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This topic was talked about not too long ago (about sun sign astrology, and the columns in newspapers), but I have a direct favour to ask of people. Does anyone have any advice on writing one, and how I should go about this? And I should also tell you that this is for a newspaper written completely by highschool students, for highschool students, and they are asking for the column to be somewhat serious, but mostly fun to read (I believe they used the phrase "hint of truth"). And it is a fairly short column, with each sign only having around 50 words or less. So should I do up solar charts for each sign, and look at the transitting plants in the houses and signs, or the sign's ruling planet transitting, or something completely different? Any advice is greatly appreciated! :D


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Yes, I can help. This was my 'area' for long time

First, always keep in mind that you are doing a great service to the larger art of astrology by introducing people to the concept of cycles and rhythm.

Secondly, get a strong skin. You'll get a barrage of criticism from people who think that Sun signs have no value because they don't understand that good and bad exists in all walks of life and because they believe it makes a mockery of their terribly 'intelligent' approach to astrology.

Thirdly, get a good astrological qualification so you can chuck any criticism right back in their direction.

Fourthly,don't look at any charts!

Use only your ephemeris and look at the aspects, even minor ones - the current ones and the next applying aspects, weight them and write from this. So, yes, Venus aspects will speak to Taureans and Librans alike but each sign will handle the aspect differently and that is where your advice to them differs. If you understand the fundamental basis of aspects you'll know that a conjunction is referring to a matter of Oneness or unity whereas the opposition is speaking of ' Twoness' or relationships and things being reflected back to us etc etc

Keep the position of lunations in mind and the positions of the outer planets too. So knowing that Pluto is in Sag makes it a difference to how you judge its relationship to Libra and Taurus. If you want to scrap the outer planets all together, you can.

Finally before you write, play music or something that relaxes you almost to a meditative state and then relax and flow with what comes. You are part of a greater consciousness and will end up writing exactly the right thing if you trust.

And more finally, if you ever earn a ton of money writing these columns send it back around and invest some into a facility that helps people to understand the deeper nature of astrology and astronomy.

I was taught how to write Sun sign columns by the master in this art Jonathan Cainer and he was taught by Patric Walker . They rarely ever use charts just aspects.

hope this helps


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Futurist said:
First, always keep in mind that you are doing a great service to the larger art of astrology by introducing people to the concept of cycles and rhythm.
This quote plus all the rest you say is wonderful!
I, too, have had experience in this area. You give good advice.
All I could imagine to add would be to try to show the "normal-negatives" and the "prescriptive-positives"...

~ Alex


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Thanks everyone for your help! It's nice to know that there is more than one right way to go about writing sun sign columns. And I'm sure glad that there isn't a lot of pressure for me, since this is just a somewhat small magazine, read by high school students. I don't have an ephemeris, though I suppose that there are numerous ones online I could use.