Asteroid KARMA, MOIRA, ATROPOS conjunction synastry


Karma conjunct north node of each one.
Moira conjunct Moira
Atropos conjunct Atropos

:surprised: hu?

What does that mean?
I know it's related to destiny ... but is it good or bad?

I think no, am I right in thinking no?
I ask myself a lot of questions now ...

Would someone be kind enough to tell me if I have any reason to worry about this?
This is from the synastry of me and my spouse.
I am sun AQUARIUS.

What is the deduction of these asteroids? :andy:

Thank you for those who will answer me, I am grateful.
Sorry for my English,.. I'm originally French. :tongue:
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Sorry, the link doesn't work.
However, I wouldn't consider the asteroid conjunctions make or break contacts in a synastry. You may have similar birth dates, so they are conjunct.