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When considering a location should you also compare against your natal chart? Someone told me that my husband should not move anywhere that would activate his natal Venus due to his chart (Pisces Sun, Venus, Mercury in the 12th - all squaring modern ruler of Pisces aka Neptune. Aries rising with Libra DC so moving to a location that activates his descendant would be negative for him and result in loss and destruction of relationships. Is that accurate or is this person misinformed? I thought living on a Jupiter/DC line would be positive since Jupiter is a benefic planet, so correct me if I am wrong.

This is what the person said:
Planets are noy universally "good" or "bad", but it depends how they are in your personal chart. You have uploaded both your chart and your husbands. He has it in a difficult position - 12th house, house of exits and losses and on top piesces, it's own house. And squaring both traditional and modern house rulers of piesces from 9th and 3rd house. All these conflicts and losses will activate and exacerbate if he enhances his venus and with it also being 7th house lord quarrels and losses of personal relationship is more likely. For you it is the lord of 9th house and in 1st, so you can be youself creatively
in foreign lands or other 9th house matters

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Vedic astrologers think astrology is fate, and portends bad things.

Modern astrologers see your chart as your life, and the challenges that everyone must work at to grow in this life. A life without challenge is a life not led.

Are you saying this person is a modern astrologer then? Thanks!


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There are lots of different ways to do astrology as it was developed on many different continents.

I use astrodynes for relocation. If you tell me where you are now, and give me some choices of where you want to go, and what you want to have better in your life, I can tell you. But it's a pie. If your love life is better on one area, your career opportunities may be lower in that area.

Well we will either stay where we are in the UK (and move to a bigger home somewhere within 20 miles of where we currently live so that wouldn't change the area) or move back to where I grew up. I am concerned mostly about quality of life moving back to the US. There are things I don't like about living here, but I am the only outlier. My husband and kids are born and raised here so it's all they know. Although our kids are 4 and going on 2 so there is the ability to change before they even realize the difference.

I would love it if someone could give some perspective on which would be better for our family, lifestyle, etc. I am currently living on my Venus/MC line and as I've adjusted to life here I've found it easier. But I do miss my family.

My DOB: March 2 1982, Bronx, NY, 427am
Husband: March 7 1978, London UK, 715am

Current location: Buckingham UK
Possible location: Blauvelt, NY


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You need to be more specific as to what changes you want. Family and life style have several different house appreciations.

Haha I don't really want any changes, that's the problem. I am happy with my life apart from missing my family and friends. I also miss the summer weather. But I grew up on my Venus/IC line so I think that is what drove me away. I want our life to be unaffected by the move in terms of our family dynamic and income. I want more opportunity for my kids and it would be great if it was beneficial for my husband's career. I don't think I'll get the work/life balance in NY that I have in the UK. It just isn't valued the same in the US as it is in Europe.

My one daughter is close to her Jupiter/MC and Mars/MC line and my other is on her Sun/MC line here. If we moved one would be on her Mars and Jupiter / AC line and the otherPluto crossing Chiron line.
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The problem is that you are presented with one pie. For example, you cannot grow from an adult size of 5’5”. to 6”5”.

If you move more than 25 km, then some part of the current pie will have a tendency to be smaller, and some parts will tend to be bigger. When my husband retired(with me) 600 miles from where we lived, his career options increased dramatically. Everyone wanted him to help on boards etc. Mine decreased. No matter what I did, nobody wanted me in anything other than very menial tasks.

So the chart will be different for you, your husband, and your kids.

A move will change the size of the pie slices individually for each of you, but not the size of the pie.

This is where my Pisces sun pokes through. I really just want to make sure everyone else is happy. I know I'll be fine in either location.