Asteroid Wisdom & Chaos interpretation?


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Hello, I recently discovered that I have asteroid Wisdom closely conjunct my Pisces Sun. And I have asteroid Chaos exactly conjunct my Taurus Ascedndant.

Can anyone tell me how these should be interpreted? Particularly Chaos. I'm not sure if it's good or bad, I've read mixd things about it.

Thanks :)


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I have a never tested hypothesis about Chaos, that it represents the Chaotic energy of Child time. Yes, in the Very First, It was Chaos, says Hesíod.


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The usual interpretation of having a Planet near the Ascendant is that it will manifest very strong in nearly "all aspects" of the person existence.

Your topic instigated me to write an article about Chaos doing some comparative mythology.


Childhood is born in the midst of Chaos, at least so wants Hesiod, who chants "étoi men protista Chaos genet," "Surely, indeed, at first Chaos appeared" - the unforgettable first words of Theogony, echoing since creation; If Chaos is first, it is also surely childhood, the age at which, in all beings, the energy from everything exploring, everything knowing, everything learning, everything playing flows.

"For the beasts and rivers, to be born is already to walk", of course many less human kind species are born with advanced dispositions jumping the stage of crawling; however, the frenetic impulse of learning is also present to them, and for this we need only think of the notion that the word "puppy" evokes, a being (although depending on the species, sometimes immense) full of energy on all sides.

In most of the traditions the Zodiac begins in Aries, at India, by the Nakshatra Ashwini, represented by fast horses; Ashwinis are a specific type of deity, they are always described in pairs or in quantity and arise with the Dawn spreading light all over the Earth - Homer's obsession with the "rosy fingers of Dawn" would perhaps be by foreseeing in the rings of this young Hellenic Goddess multitudes of Ashwinis that would blow life to its characters.

They are the only Gods of the Vedic pantheon to maintain direct and frequent contact with humans, and are regarded as very benign. In the Nigerian hieratic literature we read about the Ibejis, always in pairs or in groups, spreading jokes and joy at the countryside and cities, their appearance is an occasion for festivals, and they get along mixed on sidewalks with human children.

In the Brazilian syncretism they are associated with the Catholic Saints Cosme and Damian, on the day of its celebration it is compulsory for adults to carry candies and sweets and distribute them to any children who asks; in the streets and squares crowds distribute them - also to adults, and it is the date on which are reverenced with prestige and respect - without sparing joy and celebration - all those of little age. It is the wisdom that the energy of infancy is as fundamental as any other, and denying it respect and celebration would not be auspicious.

We try to apprehend these Gods as those of a free and quiet, frenetic and restless disposition, but also full of lightness - they are responsible for playing, for the pleasant and free activities and for learning. The children's learning ability is incomparably superior to that of adults because they are able to learn their very first language, without knowing any other before; Now, adults know how difficult it is to learn a foreign language, and with much discipline and arduous methods they still labor for it; behold the child, in a few years able to learn to speak and write, sometimes in more than one language, and without knowing any other language to use as reference!

This is the power of the Ashwinis, uncontrollably expansive to all directions, so rapidly they explore every chink of every possibility that they quickly arrange everything in a new learning; any obstacle is pierced by their lightness - every abyss is navigable by little paper boats - the child becomes a witch or a knight with a sword, in moments navigates through galaxies, the seven seas or by the dinosaurs' loins, this so easy moving by every side which consists in playing, which makes them learn naturally - even language itself! - which to adults seems almost impossible.

Thus, this fun and light "frenzy" of the "puppies" is pure manifestation of the Ashwinis, and if "Chaos" became a pejorative term, it can be explained by the Yoruba saying "Ibeji iehin Exu", to the Ibejis follows Exu, which shows that it is difficult to limit and separate childhood chaos from confusions of other means; even if they are different in themselves. A crowd of fireflies entering a bedroom window and all filling up on their fast and seemingly disoriented flight, but everything exploring and illuminating...

If we observe the invention of a gracious phrase, a joke, a paradox; this is done frequently as result of, with a light spirit, to explore new notions of a concept, scene, idea, situation. It is in this that the artistic creation is intimately intricated with this power, it is in the good times of leisre even of the most severe people that they usually dedicate themselves to the arts, and in this we announce that the reading of the position of this Planet will help and much to the understanding of the nature of creation on an artist's map, simply because Chaos's position means what an individual likes to do when quiet, in light leisure, with wings open of dream and imagination, feeling like a child again.

We understand these elementals by emphasizing the aspects of childhood: unlimited curiosity, the ease of being amazed, marveling, fanning in a direction, turning everything in reverse and morphing into whatever you want; so this seemingly "superficial" energy, due to its lightness, can be responsible for great depth, for the ease in going deep into any pathways and completely transform into a given situation-incantation, attribute that we most admire in children.

The very depth and originality of any art would require Ibejis to unite for some time in some emotional way - distant from the common sight, and that only they can penetrate; after all, children are always the first to try to build huts in trees and forests, to go back to the time of the dinosaurs and to accept, without thinking, the ticket of a trip to the Moon.


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I can say the greater force of chaos comes with Eris. The dwarf planet bigger than Pluto has had some studies done, I would check het location in your chart. [Look for angles and luminary aspects].