Astrological clues of feet?


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Hi; as one of my feet started to now wo dering about the signs that rule the feet; namely, the right feet ...any comment would be great; greetings


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Pisces rules the area concerned with feet.
Per Reinhold Ebertin, specific degrees refer to complaints of either left or right foot.

Pisces1 Right Heelbone
Pisces2 Left Heelbone
Pisces3 Nerves Of Right Foot, Appendix
Pisces4 Nerves Of Left Foot, Asthma
Pisces5 Right Cuboid Bone
Pisces6 Left Cuboid Bone
Pisces7 Anklebone (Right)
Pisces8 Left Anklebone
Pisces9 Right Metatarsus, Rheumatic Fever
Pisces10 Left Metatarsus, Typhoid Fever
Pisces11 Lymph Vessels Of Foot
Pisces12 Artery Of Right Foot
Pisces13 Artery Of Left Foot
Pisces14 Right Surface Veins
Pisces15 Left Surface Veins
Pisces16 Cruciate Ligaments Of Right Foot
Pisces17 Cruciate Ligaments Of Left Foot
Pisces18 Right Extensor Digitorum (Toe Extensor)
Pisces19 Left Extensor Digitorum (Toe Extensor)
Pisces20 Right Fibular Muscle
Pisces21 Left Fibular Muscle, Typhoid Fever
Pisces22 Achilles Heel Of Right Foot,Insanity, Appendicitis
Pisces23 Achilles Heel Of Left Foot, Spine
Pisces24 Right Capsular Joint
Pisces25 Left Capsular Joint,Cancer, Gout
Pisces26 Nerve Of Lower Foot
Pisces27 Phalanges Of Right Foot, Acute Nephritis (Kidneys)
Pisces28 Phalanges Of Left Foot, Tuberculosis
Pisces29 Toe Nail Of Right Foot
Pisces30 Toe Nail Of Left Foot