Astrological Influences That May Indicate Past Lives


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Lapis said:
.....Personally I've discovered that the signs and houses I have intercepted are a huge indicator. But, that's just me and what I've remembered consciously. See I have to go at this stuff in the opposite way that most of you astrologers do! Wild huh? And for me this interception isn't about a recent past life, but HALF of the precessional cycle - 12,500+ years! IOW's when 'I' started a specific spiritual sort of job that ran from the beginning of the Age of Leo through now, the beginning of the Age of Aquarius. What I'm suggesting by telling this, is to look for far more than your logical, linear, mind would think to look for.

I believe you're right. Interceptions show what you weren't able to complete somewhere in the past. The signs that rule double houses show where it caused a deficiency and where that deficiency is projected onto.

There are also "karmic configurations" that show where an imbalance has occured in the past that is being worked on to obtain balance. This is shown by 2 or more inner platnets with at least one outer planet along the same axis. The sign shows the theme, the house shows where, the planets show the what or who. For example, a karmic configuration across the Virgo Pisces axis shows, perhaps a live in complete devotion to a master, neglecting to honor one' own wisdom and mastery, or the other way around. Aries vs. Libra= Liberty vs Law, etc.

Using the 12th house as my most recent unfinished business, 1st house and working backwards does fit though. I have Uranus there and during my Uranus opposition began researching the "truth" I had been taught in the original language and rejected much of what had been taught by my family tradition. Vesta would be in that 2nd, Mercury in Virgo in that 11th.

I'm having a hard time accepting the time chart linked above. My Jupiter at 22Cancer in the 12th would put me in the prehistory time for my spiritual, religious mode. That doesn't fit with my heritage or spirutual evolution during my life at all. That is, unless there was more to early man around 5063 BC than hunting and gathering for survival.

Wait a minute. Maybe its not so hard to accept, if the time of the flood covering all world of that time was really over 5000 BC. I'll have to do some research on that one. The reason I say this is that when I was studying a little Hebrew while doing numerolgy with some of the Biblical names I discoverd that my ascendant degree, 17, is = to Noah, spelled N(un) A(yin) H(ey), a feminine name meaning movement. It is also the name of a place in Palestine when pronounced nay-aw. The function of nun, (meaning fish or perhaps sperm) is movement.

So what about Noah of the biblical flood? N(un) Ch(eth) is this Noah, really prounounced no-akh (where akh is a throaty sound). The minutes of my ascendant is = to Noah, 13. Acturally it is = to 58 but I reduced to be within the major arcana which also corresponds to the Hebrew alphabet. Noah mean rest in Hebrew. 58 is the 4 of swords in the tarot and fits this perfectly, a well deserved rest. The 13th letter is Mayim, the 2nd mother letter meaning water. It is a plural (ym ending) that is always used as a singular. S when you start with Noah, allowing the free movement of air through the throat, then stop it with cheth in the throat, you have rest. Hmmm. The rains subsided, the winds came, exposed a mountain and there Noah came to rest.

So my ascendant is movenment:rest, Noah-feminine:Noach-masculine. It take about 12-17 days from the beginning of the cycle for ovulation, the journey of sperm to the egg, the fertilized ovum to the womb and to implant too. The journey is movement, the implantation is rest. That's about 40 days from the previous cycle you would need to accurately calculate the birth date. Hmmm.

Bringing me back to Jupiter at 22Cancer being -5063, that would be a whole lot of water surrounding the family. It is 4degrees from Uranus. It rained for 40 days. Moses (to draw out from the water) parted the Red Sea, then wandered the desert for 40 years. Uranus opposition happens at 40 years. That fits with when I separated from my grandfater's teaching that everyone not of his religious family will be lost and I began to unlock the key to the tower of Babel. Moses couldn't enter the promised land because he struck his rod on the ground. It isn't very productive to spill and plant your seed on barren, dry ground, you know. :eek: Now I know why they call it the living WORD. Maybe I'll have to give that year chart some more consideration.


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LOL I guess I do have a way of memorizing what seems important. Ask me what a non rational (or is that irrational) number is or a tangent, though, and I don't have a clue. I can go off on a tangent, can't I?;)


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really interesting topic! i often read from some famous astrologers describing their past lives but i never understood how they have arrived at that conclusion. is there anybody who has any link as to the concret techniques to trace back who we were in the past few lives astrologically? thanks


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I think astrologically, we can only get general themes of the past lives that are connected to this one. These are shown through the nodes, Moon, Saturn, 12th house, interceptions, karmic configurations, etc. To get specific information, I think the only way is through psychic readings, meditation with the purpose of past life regression, or hypnosis. I learned how to do this through guided meditation at first then have done it a couple times on my own. In the first guided meditiatin I was a little pilgrim boy. Interesting my Sun is peregrine, a pilgrim in Virgo. I died very young which shows a connection to the problems I've had staying in traditionally male jobs such as a machine shop. In the 2nd I was the mistress of a beautiful plantation fitting with my love for gardens and the earth, again my Virgo Sun in the 2nd house. In the 2 I did on my own I was 11 years old both times. My Sun is at 11 degrees. I was in the forced service fitting my Scorpio Moon in the 1st meditation. In the beginning of it my sister and I were burying our mother with stones. I had had a dream recently where I was piling stones and heard, "We must not put stones by the same tree that they came from". Hmmm. In the other one, again 11 years old, I witnessed my sister being abused by here husband (she was abused by the men in the 1st one also). I swore that I would find a way to show women they did not have to put up with abuse. Interesting that when my 1st husband choked me I didn't call the police, didn't tell my kids. The 2 younger ones witnessed it but I never told any of the older ones. Then when I asked him to move out 2 years latter the first thing he did was tell our adult sons that I made up an abuse story and called the police to put a restraining order on him. There was no order he could produce to prove it because it was a lie, but they believed him anyway. But I am an example of someone with no means of supporting herself leaving the material provider and doing ok even without public assistance.

Here the Sun seems to be key to past lives. It rules my Ascendant. Moon reflects the light of the Sun and rules my 12th, life before birth and our cosmic consciousness. By diurnal motion, this house is the 1st. Reading the chart backwards as one way to see past life, my Sun is in the 11th, group karma, love given in service and my goals, so that fits.

If I read the 12th as my most recent past life and unfinished business, I would see Jupiter exalted conjunct Uranus trine Scorpio Moon at the void. If I turn this into a sentence I could say the exalted husband (Jupiter) separated from, created the children (trine) perceiving mother as fallen (Scorpio Moon). What they didn't see is shortly before that Pluto in the 2nd from 12th squared Moon. Pluto stood in the position of their 10th house parent.

I hadn't worked through quite all of this before. Thanks for helping me see the connections.
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This is all quite interesting and I've looked up all my planets and their corresponding years in history. After looking at someone else's though, my godmother's, it seemed odd because it pointed to a date in this life after she was born. Anyone else see this happen? And what is the idea behind addressing this situation? Could this perhaps indicate a significant point in this life?
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The clarification of most significant moment helps. Does this explain How people alive now might have a position reflecting back to a time earlier in this life?
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In addition to the nodes and the planets that accompany them I have also been checking out where the eclipses fell around the time of my birth and what stars, if any, are located at those points. I also look at the part of karma to see how that relates. Its just taking the time to piece together information, but so far I am finding a definite theme that feels very familiar. As an example, the solar eclipse prior to my birthday was at the same degree as my part of karma and the star Atria and a tight trine with Chiron. It seems to be relative to other placements in my chart. It just takes a little detective work and intuition..


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Well, my tight Aries stellium in the new third house is squared with Saturn and Neptune in the twelfth...this can't be good news, but I don't seem to have much difficulty with communication skills in this lifetime :wink:


Past life regression techniques can help in this regard. Has anyone had success with this?

Working on it now....that's why the karma sections of astrology are so interesting to me....anything pre this life is hard on my head...I have a hard enough time with the locks of this life...still things lie in chains...trace em back asking for earlier...can be dangerous and tricky.....but I bump into stuff every now and then but it's fuzzy......I've been hitting prenatals lately....thats hard enough at this point the way it's kind of like trolling for trouble if one isn't focused, or centered, Regression is a tricky word........recalling is a bit more like it...and time streams are have to have a stable stable stable basis in present time....leave things unhandled and you can be in for a storm for a while with weird things happening around you.....alot of Dejavu experiences....
I have sun and my Nnode in the 12thH in cancer.....with a leo asc...and a leo moon in the looking at karmic astrology has been a bit tricky for me......but I can say I have found that the areas I like to work on tend to be areas that oddly get described by astrology articles here and there....I'm still trying to find the signifigance of it.

Moon is the ruler of the 12thH and is in 1
Sun is the ruler of the 1stH and is in 12
Sun rules ASC
moon is conj asc.
moon squares uranus in the 4thH....moons house ruler
Uranus in 4thH opp. chiron in 10H
and of course...Uranus squares the moon's more then a's a way of life.:p
Chiron in 10H also sextiles the sun and merc in the 12H cancer.......

I have a transit coming up...I just caught sight of it the other day and need to look into it....transits are still tricky to me....but it looks like transiting Neptune in aquarius is going to oppose my moon in leo soon......and bump into this very Tsquare...of chiron, uranus, moon......making a grand cross by transit.......sparks will fly I think.....Transiting Nep. will also be sextile my natal neptune, and trine my natal pluto,mars 3rdH conj. which sextile my natal moon and natal will also be trine my natal venus which nataly trines my third house stellum in libra....left to right.....Saturn, mars, pluto, jupiteronIC....all except saturn......but saturn plays a large part in that house being exalted in LIbra.....

Karmic Works Lie ahead for me....I think it's soon too....I sort of forgot about it till now......oops...I've been really, really, busy lately.

I'll be checking out that link Mav that you posted.....some of that stuff was

I almost forgot the Yod I have between Natal Neptune natal pluto and's gonna be interesting.......

When I flip over to my progressed gets erier with that same yod
only with chiron directly on the MC...........
I get the idea that in a past life I either did a bad bad thing.....or I got wacked by someone or something for doing a good good thing, cause karmicly my chart looks a bit like a nightmare.......

Oddly Arian Maverick......our charts look fairly similar by pattern....just different planets.........the cardinal square club as well..... only Im on the other side with cancer and libra instead of aries and cap.....but the houses are similar....12, 3, 4, 5, 10,
I believe our charts in synastry would be something like a Grand Cross Nightmare...(laugh)

I really have to get more into this Karmic Astro......there are things I need to work on....I'd like this to be benificial in what I am working with.


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dO ANy of you are familiar with the Draconic CHarts?

It´s seen as a very powerful tool about past lifes,not only it shows our soul purpose on this life,the lessons we chose to learn in this life but also shows what possible apst life conections we had with others - comparing draco to draco and draco to natal;major aspects are conj/opositions within 3ºorb.

It can be calculated like this:

Place in 1st box the 0º0´ARies degree;int the 2nd one the sign/derees of planets or asteroids you want to calculate and in the 3rd box the NN in natal.

Then you only analise and try to search conections :)

The Sidereal Chart

see here for more information about the Sidereal/Tropical/Helioncentric and Draco Charts


Seek the water houses and their spherical counterparts. Cellular memory/energies/circles of growth transferred to this lifetime incarnation in the 4th house, being the primary source of knowledge. The moon will indicate subconscious karmic imprints currently being unravelled in this life, all of its aspects are clues.

12th house to "access" past life information, certain cognisances from that "time", (neptune in any aspect to mercury/3rd house would help this access greatly, as would uranus by positive aspect).

8th house brings with it the drives to be implanted in this life, as does pluto placement. The construction of the "drive core" of the self, as it were, governed by the karmic imprint during birth.

I'd like to add as a side note that i absolutely adore discussing past lives, they are so so so important and well worth learning about for all of us!


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Das said:
Seek the water houses and their spherical counterparts. Cellular memory/energies/circles of growth transferred to this lifetime incarnation in the 4th house, being the primary source of knowledge. The moon will indicate subconscious karmic imprints currently being unravelled in this life, all of its aspects are clues.

12th house to "access" past life information, certain cognisances from that "time", (neptune in any aspect to mercury/3rd house would help this access greatly, as would uranus by positive aspect).

8th house brings with it the drives to be implanted in this life, as does pluto placement. The construction of the "drive core" of the self, as it were, governed by the karmic imprint during birth.

I'd like to add as a side note that i absolutely adore discussing past lives, they are so so so important and well worth learning about for all of us!

Alright then, I will try to do so:

Well, with water houses, my Scorpio South Node is in one (the 3rd), along with Saturn, Pluto and Vesta; my next water house is the 7th, Pisces, but is empty, and my last one is Cancer, 11th, but again is empty.

My Moon is in Aries, in the 8th, and has always had a strong hold on me, just like anyone's moon has on them; my 12th is empty, cept for an asteroid, and it is Leo- but Uranus, I have trines with my Aries planets with Uranus and Uranus trines my Black Moon.

Of course, I do not have any aspect with Mercury in relation to Neptune and vice versa, but my chart ruler is Mercury so... hmmm.

I believe in a past life, I was indeed a Scorpio who helped run a family business, somewhere in the old middle eastern area.


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[/I believe in a past life, I was indeed a Scorpio who helped run a family business, somewhere in the old middle eastern area.] why do u think that?

Soul Friend

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NOTE: Please do not bother to respond if you're in the least bit uninterested in the following insights as they come from a deeply sensitive personal place and I share them now only partly because of the general safety of this place which has been known to have its critics of what some might find "bad Astrology" and also "Intuitive Astrology". Through this thread I will NOT discuss those issues. This is shared solely for those who would like to grow from past life recall. Thank you.

Funny this should be the topic in my mailbox this morning. Just last night I had a preliminary interview to do a past life regression precipitated by my using my Uranian opposition to stir my own memories. I chose last night because of a variety of transits, but honestly with my sleep apnea I don't forget why it looked better. After I saw it was a better time I simply accepted it and didn't feel a need to remember details like that.

One specific I'll advise anyone pursuing this understanding is to remember that the Moon holds our memories of our souls. Experiment with that as your intuition guides you. Too, if you notice any intuitive aspects in your natal chart it helps to work on past life recall when transits activate them. This happens when an aspect is made to either of the involved natal planets OR recreates the aspect elsewhere for example if you had a Mercury for your mind or Moon for emotional soul memory aspect with say Uranus for intuition or Neptune for its visionary qualities. Another thing I've found is that when the 1st house ruler is located in the 12th house it gives dreams of the past lives so working with dreams and their recall can be incredibly helpful.

I would however give one caution. Be prepared that when things begin to flow when you tap into any strongly emotional memories or personalities from the past who are strong or passionate proceed slowly as the memory comes even if you need to stop what you're doing and start writing details down. The passion will flow in your words but maybe it might help avoid some residual recall of pain that might stress you and linger. Because I wasn't in hypnosis there was no way to prevent this happpening and I got quite the immediate ache in my jaw and neck that created a headache last night from our work. I had relived the anger of a lingering situation that had eventually led to my undeserved death but not before pummeling someone who had fabricated lies that ended in my execution.

This is a deeply personal issue so I'm sharing for the benefit of those who will prefer to grow from these discussions. Please recognize that I'm deliberately witholding some details because it's private. This is my personal life and I'm sharing only what I want to. It would be most appreciated if everyone remember that no one can be part of the experience of another and I'm not being exclusionary when I say this but I see it can be particularly blessed to have Cancer or the Moon on the 12th House to stir memories of the past lives.



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I have a few questions about the AT Mann technique.

First, this is the math I used to do what I believe is called the interpolation.
I used 8.40 scorpio from Draco's example.

1. I subtracted 1237 from 1253 resulting in 15.

2. I then took 15 and divided it by 60 degrees.

3. I multiplied .25 by 40. The 40 came from the numbers after the 8.

4. 10+ 1237=1247

Ok, so I believe that is how you interpolate the degrees.

Here are my questions:

1. What are the number behind the dgrees called? Such as my jupiter is 8'12 gemini, so I say that my jupiter is 8 degrees gemini, but what do I call the 12 part?

2. Using the Mann theory, do all the numbers in the degree have to match up in synastry to be be considered as having a past life with a person. For example, would I be considered to have a past life with someone whose jupiter is at 8'44 gemini where as my jupiter is at 8'12 gemini ?

3. If we use the AC/Dec. axis, that give us two different lives. Would we use all four corners of the natal chart or just the midheaven and the asc?

4. Would we examine the degree of the north node?

Please don't feel like you have to answer any or all of the questions, but if happen to know the answer to one or two of them, I'd love to hear it.

Soul Friend

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Normally I wouldn't respond when I'm this exhausted but it feels like it will help me relax. I will help you with a couple questions even though I'm not convinced or completely familiar with AT Mann's work. Until someone else comes along who is, as an Astrologer sympathetic to the pursuit of understanding past lives I've got experience having used it to benefit the research. One work I'll suggest is that of Jeanne Avery focusing on the hard aspects of Saturn.

1. Your first question is an easy one. After degrees are minutes and if you should see anything past that it would be seconds just like a clock.

2. As I mentioned above AT Mann's work I'm not completely familiar with BUT no one in Astrology should
you for making aspects of a tighter orb but many would use a looser orb. "orb of Influence" refers to how close an aspect is measured. Your cited example is 32 minutes which isn't even a whole degree. In this study that would certainly be likely to be more than reasonable to be compared. Usually folks who like tight orbs look at 1-2 degrees when considering the tighter orbs which your well within with this example. Too loose an orb is where you find few folks supporting your data. Ancient methods would sometimes call something in the same sign or house a conjunction. Today that would only be agreed with in the presence of a rolling conjunction where multiple planets were each in orb with planets next to them but having the 1st and last
separated. Usually orbs vary from task to task and certainly from aspect to aspect. Too hone your understanding you should probably spend maybe an afternoon studying orbs of influence to see what you choose to recognize.

3. My unfamiliarity with Mann again precludes me from answering this but not from responding with a thought. Using Astrology for past life research makes me aware that some ideas refer to specific connections to a life in the form of a relationship to either yourself or another person while some indications describe a personal condition or way of experiencing your life for example looking to your S. Node to determine what your past way of being was like.

4. The N.Node is more considered by the variety of the researchers I've encountered to be connected to our path in this life.

If it helps to consider a different method approaching Astrology and past lives so you can be more convinced of the interpretation I will share what I've found helpful. I like the idea of seeking to recover memories first and then looking to the chart to verify the likely match they make in viewing from a fresh perspective. A personal example I have is that I had a memory involving various family members and a family friend. I allowed all the memory to come forward prior to examining the charts. Afterward I then and only then looked at charts so as not to implant or create false memories. As much as I want to know, I don't want to waste time pursuing mistakes although if I were to grow and develop a life lesson it certainly can't be wasted time if it helps me become a better person, right? Anyhow the results of my follow up look into charts after bringing the memory forward 1st showed only the family members involved were connected to the family friend with the Part of Karma and the one member of the family not in the memory was not connected astrologically. With 4 out of 5 members involved in both the memory and Astrological connections but the one family member was not showing similar aspect connections, for me that's a telling anecdote that while not hard evidence for a skeptic it is certainly quite strong for someone looking for indications.

I hope this helps anyone looking into Past Life Research using Astrology.

Looking to the Stars,

~Soul Friend


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Hello Soul Friend:

Thank you for your response :) .

Funny that you should mention Jeanne Avery. I did a past life regression with her back in 2003. I had mixed results with the session. I definately got some good things out of it, but I don't know if I would recommend someone else to get a reading with her due to certain reasons.

I also like to use the chart to confirm what my intuition and dreams tell me, though I am actually starting to question that some after playing with AT Mann's technique. I think it is good to give any belief system that I have a good challenge on occasion. I think I'm going to buy his book to get a better understanding of his technique.

I can't recommend checking out AT Mann's technique enough. You can use his table to calculate the exact years in the past when you had critical life changes that influence the current life you are living. How amazing is that! With his technique, the minutes (thank you!) after the degree point to a particular year in history that you lived, so I don't believe the traditional take on orbs would work with his/her( I don't know if Mann is a man or a woman) technique. You might be able to use the table to confirm what some of your prior work has taught you. I'm just trying to work out some of the details of the system that I'm not sure about.

There is a link on the first page of this thread, under a post of Radu's, that will take you to the table.
Thank you again.
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Another technique I have heard of is by looking at the 12th cusp. We take the 12th cusp and consider it as the ascendant, and count the houses in reverse. Thus, the 11th becomes the second, the 10th the 3rd and so on, until we come round to the 1st which is the new 12th. Each planet we encounter along the way is said to symbolise a significant past life, the nature of which is discerned from the the nature of the planet and the new house it is in. Has anyone else heard of this technique? Hopefully you can explain it better than me. :? ===============================================

Many years ago I took a long course in "Becoming a Professional Astrologer'
with Marion March. Part of the course invloved 'past life' readings and the technique you described is the one she worked with.
We did this 12th house technique on each others charts and interpreted them and it was AMAZING.
Basically, you draw up the chart with the 12th house cusp as your asc and all the houses follow. Then you can find some very detailed info by looking at new house placements and rulerships. You can also infer your past gender by the asc and aspects to the asc. I have Aries rising in this method,
with mars in Cap in the 10th. So I may well have been a male business man
etc etc. That puts my Sat/Nep conjunction in my 7th, so my marriage may have been distant and strained, as it also opposes my new asc.


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I noticed a few stories here of 3 yr olds 'discussing' their past lives. My daughter did the same thing once in a very believable way. She is now 16 and a very successful singer/songwriter/actress.

When she was a toddler, she could sing like a 10 yr old. She had perfect pitch, and could instantly learn a melody and lyrics. When she was 4, her preschool class was going to sing a song at the 5 yr olds 'graduation' to kindergarten ceremony. One by one, all of the other 4 yr olds dropped out because they were suffering from stage fright. By the night of the show, nobody else wanted to sing so the teacher said lets forget it. My 4 yr old was so confused. WHY didnt anyone else want to sing? She asked the teacher if she could sing the song anyway . So she went out onstage in a packed auditorium, and sang a PERFECT rendition of Somewhere Over the Rainbow. People in the audience cried it was so beautiful.
On the way home in the car I asked her how she learned to perform like that? She said very seriously " Don't you guys remember when I used to be a singer?"
My husband said "When, when were you a singer?"

She shrugged and said "For a long time...I was one for a long time."

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Hi Katydid,

I enjoyed hearing about your daughter's personal experience. Very Good!

Please though, somebody tell me how does the placement of this 12th house conversion to the Ascendant come any further to a completed chart when the signs go backwards??? As an example my 12th H is ruled by Cancer so when I go to the 11th H surely I can't be making Gemini my 2nd because that wouldn't be an appropriate chart?!?!?!? Do you simply make Leo the 2nd H and follow the order plugging planets in my current natal chart into the "past life" chart like my Leo Sun in the new 2nd H?

I don't pursue every area of Astrology but usually understand much of what I don't study like the general ideas of Horary and the concepts of Medical Astrology for example. This has been so casually introduced each time I've never begun to follow adequately. Can everyone please chime in with their understanding so I can get some grasp of this.