Astrology Book Swap?


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Hi, I can swap one of my favorites, Howard Sasportas, The Houses, really looking for John Addeys, Harmonics in Astrology. I have probably 200 hundred astrology books, I am sure I can find something you are interested in.

Also interested in anything by Charles Jayne, Astrological Aspects - C.E.O. Carter, and anything by Marc Edmund Jones

Please let me know.. thanks
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Hi, I am specifically interested in Medieval Astrology (Horary), Weather Astrology and Criminal Astrology. I do not have any of the books you require. Thanks for replying.


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This is a good idea especially for those of you on the American continent and may live near each other. Likewise some European countries. THe cost of postage from where I live in Australia would far outweigh the second hand value of the book.
Clair19 I too live in Australia! I'm not so interested in Horary as yet, but would be interested in finding out what you are getting rid of before you get rid of it! :)