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Hey I've been studying my own chart for about 5 years pretty seriously and would love to hear some in depth understanding of it as a whole, or whatever you feel like contributing. I've never had anyone else read my chart to be honest, I'm kind of excited ! :bandit:

The chart shown doesn't make have the aspects to the MC drawn out but you can see that there's another corner there. :ninja:


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ndeed, getting other interpretations for our own chart, allows for greater objectivity. If I might take a stab at it: Pluto now transiting your natal Uranus is typically related to significant developmental phases which often comes in the form of new awakenings, achieving more in-depth understandings and seeking after insights about the greater meanings and purposes in life. This is your time of ascension from past baggage, through self-reflection and analysis of the past, as it has affected your external experiences in life. Do you know that you are part of the Indigo generation...and how would you interpret that influence on your life? You are apt to have special interests and skills channeled through the 6th house of employment, health and wholeness in life. Many of your generation are meant to become healers and mentors, in service to others, during their lifetime. The emphasis on the lower half of the chart suggests that you are apt to be more introspective and self-oriented [introverted] rather than depending on others to guide your way. How would you say you deal with your powerful Scorpio energies, and emotional intensity from the past? Did you experience power struggles or issues of control and domination under the parents' influence in childhood? The 4th house emphasis shows that you have been strongly influenced from your past, which in turn affects your external experiences.
You were born under the first quarter Moon Phase, which tells us much about our parental connections; under this Phase the suggestion is that you have been required to undergo a certain degree of personal transformation as a method of self-defense; the parents relationship was apt to have been unstable and intense; perhaps they underwent many power struggles between themselves which in turn affected your sense of autonomy and independence. The Moon Phases contribute a lot to our level of consciousness that has been acquired in response to the early conditioning and programing. The
quarter phases represent conflict and challenge, and this phase can indicate a tendency to have a crisis of consciousness, or identity, in life. This in turn also represent the domestic conditioning that you later experience in your own relationships, which can be fraught with feelings of urgency, anxiety or anticipation in terms of your emotional reactivity [ Moon in Aquarius]: again the concept of self-defensiveness comes into play and you may sometimes feel at odds with the world at times: Indigos can have difficulties in relating to others because of their individual uniqueness and search for independence. The ever changing moon phases can affect you deeply; if you feel out of control emotionally, it is wise to learn to chart the moon's monthly cycles, to see when particular triggers are activated from within. Sun in Scorpio [intense and secretive] represents the expression of water energies, while the Moon in Aquarius represents air, which in turn must be channeled through the firey Leo energies: do you find it difficult balancing these contradictory energies within? In this chart there is a great emphasis on the 4th and 6th houses as being of personal concern in your life. How have you experienced the energy of Chiron in Cancer, would you say? I would also offer that while the Sun depicts [FONT=Times New Roman, serif] tips on your creative impetus, and free will, so to speak, the Lunar Nodes reflect things that are intended as per the workings of your overall destiny. I am happy to converse with you more about your chart interpretations, if you have any specialized concerns at this time.:cool:[/FONT]


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Hi ten27. I won't go over anything too obvious since you've already spent so much time contemplating the pattern. I'll just say some things that occur to me when looking at the chart as whole. I don't know if I'll have anything to say which hasn't already occurred to you.

This 4th house suggests to me that your life is resourced and coordinated from a kind of underground headquarters. Much attention must be paid to what bubbles up from the depths of your psyche - otherwise the resources dry up and a kind of emotional disorientation tends to take hold.

Jupiter rising in Leo seems like the public relations person, who seeks to convey an impression of one who is 'favoured by the gods' and who therefore cannot fail. At times this may be a 'front' to cover inner turmoil, and at these times the Scorpionic passion may come through as a defensive insistence that all is under control. At other times, the fiery persona may express as a celebration of a genuine sense of indestructibility which has no need to defend against anything, for fate is seen as friend at such times, whatever actual events it may bring.

The Moon in Aquarius on the descendant, and also Mars in Gemini in the 11th, suggest the need to have people around who somehow act as a kind of focus group for the objective assessment of what has bubbled up from the 4th and been presented through the ascendant. Sun conjunct Mercury and Venus in a water house and sign, with the Sun ruling the ascendant, underlines the need for feedback from others about the self.

I'm not sure why I've latched onto the corporate metaphor (ie 'headquarters', 'public relations' and 'focus group') in looking in this chart - it seems to be helping me to articulate. Perhaps it crept in subconsciously partly because the overwhelming fixed emphasis suggests a concern with resources in one way or another.

I'd be interested to know something about your experience of your father and how this shaped your approach to mining the considerable emotional resources which your chart suggests lie deep within you. He may have made a very strong impression on you and yet remained something of a mystery (both of these things being possible even if he wasn't around). This could have set the scene for a sense of mystery about who you really are and a consequent need to dig deep to find answers.

Saturn is strong in its own sign, and is in an earth house too. If the fiery ascendant is prominent, this could be potentially projected onto others who are then expected to take responsibility for practicalities. Alternatively/also, it could express as a willingness to organise and plan, and to apply self-discipline to the realisation of tangible results. Neptune is also in the 6th, so there is a possible clash of values with regard to 6th house matters. Both Saturn and Neptune can be self-sacrificing, but Saturn insists on maintaining boundaries and individual integrity and is willing to take responsibility, while Neptune would rather surrender the separate self to the task at hand, or may surrender its sense of responsibility for completing the task and ask others to take it on. Saturn is strong in its own sign, but Neptune's watery nature is in tune with the strong water emphasis and has more affinity with the fiery ascendant than does Saturn, so I wouldn't like to try to guess which of these two planets, if either, will dominate 6th house affairs.

Another thing worth mentioning is that Mercury contacts both the Sun/Moon and Ascendant/Midheaven midpoints within a degree by semisquare and sesquiquadrate aspects respectively. This makes Mercury a very important planet. Mercury also rules Mars, which is the only planet above the horizon, putting Mercury and Mars in mutual reception using Scorpio's traditional rulership. So it would seem very important to use the mind as a vehicle for releasing the emotional energy of the 4th house into the world, perhaps by aligning yourself with those who share your ideals (Moon in Aquarius and Mars in the 11th).


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Since you have been studying your chart for 5 years, then you must have some part of it that you want the fresh eyes to look at, rather than just a general thingie. Do you?