astrology and fertility question



Hi there,

I am hoping that Radu will check out my horary question on that board but in the meantime I read an article about fertility based on the moon and would like any comments from folks knowledgable about this. The article read that there are 2 possibly 3 different fertile times a month for the woman. The obvious one is charting a womans ovulation, 14 days starting to count from the first day of menstration. The astrological one I read about is looking at the natal chart and looking at how many degree's are between the natal sun and moon, then the time during the month when this happens is a 2nd fertile period for a woman. This article/method even mentions that by picking a time when the moon, while at the right angle from the sun as natal is, if the moon is in a masculine sign then a male and feminine obviously female. Does anyone know about this kind of fertility based on astrology??