Astrology bringing you down


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People often try to remind me that - if only it was that easy :sideways:

star, sorry to hear you're having a tough time, hopes things improve quickly -
unfortunately I still can't get the chart to open so I'll ask other forum folks to repost it in case someone has been able to open it.

As for the moon in Cap/12th, it just makes reality 'suck' although other people always tell me it's my fault which doesn't help. It's just one of those placements that is tough to make sense of by others but I don't fault them.


Tough times roll on indeed!

Was made redundant from work last month. Having health problems now. Things only get exciting from here i think...

I wish I was born at another time.


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lol. you remind me of myself, a few years ago...I'm already crazy, though, so astrology can't make me much worse :lol:.
I'd throw it out the window, myself, if I wasn't so terrified of having to see the world through my own eyes and emotions-both of which I have learned not to trust about 6 years ago.
I don't know if you say that animation film "Wall-E". There's this scene there that would make a perfect metaphor for astrologers like us..hundreds of years into the future, a colony of humans lived on some other planet, and where so dependent on robots and technology that they were all hovering around in these couches, being severely overweight, with underdeveloped bones-with a computer screen in their faces, that they used to communicate with one another-even when they were sitting next to one another-, until one day this robot bumped into a guy's couch, and his computer screen turned off, and he actually looked around for the first time. LOL
That film was a waake-up call for me, too. Astrology was my screen.

Lunar Pisces

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Oh, I think anyone who studies astrology long enough contends with this. I don't have an easy chart myself. I actually got into studying my chart because someone else studying astrology claimed I was "doomed" to commit suicide because of how poorly my Neptune is aspected in my chart. My Neptune is highly afflicted in my chart, no doubt. It opposes my titanic Venus-Saturn conjunction and is a singleton. Add to that, Neptune falls my 3rd house and rules my 7th house, where my afflicted Pisces moon is.

Externally, I'm this full-blown Gemini/Mercurial type with some Saturn and Uranus influences to make sure I'm as unyielding and uncooperative as possible. I appear confident, level-headed, super intelligent and authoritative to a lot of people, as well as irrepressibly optimistic, independent-minded, rather flippant and a tad cynical the way a Gemini girl would be. But inside, I'm a whole other flavor of cupcake. That is where my Neptune singleton rules, and it's not pretty for me. Whatever punches Neptune can throw, I've been through it. Disillusionment, victimization, being ostracized and rejected, excessive idealism, unrealistic romantic attractions, self-esteem issues and feeling unlovable, learning disabilities that made me feel like a "freak" and a "failure," overwhelming psychic-intuitive hypersensitivity, spiritual emptiness and longing, profound loneliness and alienation, desultory ambitions, poor self discipline, substance abuse issues, highly tidal emotions that when an "earthquake" hits my life turn into tsunami emotions that just drown everything, depression, BAD depression, depression so bad I was borderline psychotic, and yes, suicidal fixation and ideation.

Well, at least I can say it's been an interesting life. But much of the time, I wish I wasn't so "interesting." Among other things, I want to be a wife and mother. I think I could a very good wife and mother, with the right man who could both empathetic and sensitive to my "hyper romantic" Neptunian self and help give direction and structure that my Neptunian self can't seem to find on its own. But most days, my romantic idealism seems to undermine any chance I have of meeting such a man. Mundane, dull, "common" men I simply cannot tolerate. It's not that I haven't met "nice" and "kind" men who would have been happy to marry me and father my children. I have. I just couldn't overcome my lack of romantic attraction to them, not to mention my screaming intuition that was saying "It's ALL WRONG! RUN AWAY!" And so I ran, like the goddess Diana (asteroid Diana, BTW, conjuncts my Pisces moon). I've also met some very not so nice and not so kind men who wanted much the same from me, for less loving reasons, and who left me deeply wounded. And I've had stalkers who too, seem to think I was their prefect woman, and likewise made me downright neurotic about any man showing an interest in me romantically.

I can find some peace and sanity in creativity, but it's been a very hard struggle to channel my Neptunium creativity in the sea of chaos that is my inner self. I wish it wasn't so hard. But at least, I understand why i am the way I am better, and a lot of that is with the help of astrology. I may not be as happy as i want to be right now, but as at least I have something to work towards.


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You know I've been struggeling with the same issue in a round-about way myself. I started dating this guy, that I'm crazy about, two days before mars went retrograde. My knowledge of astrology is creating a lot of fear in me that the relationship is doomed because of when we started dating. When I actually write down what I'm scared of, I start to realize that I'm viewing things with more superstition than enlightment. Surely some relationships started as mars slowed down to retrograde have lasted. I almost want to burn my ephemeris and live astrology free for a year just to see if I would make different choices- choices that aren't based on as much fear. Of course, I'm somewhat addicted to astrology. If I were to burn my ephemeris, I would probally just go look at one of the online ephemerises.


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I think astrology makes a great hobby and, for a talented few, a career. It makes a very poor master. For a long time I gave up looking at minor transits because they made me feel anxious and superstitutious.

In terms of a relationship, you might just do the synastry if you have his birth date, location, and ideally [but not necessarily] birth time. That will tell you a lot more about your basic compatibility than transits will.