also the temperament.the aspects recieved by the ascendant and the rising planets ,modifies this result to some extent.benefic and malefic aspects leave their marks.
now we come to the ruler ofthe ascendant,which generally is the chart ruler.the position of the ruler of the rising sign,also influences the physical traits and in some cases it even shows more effect than the rising sign such cases the physical traits resembles those of the sign in which the ruler of ascendant is placed.for eg a chart with gemini asc ,with mercury in aries the native can show arian traits rather than that of gemini.but generally it is the ascendant, that the student has to be careful in judging traits from the chart.there are no fixed rules to help him.he has to learn by trial and errors.
coming back to rising planets ,there are planets which are in the 12'th house ,technically but are close to asc .
in practical experience it has been found by astrologers that we can include upto 15 degrees before the ascendant degree, as a part of the 1 'st house .these 15 degrees are those 15 degrees that lie above earth, above the ascending degree,and lie technically in the 12'th accurately find the influence limit of the first house which extends into the 12 'th house,we should deduct one hour from the sidreal time of the birth and then find the ascendant degree for this new time .this new asc degree is the limit of the influence of the first house and any planet lying within this limit and the ascendant degree of birth ,should be taken as included in the 1 'st house and not in the 12'th . but for pratical purposes ,15 degrees of 12 'th house ,lying above the ascendant ,is included in the first house.
so,generally a planet lying within 15 degrees of the ascendant in the 12 'th house should be taken as a RISING PLANET and it gives the 1'st house influence.
this is rather confusing to the begginer and even advanced students with limited practical experience....for it seems to go against bookish astrological concepts.
but let me assure u ,that this wisdom is the result of practical observations of THE MASTERS of astrology and are NOT MY OWN .here i would say again that it is the practical observations which matter u gain more and more practical experince,u will realise that u have to make certain changes in what u had learned.u will come across many things which don't agree with the conventional astrology study material and yet ARE is the ability to see,accept ,learn and apply such practical truths,it is this ability that separates the genuine masters from the so common technical astrologers.
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as we all know ,the circumstances and environment play a very important role in moulding the character and destiny of a man.yes it is his fate that has karmic reasons ,which decides the circumstances into which he is put .
but here let us focus on practical astrology,here.
when we reach the stage where we have mastered aastrology,we will be able to understand the circumstances ,the environment and the heriditary factors ,from the chart itself ,without needing any outside information on these factors.the true atal chart has all this in it .but to understand and read them is very difficult and it is not possible for students and new astrologers who have not yet mastered astrology,to do so .so they have to collect all the information regarding the client's background,circumstance,evironent and heridity,from the client himself or through some other means.this is very is on this background that he should base his judgement.but care should be taken that the information given by the client is genuine .sometimes the client can intentionally or unintentionally, give us false we should not blindly accept what he has to say about his environment and circumstances.
as we gain more and more experience,we will be able to know more about the clients circumstaces and heridity ,from the chart itself and we will depend on outside information less and less.when we have genuinely mastered this art ,we will be able to grasp these factors from the chart alone ,without any need for external information.
but till we reach that level(and only very few reach) we have to use the information regarding the clients background as the base ,for our judgement.



the ruling planet of the chart,is the natives representative,through his life.the ruler's position,strength and aspects has a vital role in the man's character and destiny.
the ruling planet can be the lord of the ascendant degree or that planet which is the strongest and most prominant in the some cases,one planet seems to dominate the character and destiny,while in others ,more than one planet(two or more planets) have equal say in the matter and thus share the rulership of the co-rulership is also seen in many charts.the ascendant ruler is not always the main chart ruler,but its effect will be there to some extent..
here ,again,there are no hard and fast rules in deciding which planet is the ruler of the chart.much depends on the astrologers experience in judgement.
planets in the four angles(1,4,7,10) are very important and they need to be considered first,as they have a very strong claim on the rulership.of these angles 1'st cusp is most important and the 4'th the least.
if any planet is RISING,then this planet will become a part ruler.if more than one planet rises,then the planet which is the strongest by sign position or the planet which is the nearest TO THE ASCENDANT ,will be the main ruler,but others will have there influence depending on the sign and also positional strength.
if NO PLANET RISES ,then the lord of the ascendant sign ,gains considerable importance and so can be taken as the ruler of the chart.
we have to consider the planets near the 7'th and 10'th cusps,for they are potential candidates for the rulership.strong or exalted planets near the 7'th and 10 'th cusps have to be considered and to lesser extent those planets near the 4'th house.sun and the moon,in angles ,especially when strong have a strong claim over the rulership.and so have to be considered.
planets in close aspect to ascendant and sun have to be also considered.
planets in close aspect to sun(even when the sun is not the ruler and nor is it angular) must always be considered .for in many cases such planets can be far more potent and effective than any other ruling planet and even more potent than the sun's own position .
conjunction of the sun with a planet,gives that planet more force to act according to its nature .the opposition of sun with a planet,DRAWS out the characteristics of that planet and so the influence of this planet becomes very strong. the square gives obstacles and the trine- easy success in a particular direction.SO ,solar influences must be considered in all charts.
as said ,much depends upon the astrologers judgement,in deciding the ruler or rulers of the horoscope.experience is the only way out.
but there will come charts ,where it is still not clear, which is the such cases it is safe to take the lord of the ascendant sign as the ruler and make it the representative of the native,through his life.
to choose the chart ruler is easy in some charts ,but very difficult in others.there is no hard and fast rules to guide the student.he has to depend on his own judgement,skills and above all, experience.
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a chart has many divergent and conflicting and contradicting influences,which have to be taken into account,while judging the is difficult to mould these divergent and even conflicting influences,in order to arrive at their result as a whole.some horoscopes are easy to synthesise but some are very difficult and complex.and even in the same horoscope,one part may be easy to interpret and another part may be very complex and difficult to marriage can be easy but wealth very difficult to some areas in a chart can be easy while others hard to interpret.a lot depends on good knowledge and practical experience and skills of the astrologer.there are no hard and fast interpretations in astrology for planetary positions,directions or transits.each case is unique and the indications will work out in a unique way,because much depends on the chart as a whole.every planetary position modifies every other position to a less or greater extent.and the possible number of planetary positions ,with regard to each other ,to the signs and to houses ,is infinite.this makes each chart unique.every position,simple and hard,have to be taken into account ,before giving the judgement.



this is the first question we face ,when we start the synthesis of the chart.
in every horoscope,easy as well as complex horoscopes,there is some central factor,arround which all other influences ,can be centralised and is in terms of this central factor ,that the other indications are interpreted.astrologers,generally,use the rising sign-the ascendant,as this central factor.the ascendant is the best initial representative of the native.using the ascendant as the central factor,we branch out in various directions,towards various planets,signs and houses and it is arround this central factor or axis,that we mould all the other ,ascendant is usually the starting point of the synthesis and all other influences and groups of influences are moulded and built arround and in relation with the said before,every position modifies every other position ,to some extent AND ALL THESE POSITIONS AND INFLUENCES ARE MORE OR LESS CENTRALISED in the ascendant.
but the ascendant is not the only central factor.many astrologers take the sun as the central factor.many take the moon as the central factor.especially when they are strong and prominent ,by sign or house position.and some take the ruler of the horoscope as the central we have more than one system to synthesise the chart.the systems using the ascendant,sun,moon or the ruler of the chart,as the central factor for the synthesis.most ,use the ascendant as the foundation for synthesis. and some use all !.it is not wise to ignore any system.on deep study,it is seen that each system is useful for a different purpose and that these systems correlate with each other. in some cases,taking the sun as the central factor is more effective than taking the ascendant as the central factor,for the some others,it is the moons' position ,which gives better results.and in some,it is the ruling planet,which gives better results.there will be cases,in which,the sun's or moon's or the ruling planet's position dominates that of the natal ascendant .in such cases ,the sun sign or moon sign or the rulers sign's influence is the most prominent and strong than that of the all such cases,synthesis based on the ascendant will not give correct many other cases,it has been seen that,though the child hood and youth were completely under the ascendant's influence,as the native advanced in age and became more mature ,refined and evolved,the ascendant's influence weakened and even ceased and it was the sun's or moon's influence that started dominating his life and in some cases the ruler of the chart .here the solar or lunar or the ruler's position has to be taken as the central factor for synthesis and only these will give the correct results. even when the ascendant is the dominating factor,solar and lunar positions are very important,and it is good idea to analyse them ,by taking their position as the central factor and then corelating their results with that of the natal ascendant based synthesis result.this way we can clarify certain indications which may not be very clear in the natal ascendant chart. .so, errecting charts ,taking the sun's,moon's and the ruling planet's positions as the 1'st cusp and studying all other position with regard to this cusp,can give some clues and indications,which may not be visible in the natal ascendant chart and help us in understanding some mysteries which we can not account for in the natal ascendant chart.sun ,moon and the ruler are very important.and by taking them as the 1'st house ,we can analyse their position with regard to all other positions ,more clearly and we can understand more clearly THEIR STANDING IN THE CHART AS A said earlier ,these systems may appear so different ,but they correlate with each other at a deeper ,solar,lunar and the ruler ascendant charts,is vey helpful in fine tuning the judgement of the natal ascendant chart. some astrologers go even to the extent of treating each and every planet in the chart as the 1'st cusp and analyse their strength and weakness with regard to all the other positions.yes it is a labouriuos process ,to errect a chart for each planet and then their analysis.To many of us ,ALL THIS may seem unnecessary complexities and waste of time AND of no value.But the deep profound insights gained,with regard to a planet's strength and weaknesses,its significance in the chart as a whole-the significance of its position IN RELATION TO ALL THE OTHER INFUENCES AND POSITIONS..IN RELATION TO THE CHART AS WHOLE,is worth the effort.
i am aware that all this can be rather confusing to the student.the mere thought of errecting and analysing not one ,but many charts,a chart each for every planet,in order to arrive at the relative significance,strength and weakness of every planet ,with regard to the whole chart,CAN BE VERY the student should ,for the time being,focus on the natal chart and as he progresses in his study he can expand and try more complex systems.NEVER SHOULD HE JUMP DIRECTLY INTO THE COPLEXITIES,WITHOUT MASTERING THE BASICS . FOR ,IF HE DOES SO,HE SURE TO GET LOST IN THIS VAST ASTROLOGY MAZE,LOOSING HIS WAY AND FOCUS and will end up being confused and dis enchanted.
I hope that my posts in this thread are of some help to the forum members.but i do fear that they can cofuse a student and so harm his learning process.if it is so,then i welcome ur opinions,in RADU'S thread astrology for all- discussion board .and if my posts are confusing to a student,it is better that i stop posting such material .
thanking u all for the encouragement u have given me and the patience u have shown ,
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when planets are in aspect ,their energies work on each other,either harmoniously or conflictingly and give particular results.
ORBS may differ for different planets and also for different aspects.the main aspects are -conjunction,square,opposition,trine,sextile,semi square,semi sextile,sesquiquadrate,quincu,parallel.other of less importance are decile ,semidecile,quintile and bi-quintile.

when the sun is in opposition or conjunction with the moon,allow an orb of 12 degrees.
when the sun or the moon is in opposition or conjunction with any other planet,allow an orb of 10 degrees.
when other planets are in conjunction or opposition ,with each other,an orb of 8-9 deg is reasonable.

orbs for square and trine ,in general,can be taken as 8-9 degrees.
sextile -7 deg, semi suare-4, sesqui -4,semi sextile-2, quincu -2, parallel-1.

the above values are in general.but consideration has to be given to strong or exalted planets and planets in own sign.when planets are exalted or strong,the orbs have to be increased.when planets are in angles and hence prominant by position,the aspect orbs have to be increased.
sun and moons aspect orbs are further increased,when sun is in aries or leo or the moon in cancer or taurus.
here again there are no fixed values,much depends on the astrologers judgment,regarding strength of the planets.

orbs are the outer limits of the aspect and the more close the aspect is -the stronger will be its effect and the vice versa.aspect just within the orbs is very weak-but there is an exception to this general rule.two planets may be in a wide aspect and so a weak aspect by itself,but if there is a third planet which simultaneously aspects both the planets of the former aspect,then even though the former aspect is wide,ITS EFFECT WILL BE VERY STRONG.THE THIRD PLANET STREGNTHENS ITS EFFECT.Eg -two planets in a very wide opposition,but a third planet in square with both of them,re inforces the opposition.
planets strength by sign or house position and aspects recieved from others plays important role in deciding the effect of the aspect,wether strong or weak.
quintile ,bi quintile,decile and semi decile are very weak aspects and negligible and can be ignored .
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usually the aspects are not the more close the aspect is to the exact value ,the more is its strength and the vice versa.but aspects which are not exact can de divided into two groups.the APPLYING AND THE SEPARATING.
CONVENTIONAL astrology rule says that,the applying aspects are stronger than the sepparating aspects.
but in practical experience it is seen that the separating aspects are also as significant as the applying aspects.strength and significance depends on how close the aspect is to the exact point.
saturn aspects are very interesting ,in this saturn aspects, the separating aspects are felt more strongly than the applying ones and even more than the exact aspect itself.this is true for natal aspects and also the progressions and transits.So,the student has to be careful,before judging sepparating aspects as having less significance.
also,that the orbs allowed,in progressions and transits will be very much smaller than that of the natal aspects.



interpretations of aspects given in astrology books and materials are general and are not chart applying these interpretations as it is ,does not give correct results.each chart is unique and so it is important to interpret the aspects in relation to the chart.yes the general influence is there to some extent.but we have to work on these general interpretations and arrive at the chart specific interpretations.


1)nature and characteristics of the planets:-in an aspect,the energies of the planets act on each other to give a, much depends on the nature and characteristics of the planets in the, a same aspect,of different planets differ.venus square mars is different from venus sqare saturn ,even if all the other conditions remain the we have to grasp the true meaning and nature of the planets and then blend there energies to give the interpretations.

2)TYPE OF ASPECT:-as said above,when planets aspect,there energies act on each other .BUT HOW THEY ACT ON EACH OTHER -Wether in a harmonious way or in a contrary or conflicting way, DEPENDS ON THE TYPE OF THE venus square mars will work out differently than ,say,venus trine mars,with all the other conditions remaining the same.

3)WETHER THE PLANET IS THE RULER OF THE HOROSCOPE.:-aspects involving the ruler of the horoscope are of great importance on the character and destiny of the native.

4)WETHER THE PLANET IS STRONG OR PROMINANT:pLANETS which are in their own signs or in exaltation sign or are prominant due to angular positions are very important and so are the aspects involving them.

5) THE SUN ,MOON, RULER OF THE ASCENDANT and ASCENDANT :-aspects ivolving them are important ,BECAUSE SUN IS THE LIFE FORCE,MOON THE ETHERIC SUBTLE BODY AND ASCENDANT -THE PHYSICAL BODY.their aspects have to be carefully studied ,especially for the health issues and marriage.asc ruler is also important if it is prominant.

6)HOUSE POSITIONS OF THE PLANETS:-the house positions of the planets in aspect have to be considered ,because they decide the area of the native's life,in which this aspect will work out .house position of the aspected and aspecting planet has to be positions decide which area -marriage or wealth or home-the said aspect will affect.planet in 7'th aspected by planet in 10'th ,will blend the influence of these houses.

7)THE LORDSHIPS OF THE PLANETS:-houses which are governed or ruled by the planets in aspect,have to be considered and there influences have to be moulded into the interpretation of the ,if the planets in aspect are the lords of the 4 'th & 9'th houses,the 4 &9'th house influence has to be moulded into the interpretation.
so both the house position of the planets and the houses ruled by them, have to be blended into the interpretation.

8)THE SIGNS:- The sign position of the planets are very important,because the planets own nature is moulded by the nature of sign it is placed the aspect of a planet in one sign is not the same as when in another sign,with the other conditions remaigning the same.for eg .-sun in aries SQUARE sat in cancer,will work differently than sun in cancer square saturn in aries .inthe former case,the sun in aries will slowly but surely melt down the saturn's cold icy influence,using the fiery power of ARIES.but in the latter ,the sun itself in a watery sign will not be able to break free of the saturns restrictive hold and so saturn will be always the dominant.SO SIGN POSITIONS ARE IMPORTANT.

9)THE NATURAL LORDSHIPS:-the signs of the zodiac are the NATURAL HOUSES.ARIES IS THE NATURAL FIRST HOUSE AND PISCES THE NATURAL 12'TH HOUSE.though the natal houses dominate,the natural houses -the signs have a subtle effect.mars is the ruler of the natural 1'st house aries.saturn of the 10 and 11 'th natural houses,cap and aqua.and so when mars aspects saturn,the influence of aries ,scorpio ,cap and aqua come into play ,in a subtle way and there influence may or may not be expressed, depending on the other natal factors like the natal house position of the planets,their strength,the natal houses ruled by them in the natal chart.but their effect is felt subtly and so these effects have to be blended in ,during the interpretation of the aspect.

10)EXACTNESS OF THE ASPECT:-The more close the aspect ,the more is its strength.when exact,it is the strongest.but their are exceptions as described earlier.but this is the rule in general.
11)CONJUNCTION;- THE ENERGIES OF THE PLANETS JOIN TOGETHER.conjunction is neither good or bad by itself ,but depends on the nature of the planets.

12)OPPOSITION-the energies act in opposite ways and oppose each other ,pulling in oposite directions.SQUARE-THE ENERGIES INHIBHITand try to suppress each other,work in different directions.TRINE AND SEXTILE-energies blend harmoniously flow in one direction smoothly.

SO,INTERPRETING THE ASPECT WITH REGARD TO THE CHART is a must,to arrive at the true meaning and significance of the aspect in that chart.major aspects have to be taken first.and the negligible aspects like deciles and semi deciles can be ignored.
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Looking at a chart we see the planetary concenteration in it ,if there is any.we see wether,the planets are concenterated in a few areas of the chart,in sign or houses or if they are scattered in the chart.concentration of planetary energies show the areas most active in the chart especially in the angles.the type or formations of the chart help in forming a broader picture.
then we move on to synthesising the quadruplicities and triplicities.see which of the CARDINAL ,FIXED OR MUTABLE IS DOMINANT.NOTE THE PLACE OF SUN ,MOON AND THE ACENDANT .the ascendant has large importance.even if the majority of planets are in cardinal signs,ascendant in a fixed sign sign,will make the nature less changeable and also practical to some extent.this shows asc importance.then see which of the elements,FIRE ,EARTH,AIR AND WATER IS DOMINANT.SYNTHESISE THE TRIPLICITIES AND QUADRUPLICITIES.
synthesise the planets and the sign they are in,modify with the aspects and mould them into the house energies.arrive at the NATAL PROMISE.



as said earlier,in majority of the mankind,it is the house influences that dominate and not the sign ones.only the evolved people rise above the house influence and vibrate more to the sign,it is the houses which dictate the fate and fortune of the native to a large extent.the house influence are expressed in the material and physical aspects of the native's life.the houses and the ascendant stand for the physical and material sides of life and so they dominate these sides of the native 's life.the sign influence have a deeper effect ,which may or may not be expressed in the material life,whereas the house influence are certain to find expression.sign influences give the inner qualities,traits and energies.they show the INNER MAN, they indicate the inner potentials,which may or may not be expressed,depending on karmic influences is the house and the ascendant ,which set limitations for the soul ,according to signs ,affect the inner man,the inner qualities and potentials,BUT WHICH DEPEND ON THE HOUSE POSITION FOR EXPRESSION.
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so,in average man,the houses dominate the physical and material life of the native and the signs indicate the inner man.influences of houses are certain and sure to happen.but the sign influence may not always be expressed.
for eg..mars in the 7'th house will always give the results.but mars in the seventh sign LIBRA will not be always expressed.yes the sign effect will always be there ,deep inside the native,but it may not be exzpressed externally.
SIGNS AND HOUSES CORRESPOND TO EACH OTHER.this means that the first sign aries corresponds to 1'st house .pisces corresponds to the 12'th house and so on.BY CORRESPOND,we mean that they are same in a way,BUT OPPERATE IN DIFFERENT PLANES.
the signs are the natural houses.aries is the natural first house,libra is the natural seventh house ,capricorn is the natural tenth house AND THEY CORRESPOND RESPECTIVELY TO THE NATAL 1'ST, 7'TH AND 10'TH HOUSE RESPECTIVELY.AND SO DO ALL OTHER SIGNS TO THE RESPECTIVE HOUSES.



so houses correspond to signs.they are somewhat alike but of different a question arises.a planet can be in a house or it can be in the corresponding sign.say ,.mars in 7'st house or mars in libra sign(but different house).which position is more strong to give results for marriage or partner ships ?HERE,THE 7'TH HOUSE POSITION OF MARS GIVE CERTAIN AND SURE RESULTS,THAT WILL HAPPEN.BUT mars in libra,though it gives similar energy inside,will not give the result always,because it will not be expressed externally always.but here,the evolved person will give the sign results.but the average person will only give the 7'th house effect and if even with mars in libra,if there are planet in the 7'th house..these planets are more significant for marriage and partnerships than the mars in libra.if there are no planets in the 7'th house,it is the lord of the 7'th house-its position,its aspects to moon ,venus and the chart ruler ,which has a larger say in marriage and partnership,house positions dominate.

but,in case of evolved souls,the sign influence are stronger.yes the house influence will be there to some extent but such advanced persons rises above house influence and are not bound by,the evolutionary stage of the soul,the persons refinement and self control,have to be taken into account before judging the nativity.
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