Astrology elsewhere in the universe


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I realise this may seem like a silly question to ask, and it may only be possible to give speculative answers, but how do you think Astrology would work if one went to another planet or even into deep space? Would the signs and houses have the same meanings? And what about the ( possibly ) new planets and moons?


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In astrology, one principle that is accepted is interconnectedness. Every star, galaxy, piece of dust, and germ is somehow, someway, connected to you. It's the large bodies (planets, stars, moons, asteroids, etc) in your vicinity (right now, earth) that can be used to interpret the energies at the time. So yes, if you changed your location in the solar system or went outside it altogether, things would begin changing.

I imagine within the solar system (say, if a human is born on Mars in a space colony), the signs would remain the same, but I don't know how far outside the solar system that would hold true. But that's just a guess, and purely speculative.

In the end, nothing's going to substitute for research, so we're gonna have to go to these other places, observe for many years, and then we'll have a better idea.


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Thanks very much for sharing your ideas. I would guess that the ascendant, midheaven and aspects would have the same meanings wherever you were as they would still have the same meanings symbolically.

Do you think Jupiter and Saturn would have the same meanings on Mars as they do here?

Obviously each country on this planet has a different culture. I would imagine that if we started inhabiting different planets things would become even more radically different culturally between each planet.


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I would like to live on Io - jupiter moon :joyful:

Mmmm... Pizza.... :tongue:

If we would live on other planets, there would be huge difference when looked through astrological perspective.
If just one degree on Earth even makes sense, I can't imagine how that's going to be on another planet.


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I wonder how astrology would work on Io? There would be all of Jupiter's other moons as well.

Are you meaning that things might change with every degree, hence moving one degree away from Earth?

I strongly believe that knowing the answer to the question could reveal something about how the cosmos works.

Do you think there might be different sides to life according to which planet (or moon) you lived on?


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my understanding is that astrology would change dramatically. we see things from our perspective on earth- and we see things in 3D (3 dimensions). on other planets/spaces in the Universe there are beings/places that are conscious of other dimensions. we also see the constellations from our perspective on earth. in actuality there are many constellations out there and depending on your position in the Universe you may have more, less or completely different constellations being highlighted by the path of the sun. this is also assuming you are using the sun as your center point. for some places in the Universe they may be using the galactic center as the center point and our sun would be non-existent.

the whole mayan cycle things (that ends this year) is based on 26,000 year cycles that takes more than 3D into account.

this stuff is very interesting to me- but i am no expert! for more info google nassim haramein and/or the astrology of physics :)


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Do you think that if we started moving to other planets we would find that entire sides of life would begin to change? What I'm thinking is that we might have astrological energies of different planets and moons. As above, do you think the signs would have the same meanings throughout the solar system but that their meanings might begin to change if we went to a different solar system?