Astrologer says i'm infertile


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Hi there,

I've been a follower and contributor to this board for a few years now and now i have a question about myself. I went to see an astrologer which a friend recommended. My reason for the visit was because my husband and I are trying for a baby. We have had no known medical issues investigated (I am the female and I had some tests a few years ago that on an unrelated issue but came out fine). I am 28 and he is 34.

The astrologer said that he saw great difficulty ahead, which has worried me a lot as it's hard to tell what is wrong at this early stage.

I have attached our charts but my main concern is related to the fact that i also believe we have infertile pointing charts. I have mars in virgo in the 5th house by leo. There is a square between the 5th ruler, the sun and saturn, in the 8th. Also, moon in aries. My husband's chart also has a huge fire presence through aries and the moon in leo. I am also concerned about the combust venus/mars through conjunction with the sun, present in both charts. I do not see the classic fertile signs anywhere in the right places in ours, such as pisces or cancer.

Is anyone able to have a quick look at all? My chart is 'kkkk' and his is 'shhh' - sorry for the acronyms!


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