Astrology and Precession, your thoughts?


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I went to see an astrologer a few years ago and he said i was not a sun sign virgo but a leo???, This was due to precession. :surprised:

Precession causes the position of the sun on the vernal equinox to move as the earth wobbles on its axis – then again, the position of the sun varies on every date (analemma). This means that it is not only the names of the zodiac signs that are now wrong, the names of the tropics are also inaccurate!

This all dates to when the sun is within the constellation of your birth sign. According to astrology (corrected for precession – although these dates will vary slightly from year to year), you may find that you’re actually a different birth sign.

Capricorn: January 20th to February 16th
Aquarius: February 17th to March 11th
Pisces: March 12th to April 18th
Aries: April 19th to May 13th
Taurus: May 14th to June 21st
Gemini: June 22nd to July 20th
Cancer: July 21st to August 10th
Leo: August 11th to September 16th
Virgo: September 17th to October 30th
Libra: October 31st to November 23rd
Scorpio: November 24th to November 29th
Ophiuchus: November 30th to December 17th
Sagittarius: December 18th to January 19th


Does anybody really think they are more like the sun sign re the above dates?
i was confused when i read about it :unsure:
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Well, this is original! I will be an Aries then instead of a Taurus. I must say, I do feel more Aries then Taurus but that is probably because I have Ascendant ruler and Sunruler both in Aries. However, Taurean traits are noticeable as well. I like gardening, I love sweets, I totally love to indulge myself , but only after I have done my work. Aries traits: I always immediately do the things I have to do. I pay my bills on the day I receive them for instance. When there is a problem, I immediately attend to it. When something brakes, I never wait to repair it etc. I guess I am a good mix between the two. But it is nice to keep in mind. Thanks for posting this!



I was always under the impression the procession didn't matter with astrology, which is another amazing thing about it, is that it doesn't even matter where the signs actualy are.

IE; Antares, the heart of scorpio, the center of the constilation scorpio, is in 8 degree sag.


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"Precession of the equinoxes" is one thing, using more than 12 constellations is another. "Ophiuchus" is a 13th constellation, so this is about much more than "precession".

Amy Vir Sn Ari Mn Pis Ris

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What is the DIFFERENCE between

1) Progressed
2) Profected
3) Precessed

I understand Progressed and profected myself but am clueless on precessed and is there free software to precess our charts for us? Don't make me do the math please. lol.

I know my progressed rising is Taurus 28 degrees currently falling in my natal 3rd house.

My profected rising is Leo til my birthday Aug 25th....falling in my natal 6th house.

I don't get precessed at all? Is it based solely on the dates given for Sun signs? There's got to be more to it than that...and pardon my ignorance really is ignorance for the moment....and I'd love to get past that. lol.
In looking over your listing precession makes me a Leo sun.