Aspects of the progressed planets and angles to the natal midpoints


Just wanted to ask if is there anyone in this forum who can provide the calculation of the aspects of the progressed planets and angles to the natal midpoints, and for the aspects of the solar arc planets and angles to the natal midpoints.

At least for some of the midpoints like Jupiter/Pluto, Jupiter/Uranus, etc.


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Frater, what are some good books you would recommend for learning about midpoints and its practical uses in chart reading?
Midpoints per se are not a main focus of my interest, but I'd check out:
The Combination of Stellar Influences (an absolute classic, really a must-have) and
Applied Cosmobiology both books by Reinhold Ebertin

Several schools, including David Cochran's Vibrational Astrology, put a lot of focus on midpoints and reading them.
For a very quick look at how to read nativities from midpoints, check this video out from Cochrane. Note he does have his own approach, FWIW.