I recently had a miscarriage and subsequent surgery on 3/31/2010 I can't understand why... I have one terrific Aquarius(like me) son, but I am confused by the 5th house? I have Aries in the 5th house but Taurus in the plantery position on the 5th house? I am so confused but I had been having trouble getting pregnant and now a miscarriage.. If anyone can help me I could try and move on instead of obbessing over this...
My Birthdate is Feb 10, 1978 at 2:05am in brooklyn(kings) New York
Here's my chart from a free website and I have no idea what it says?


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Hi Dagtastic,

here is some info about the fertility.....
"Traditional astrologers divided the signs in fruitful, semi-fruitful and barren signs:

  • fruitful (fertile) signs are: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces
  • semi-fruitful (semi-fertile) signs are: Libra, Taurus, Capricorn
  • barren signs are: Aries, Gemini, Leo, Virgo, Sagittarius, Aquarius
Beside the division of the signs, the planets have their own division in fruitful, semi-fruitful and barren planets too, just as follows:

  • fruitful (fertile) planets are: Moon, Venus, Jupiter, (Moon's) North Node, Neptune
  • semi-fruitful (semi-fertile) planets are: Mercury (Uranus?)
  • barren planets are: Sun, Mars, Saturn, Uranus (?), (Moon's) South Node"
from what I have been read the 5th and 8th house cusps have to be in fruitful signs, or their rulers have to be in fruitful signs....also for the fruitful planets is the same....there must be more things but this is what I remember...
I think the other members from the forum can help you more..... :smile:

good luck :smile:

dr. farr

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Would you mind describing the nature of the surgery following the miscarriage, and also was your first pregnancy and birth easy or "hard", or did it result in any medically diagnosed complications?

The Taurus sign is "intercepted" in the (Placidus) 5th house, the planetary ruler of Aries (on the 5th house cusp), Mars, is posited in the fertile sign of Cancer (see Vista's informative posting above) So, astrologically, you have a mixed natal 5th house situation, relative to pregnancy and childbirth matters: Aries, barren; Taurus, intercepted in the 5th, semi-fertile, lord of the 5th, Mars (barren) posited in Cancer, highly fertile, which situation might account (astrologically, NOT medically) for your experiences in this area.
moon rules 8th house (sex and conception) and mars rules 5th and they are in trine aspect to each other which is excellent.

Unfortunately, there is no set formula or signature, although others may disagree, apparently horary and vedic seem confident in this area

Predicting marriage and/or having children can be done, but it is not easy, time consuming and intricate. There are lots of things to take into consideration like, secondary progressions, what interaspects one chart makes to another, Solar arcs, Solar returns, Transits etc

Symbolic Directions in Modern Astrology – book by

By Charles E. Carter

Go to,, Extended Chart Selection, Special Charts, Lunar Phases Fertility Calendar. Fertile days will be marked in red. I hope this helps.
Pregnancy & transits thread..
The asteroid "child" 4580
On the Extended Chart Selection page, go right to the bottom and below were you select the Additional Objects (black heading) there is a box that you need to type "4580" (next to the box it reads "additional asteroids").

Part of marriage women (1) Asc + Saturn - venus
Part of marriage women (2) Asc + mars – moon
Part of marriage man (1) Asc + venus – Saturn
Part of marriage man (2) Asc + venus – sun
Lot of Children
Day Lot = Asc. + Sa - Ju
Night Lot = Asc. + Ju - Sa
the above link will calculate for you

indicators of pregnancy
This website list suggests: EROS: [full no. 57] eroticism; reproductive organs; sexuality; the heart & cardiac system; the history, the Will to Live; what “turns you on;” Number on astro =433

member called Miss Saturn (which is now member ‘Shining Ray’) has a book/theory on how many marriages and children you might have on this thread…

Where in a chart does a person see himself

Your question would be suitable for a horary question, IF you follow the basic rules

What Astrology Can and Can Not Do




OK well, I wanted to thank you all for your insight... As luck has it I am 7 weeks pregnant and I am petrified since I had a rather complicated pregnancy loss before(meaning that the embryo stopped growing but my body was still producing pregnancy hormones until the Dr intervened). The dr said everything looks good but I was wondering Astrologically if things were right... Also I am trying to interpret my chart to see if things will get easier... I had a rough few years and things are stagnant but I all I read is how wonderful things should be for Aquarius people... I really don't know what I am doing and the information I have ascertained suggests I am doomed to have issues with my children and or family? I do have an Autistic son and although he is not the easiest child I love him very much.. Ok I am rambling; sorry, Is my chart showing any improvement in the near future? Also can I do anything to make my natal chart better? My Birthdate is Feb 10, 1978 at 2:05am in brooklyn(kings) New York

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Re: Update!

As I mentioned in my PM's to you, it is my belief that your profection chart shows improvement of astrological influences developing over the next year.

Most astrologers (at least of Western astrology) believe that nothing can be done to "improve" the natal chart; as a practitioner of astro-therapeutics over the past couple of decades (involving my profession of homeopathic and bio-enenergetic medicine) I am convinced that the negative susceptibilities found in a nativity, can in fact be modified and even, reversed (in this I share the beliefs regarding this subject which are found in both Vedic and Chinese astrology)