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Okay guys and gals, I had an urge at 3 am on August 4th to sit down and write a comprehensive research on aspects and how to interpret them. I need to thank beforehand three brilliant astrologers, Robert Hand, who wrote an amazing book “Horoscope Symbols,” Mohan Koparkar, an author of “Mathematical Astrology” and my dear friend Adam with whom I had numerous discussions on different aspects and their influence on individuals. So first I had to define a term “aspect”. By the end of August 4th, I realized that this is turning out to be a complete introduction to natal chart but I am not swaying away from my main focus, which is ASPECTS.

An aspect is the distance between two planets or two points in space in relation to our planet Earth. The aspects are a part of the basic foundation of astrology. It is used in every branch of astrology: natal, progressed, solar arc, horary, synastry and etc. All aspects are derived by dividing 360 degrees circle by small whole numbers. There are many aspects that are existing and have been classified as an aspect with a special meaning in astrology; however there are only six of them that have been classified as “major aspects” : conjunction – 0 degrees, square – 90 degrees, trine – 120 degrees, inconjunct -150 degrees, and last but not least opposition – 180 degrees. ohh and I forgot sextile - 60 degrees .. THANK YOU, KERRI!
In simple language, the whole wheel is 360 degrees, right? So, we divide 360/1 = 360 degrees to represent conjunction, to get an opposition we grab 360 degrees and divide by 2 to get 180 degrees, to get a square, we take 360 degrees again and divide by 4 to get 90 degrees. Guess what it takes to get a trine? If you guessed 3, you got it.

Little run down the lane through history. The Greeks divided a circle into one, two, three, four and six, in another words, conjunction, opposition, trine, square and sextile. They are called “classical” or “Ptolemaic” aspects after Claudius Ptolemy in 2nd century AD, who was the most influential person on astrology and astronomy. To Greeks affiliated the circle as symbol of universal completion. They were more than fascinated with completing and perfecting SELF during their life. The clearest example of their hunger to understand SELF was carved upon the entrance to Delphi oracle “Know Thyself Know Thy Way.” Astrology in ancient Greece came from Mesopotamia. The Greeks did not use inconjunction – 150 degree aspect. In the Renaissance, the second major wave of astrology came about with Alchemy Era, astrologers started messing around with dividing the wheel by five, seven, eight, and twelve. The era of the quintiles, biquintiles, septiles, the biseptiles and the triseptiles was born. Not to forget to mention semisquares/octile, sesquiquadrate, semisextile and inconjunction. Two major astrologers who were behind the expansion of aspects were Johannes Kepler and Morinus. By the way according to Robert Hand, he says that division by seven never took off but division by five did a little better. Also, he mentions that people started paying attention more to abandoned divisions. John Addey and his followers reintroduced the idea of aspects as harmonics and focused on classifying each aspect as a part of harmonics sectors. To simplify this, John Addey split each family of the aspects to define what it represents as a symbolism. Another interesting link Robert Hand writes in his book, he says I am paraphrasing here, if one is to interpret the aspect as a part of harmonics whichever this aspect belongs to it maybe linked to the waves that are being studied physicists. Okay, so to simply this as Robert Hand says that “the cycles of planets are mathematically identical to waves of light, sound, the ocean or a pendulum, which differ from astrological cycles mainly in that they are faster.” That is on page 107. With planets we have conjunction, then it goes into sextile, then square, then trine, then opposition. Anyway, let’s go back to aspects.

There are several factors that should be taken into consideration when one is attempting to determine the aspect’s effect on an individual or the situation, whichever case it maybe. I will be talking strictly about natal astrology without touching transits or synastry. In order for someone to understand an aspect, one must understand if the aspect is bonding positively or negatively one planet to another. A planet represents the raw energy, whereas the house that planet occupies finely channels its expression. When you combine two planets, whatever aspect may be it combines two planetary energies and defines its quality, power, and visibility to individual. Sounds confusing? Usually an astrologer will look at planets individually before they look at their aspects between all planets. so let’s say, two individuals were born with Venus in 10 degrees Cancer and Saturn in 15 degrees Libra. The first individual had Venus in 12th house and Saturn in 4th house. The second subject who was born on the same day has Venus in 2nd house and Saturn in 6th house. The power to act and express their energies will be different because of their locations.

When we touch aspects, we also learn about the orbs. Not all aspects end up being with 0 degree exactness. That is where the term “orbs of influences” come in. In simple terms, the orb is the amount of degrees that is made by two points that differ from the exactness of an aspect. Here is an example, Moon is 10 Cancer and Venus is 10 Pisces. Moon and Venus are in perfect trine – 120 degrees. In the second scenario, Moon is 15 Cancer and Venus is 10 Pisces. Moon and Venus are still in a trine but the orb is not 0 but 5 and separating. The orbs can extent to the extreme 12 degrees. It is highly debated subject. Some people feel them more intensely than others. How can you tell? Well, not easy topic but I will try to explain. Let’s say you have Moon/Venus 6 degree conjunction with no other planets that is aspecting either Moon or Venus, you will feel it powerfully. It is pure raw unspoiled aspect. With another individual the same Moon / Venus aspect with 6 degree orb and he/she has other planets closely aspecting Moon or Venus or both might feel this conjunction weaker because of the distribution of energies of the planets is split between or among other planets Moon / Venus produces.

Last but not least there are aspects that will cross each other if they fall into each other’s orb of influence. So check this out, this is crazy. Some of the aspects are close to each other and do not leave any room for transition. So pick the closest aspect! What?! Okay, this took me a while to figure out but I think I got the theory. The aspect distance between two planets is 179. It is closer to opposition but if the distance between two planets is 177 degree is called a neutral zone because it is a midpoint between 180 degree aspect and 174. This is only mentioned in Mathematical Astrology.

I am sure everyone has read what each planet stands for. I personally want to run through them briefly. There are two main groups: personal planets and mundane/outer planets.

Personal Planets are
Sun corresponds with your ego, drive, your physical vehicle.
Due to the nature of the Sun, Sun performs the best in cardinal and fixed fire signs – Aries and Leo.
The weakest when it is in the water and mutable signs.
It is a bit stronger in Capricorn than if you compare it to Taurus or Virgo.
If you were compare strength of Sun in Sagittarius or Gemini, Sun in Sagittarius performs stronger.
The Sun shines the best in 1st, 5th, 9th, 10th, and 11th houses
The Solar energy drops in 3rd, 4th, 6th, 7th, 8th, and 12th houses.
Sun in 2nd house is somewhat neutral but it is more positive than negative.

Moon is all about emotions and the whole dome of your inner action
Moon is the strongest in Earth, female fixes sign of Taurus and in water, female, cardinal sign of Cancer for obvious reasons.
She is very potent in Pisces, however she is the weakest in all make signs, especially in Aries, Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius and Aquarius. She does not do well in Capricorn and is heavily being tested in Scorpio.
The Moon also can be quite happy in Virgo and Libra, only when the Moon is given security and shelter when she mixes in synastry with the other person’s chart.
The best lunar positions are 2nd and 4th but extremely weak in 1st and 10th. She is inclined to be a bit stronger when she is placed in 5th, 7th, 9th and 11th. She is leaning to be frail in 3rd and 6th.

Mercury is all about your conscious mind and how you communicate
Mercury is the strongest in its own sign, Gemini and Virgo. It does quite surprisingly well in Aquarius Capricorn and Aries. Mercury as an adoptive planet therefore it does express itself better in mutable and cardinal signs rather than in the fixed except in Aquarius because of the nature of Aquarian mixture of being fixed and unpredictable. In general, Mercury does not do well in water signs. The weakest Mercury is when it is in Pisces, Sagittarius, Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio, Libra and Leo however it likes to be in 1st, 3rd, 5th, 6th, 10th and 11th houses. Mercury is least productive in the 12th, 4th, 7th, and 8th.
Depending on a sign of Mercury, it tends to express itself either good or bad in 2nd house.

Venus is how you feel about yourself in terms of love, affection, and satisfaction.
Lovely Venus just loves to be in Taurus and Libra and also shines in Cancer and Pisces. If you are into artistic or involved with anything to do with finances, Venus gives you an advantage when she is in Capricorn and in Leo. She is out of luck in Aries, Virgo and Scorpio and some neutral extent in Gemini, Aquarius and Sagittarius.
Her energy feels comfortable in pretty much all elements except fire. Venus is very much at home in 2nd, 4th, 5th, 7th, and 10th houses.
If you are looking for more spiritual path in your life, Venus in 12th will provide you a light in that direction.

Mars is all about drive / initiative, aggressiveness, assertiveness also the musculature of the body. Mars is the strongest in Aries, Scorpio, Capricorn and Leo. The weakest when Mars is in Taurus, Libra, Cancer, Gemini, Aquarius and Pisces. It somewhat impresses when Mars is in Virgo. The most active and noble expression comes out from Mars when Mars is in the fire signs, and can be a double edge sword when it is in Scorpio. Generally speaking, watery and mutable Mars does not express itself unless it gets a help from the house where Mars is found. The strongest house placement for Mars is 1st 5th, 8th, 9th, and 10th house. In opposition it is not popular nor feels comfortable when Mars is in 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 6th, 11th or 12th.

If a personal planet defines and sets you apart from another person, outer planets relate to the outer world.

Jupiter and Saturn are very important to look at because they are not fast yet they are not slow comparing to Pluto and Neptune. Jupiter and Saturn often show the person’s social environment vs. person’s life.

Jupiter is fond of the Fire signs and water signs (Cancer and Pisces). It is very gentle in Earth signs but not the best sign to be in. All houses receive Jupiter quite well, however Jupiter feels extremely comfortable in 2nd, 4th, 5th, 9th and 12th houses.

Despite bad reputation in regards to Saturn, Saturn is the most beneficial when it is in Capricorn, Libra, Aquarius and Gemini. It is quite negative in Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces.
Saturn brings down the house whichever it is sitting in BUT if it is well situated and well placed, Saturn is quite positive in 10th, 11th, and 7th houses.

Uranus, Neptune, Pluto on other hand are beyond what is on Earth, literally. It is native’s attitude and views on Universe and how the person views or gets associates him/herself to human experience on a grand scale. Those mighty three planets MIGHT play a huge role in your chart IF they are prominently sitting on your angles and/or aspect a fast moving planet or better yet a part of a midpoint! Midpoints are fascinating!

Uranus is very potent and positive in Aquarius, Gemini, Libra.. it is quite happy in Sagittarius and Aries. It is not easy for Uranus to be in Leo, Taurus, and cancer. It is very happy to be in Scorpio and can be quite positive in Pisces if an individual is on spiritual path. Uranus is at home when it resides in 3rd and 11th houses, and is disruptive when Uranus is in 1st house or 4th.

Neptune picks Pisces and Cancer. It inspires the arts, anything to do with movies/music related professions. Neptune in Libra can cause mayhem but the worst is when Neptune is in Virgo, Aries, Taurus, Capricorn, and Scorpio. Neptune in Scorpio should be noted to have some positive combination ONLY when a person is in touch with his spiritual world. It is most comfortable in 4th, 9th, 12th houses. Least contented in 1st, 2nd, 7th, 8th, 10th.

Because Pluto moves so slowly, its influence in all signs is yet to be fully tested, however, astrologers noticed that Pluto performs at full strengths in Scorpio and Aries. and it favors being in Gemini, Sagittarius. Pluto is not fully potent in Taurus, Cancer, and Capricorn. The house positions have been analyzed enough to draw the conclusion that Pluto feels at home in 1st, 8th and 10th. It is somewhat positive in 9th and 11th. Pluto can raise hell in 2nd, 7th, and 12th. Pluto’s house location should be analyzed with the connection to other planets. I will cover unaspected planets one day hopefully soon.

We all have these planets in our charts but how are they working?
It is very important to pay attention to essential strength or debility of the planets.
If you have a mutual reception, say like Moon in Capricorn and Saturn in Cancer, it is mutual reception by sign. They are very super powerful but you gotta be careful because they can get you out of trouble but a lot of time you get yourself into a trouble.

Then there are people who have a lot of planets in dignity or exaltation. Yeah it is nice to have it BUT terrible for everyone else around them. On top of that, they do not see any imperfections. The general rule is more planets you have in dignity and exaltation, the more likelihood there is that you do not have any interior recognition of anything wrong which can lead to arrogance. Everything is perfect so you think!

Unlucky *j/k* people with falls and detriments especially in personal planets, they keep chewing themselves and trying to perfect their inner world cause they think they are not good enough. Robert Hand wrote somewhere that he noticed that more planets debilitated, the owner of that chart tries harder to improve himself and his world inside him/herself

Speaking of signs….. Positive and Negative signs! Well, Air and Fire are positive while Earth and Water negative. Now, Earth and Water people are not bad people! More planets you have in negative, more introverted you are. Just the opposite goes to positive signs.

I cannot close my eyes and ignore houses. They are the backbone of the natal chart. There are dozens of housing systems created, invented and used in astrology. Yet no one seems to come up with a perfect system that applies and works for all. According to Robert Hand, he is using Koch system because it makes more sense. He tends to like the idea which derived from ancient Greeks that “a cusp is the peak of a house’s energy, though not the beginning of the house.”

- to be continued -

written by me!
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Re: aspects/houses/planets and everything in between

Part 2

Four Hemispheres

The wheel is divided into 4 hemispheres

Southern Hemisphere – 7 – 12 houses it is known as collective house. They deal with the outside world. Whatever is in those houses, it creates a soil how the individual interacts with the larger world around him/herself.

Northern Hemisphere – 1-6 houses is known as personal area of life. Psychological development, early childhood, any kind of trauma, individuality is in this section. When some one is on the journey of self discovery, understanding of northern hemisphere is the most vital section to study.

Eastern Hemisphere – 10 – 3rd house.
If a person has a lot of planets in his area, it shows that an individual does not rely on others to open the doors for him / her. He/she takes charge and initiative. This would be enhanced if the individual has a cluster of planets in 1st and or in 10th house, especially with Mars being a planet that gives the drive to the individual is in 10th house. You find this combination when a person is trying to get ahead in life on his own.

Western Hemisphere – 4 -9th houses

If in Eastern Hemisphere was all about individual lives in his own world without a need for outer, Western Hemisphere people live for others. Sympathetic counselor or a doctor tends to have a personal planet such as Moon or the ruler of their ASCE in 7th house.
Classical examples of this are Adolf Hitler who had ruler of his ASCE, Venus sitting in his 7th house. Mother Theresa had a great majority of her planets in Western Hemisphere.

The houses are split in 4 categories: personal, practical, social and unconscious houses.

Personal houses – first, fifth and ninth.

1st house shows how you project your image onto the world. The sign on the ascendant mirrors how an individual relates to the immediate world not only on the emotional level but on a physical as well. Many books describe how rising sign the individual would look like but a lot of times the looks judged by ascendant can be misleading. I strongly believe that ascendant describes the first impression the individual makes in any social situations. From what I have seen, sign on the Ascendant adds a tint of the individual’s sun sign. If you have met a person that shocked you or made you think “You do not act or look anything like your sun sign,” I bet you her/his Ascendant or a planet in 1st house especially close to Ascendant is responsible for such reaction.

Saturn in 1st house is not advantageous to the individual. A lot of times Saturn brings more responsibilities at the early age.
Neptune in 1st house is not in a good position either hence it often brings confusion about who the individual truly is.

For obvious reasons, Aries in 1st house is the strongest of them all. Arian individual craves a hunger for plunging forward and conquering even just for the hell of it. This individual may not be the most diplomatic individual unless the rest of the chart contradicts this. If Arian riser learns to be diplomatic and not to jump into any conquest without thinking, he/she will rise up to any challenge.

The most radical of them all is Aquarius. Aquarius risers have a constant hunger to be different and original. This desire can backfire. Sometimes this individual has to disagree in the argument even if they agree with the other party. The other downfall of Aquarius risers is they tend to overextend themselves. If you need to find a person for a specific reason, Aquarian riser is probably have such person in the instant. The bad side of it is Aquarian riser often separates and detaches himself/herself from the bond.

Piscean riser is another interesting subject. Regardless of what the chart shows if the planets are on Western hemisphere, Piscean riser always lives for others and almost never lives to help himself/herself. Healing the world in universal scale is their ultimate goal. If used properly and help from other planets, Piscean riser can be very helpful to the world without damaging or overextending him/herself. They have very sensitive and impressionable nature. Pisces risers must have and live in the environment where there is a constant source of emotional stimulation.

5th house shows how the energy of an individual gets to be released towards leisure and amusement
If an individual has an abundant number of planets residing in 5th house, that individual has a need to release the creative energies. However, if Saturn is located in 5th house, Saturn may bring restriction which will prohibit the individual from expressing his/her creative side. This “spell” can be broken when the individual has more serious reason to what and why they want to do.

If you are looking for an individual with many hobbies and interests, you should look for an individual with Gemini on 5th house cusp. People with Gemini on 5th house often are brilliant and creative writers. They are known to be very flirtatious and they love to play games especially if it involves trivia.

Cancer in 5th house does not look outside to get the fun. They turn to children even if they are his/hers. Entertaining at home is probably their forte. I have looked into one woman’s chart to see where she got her obsession with security at home. Nothing was sticking out until I looked close into her 5th house. She had Cancer there. The parents of children had no problems leaving their kids in her care. A day before such babysitting she would check and recheck and make sure none of the toys were being recalled and double checked the pool gates, and home security. All her own kids knew all phone numbers of everyone just in case something tragic happens.

Capricorn on 5th house individual.
If you are looking for a gambler, Cappy in 5th house owner is not for it. However, this person is more inclined to have long term and safe hobbies and interests that can potentially earn income and profits from such interests. If Saturn is afflicted in this person’s chart, there is a danger that this individual can be overbearing and overprotective of his/her own children. Also, it has been widely accepted that Capricorn in 5th house individual may have a few children or have them at the late age and also these individuals are known to have step children. Interestingly enough a lot of Capricorn 5th house individuals are often involved in consult other children with career choices and volunteering/working with kids’ neighborhood activities that are productive which range from planting tree drives to cleaning up the beaches.

9th house is all about one’s ability to perceive what the external world has to offer in result of understanding on how the individual can bring effect / change to the world.
Uranus in 9th house in a lot of cases brings radical ideas/thoughts on religion/revolutionary theories to the individual.
Neptune in 9th house may make an individual to be sightless or follow a muddy cult or have unclear views on religion or any other higher thoughts/theories.
Saturn interestingly enough performs rather well in 9th house since Saturn brings more ground to person’s ideas which are fixed and stable. Such individual is not likely to be swayed easily or converted into something an individual does not believe in or something that does not make sense.
Venus in 9th house owner a lot of times is inspired by aesthetics rather than logic and common sense.

If an individual happens to have a craving to be popular and raise a few eyebrows on international level, his/her best bet at succeeding this is to have Leo in 9th house.

The owner of Libra in 9th house will rather stay home than go on a trip by him/herself. Also, these people tend to study arts, music, and the law in the foreign country or previously stated subjects of foreign origins. Some individuals with Libra in 9th house have been known for spending a great amount of time perfecting their beliefs, teachings and spiritual worlds.

9th house Cancerians travel to countries or places just for the sake of knowing their ancestry so they can feel a feeling of “my so and so walked on this road and lived on this land” If 9th house Cancerian decides to study, he/she does it for a very personal reason. When it comes to family values, an individual with this alignment tends to stick with traditional values such as religion or family’s footsteps.

Practical houses – two, six, and ten

If Personal sector defined who the individual is in his/her foundation, practical houses defines the individual’s sense of self, attitude to what he/she owns and how he/she projects himself/herself to the public / profession.

Self esteem is completely 2nd house issue. The planet and the sign ruling 2nd house with the sign on 2nd cusp describe how the person develops his self worth in relation to self-esteem. This would be interesting to see in Michael Jackson’s and Elvis Prestley’s charts. Those 2 people have a lot in common. Both came from very poor families. Both became famous and spent fortune. Unfortunately, both individuals had problems with self-esteem. Michael Jackson did not like his nose and had problems with his skin when he was a teenager which affected him greatly. He spent on things he could not afford when he was a kid. This was very visible at Neverland Ranch; he had a store where kids could eat all the candies in the world. I don’t know much about Elvis’ Memphis mansion but I am sure the story is not too far off.

Michael Jackson had definite Cancer in 2nd house and interestingly enough Elvis’ 2nd house was Capricorn.

Cancer in 2nd house cusp owner has an enormous sense personal nourishment and well being. In Michael Jackson’s case, this is controversial since there is addiction to painkillers. Anyway, when the person with this alignment is strong and mature with his own spiritual world, he/she tends to feed and nurture all children in the world. When the Moon is afflicted, this person tends to be very selfish and greedy. Michael Jackson’s moon is not afflicted even though he was born just before full moon and it is in Pisces in 10th house. He did a lot for children. Cancer in 2nd house describes perfectly Michael Jackson.

Capricorn in 2nd house owner tends to be more cautious, careful and very methodical when it comes to personal property and money. By instinct, they know how to cultivate personal resources. Saturn will dominate their attitudes towards self and the property. Also, if Saturn is strong and not afflicted, the native projects the motto to cultivate his/her own talents, sort of like “if something does not work out, if I keep at it, eventually it will pay off” A lot of the natives do think 20 years and then some ahead. Nothing is short term. Elvis Prestley was able to pass Graceland to his daughter and still retain the never-ending profits from his works.

The most controversial sign on 2nd house, IMO, is Virgo. On one hand, generally speaking Virgos can be perfectionist; on other hand, Virgos can be reckless. Mercury itself is a tricky neutral planet. According to astrology-numerology, Virgo in 2nd house is described as “Virgo on the cusp of the second house suggests that you are particular and exacting about money and possessions. You earn and accumulate by using your mind and attention to detail.” I have Virgo in 2nd house, I have to say that I would not spend money unless I absolutely needed and above all, my motto is “if it is not practical, it is not usable.” As far as money goes, going back to, it states “You appear very careful with financial affairs, but often you can become somewhat penny-wise and pound-foolish.” I can see that in Virgorians in 2nd house but not in my case.

The other 2 tricky 2nd house owners are Aquarius and Gemini. If Uranus/Mercury, whichever planet is ruling 2nd house is afflicted, this can bring shady / get rich scheme creator out of a person. If Uranus/Mercury is not afflicted and strong, the person tends to have more than 1 business and more than 1 profession.

6th house!!!
Other than this house is about work and health, I sorta view this house as the house of self-advancement. If Ascendant shows how you project yourself, sixth house shows you what works behind the Ascendant. In another words, your methods of getting to the Ascendant’s attitude is in 6th house. Your everyday work habits and styles are 6th house issue as well. I wont go into health issues here because I know people are just plain crazy, whoever reads into health, will get into “I am sick with blah blah blah because of my 6th house issues.” And I refuse to take responsibility for this madness.

6th Gemini can multitask, no question about that and be quite efficient. The job for this individual must have anything but repetitive everyday environment. The job that requires travel will probably be the best job for this individual. Also, it is common for these individuals to have more than one pet.

6th house Cancer people have a need to nourish and be nourished. They make perfect doctors, veterinarians and psychiatrists. Also, there are a few religious figures that have Cancer in 6th house. The only problem is these people take this too personal and often they take their patients’ pains back home after work or dwell on this prolonged time.

6h house Pisceans are my favorite in this house. They pick up cats, dogs or whatever animal they find on the street home or they open up animal shelters to rescue all kinds of animals. If they have a love to movies, arts, beauty and etc and have Pisces in 6th house, entertainment industry could be a perfect spot. The only thing I have to say about Pisces and 6th house without going into details, these people can be more sensitive to medications and all drugs.

MIDHEAVEN! – 10th house

This is the house where it shows and describes how you respond to authority and how your ambitions affect your career decisions. Also this is the house of your father.

Interestingly enough, Virgo in 10th house native does not want to be part of a leading team but he/she wants a permanent position with the company. If the native is given the leading role, he/she should be careful and avoid taking criticism too personally. Such action might lead him/her to hypersensitivity and despair.

The most comfortable signs in 10th house are Aries, Leo, Scorpio and Capricorn.

Aries in 10th house native with Mars not afflicted gives enormous drive to be a leader and will not take No for an answer. With afflicted Mars, this can lead to arrogance and running out of steam prematurely.

Leo in 10th house are natural leaders. From early childhood this individual wants to lead and rule the world. This placement is very comfortable for a Leo because they love to be in the spotlight and know what everyone is doing. This person can rise from the very bottom of the company to the highest position.

Scorpio in 10th house is not afraid of hard work. However, if this person’s ambitions are set on the wrong path, it may lead to ruthlessness. Also there is a talent of getting an accurate grasp of the situation especially when everything goes wrong in a split second, Scorpio 10th house native can come up with previously non-existent emergency plan and recover from it or know how to get everyone out of this mess.

Capricorn in 10th house gives endurance and ambition to the native. He/she has a strong focus on the career and demands everyone under him/her to be as efficient and professional as the native.

---- more to be added -----
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Re: aspects/houses/planets and everything in between

We talked about Personal houses – first, fifth and ninth houses and Practical houses – two, six, and ten houses. Let’s continue with the rest of houses.

The social houses are three, seven, and eleventh.
The social sector in your chart shows you how you relate to others and how the outer world relates to you.

Third House
If the First house tells us and you about your own early life, then the third house tells us how you understand and accept the circumstances that led you into this world. People with traumatic childhoods usually have heavy bombardment in 1st and 3rd houses. It is also the house where your immediate siblings are found. Third house people tend to take a lot in when they are in elementary through junior high school. If you are a parent of a child that has a majority planets in 3rd house, your child will be more inclined to study hard in during pre-high school period. Some astrologers put high school in 3rd house. I tend to disagree with them. Also people with a majority of third house planets has an ability and a gift to speak his/her mind and possibly if everything else is aligned is a naturally born writer or a orator.

One of the most fascinating 3rd house owners are Aries.
Not only that they are feisty speakers and have a rough abrupt, get to the point philosophy but they are competitive strong rivals especially when it comes to their own brothers and sisters.
Aries in 3rd house person is more mentally active than Gemini in 3rd house person if you ask me. Yes, indeed, Gemini rules naturally 3rd house but one of the greatest disadvantages in having Gemini in 3rd is the person with that position may not focus on one direction but will have a scattered knowledge without understanding the mechanics as would Virgo do. Virgo in 3rd house will work meticulously to find the best option to understand how the object works. They need to know everything about the object so they can fix it, repair it and prevent the breakage in the future. Virgo in 3rd house person will look after his/her sibling to make sure those he/she/they is/are properly dressed, fed and supervised. You need a babysitter? Look for Virgo in 3rd house.
Sagitarius in 3rd house is another interesting placement. Sags rule 9th house BUT in 3rd house they are experts in local exploration. A person with Sag in 3rd will know every freakin’corner in his/her neighborhood. An enormous love for knowledge makes these guys/gals to be excellent students and possibly teachers. They love what they study and whatever they study they know how to bring interest into others even if it is a boring subject. I have noticed that people with that placement start a conversation with “did you know that..” Libras 3rd house as I am one of them I have to agree with Robert Hand, when he wrote that they love to organize trips for others and if they haven’t been there themselves they tend to learn about the place and know every picturesque spot. Arts and humanities are their favorite subjects. I don’t know about arts but humanities, ohh yeah. I finished high school in Humanities magnet program inside of a regular high school. I haven’t met any Cappies in 3rd house but from what I have read, they tend to take heavy responsibilities over their siblings just like Virgo in 3rd house people. 3rd house Cappies tend to seek out jobs going back to their pre-school. The most sensitive 3rd house placement belongs to none other but Pisces. I met a few of them. There are at least 2 categories that I am aware of.
One is they remember everything and sadly enough a lot of it are painful memories or they will remember something someone said to them ages ago, they will remember every single detail about that moment. The second type is Piscean 3rd house is excellent at giving emotional assistance. He/she will cry with you and watch with you some sentimental girlie flick, then for the next week dissect that movie in a great detail.

I did some dig ups on which planet performs better in 3rd house; I have to say that Saturn is the most detrimental. BUT then again, it all depends on condition of Saturn. Sun, Mercury, Uranus and Venus tend to perform in 3rd house the best. These planets tend to extract the most of 3rd house energies. Uranus and Pluto in 3rd house are amusing and that is least to say. Uranus brings a rebel out in 3rd house and at the same time Uranus in 3rd house has more developed intuition. If you need to raise hell and bring about revolution or drive someone nuts, befriend Uranus in 3rd house person, then go and do your little evil deeds. Pluto in 3rd house gives a native an ability to “feel” the other person’s thoughts and predict what the other person would do more effectively. Pluto in 3rd house gives a native a keen ability to study the body language of the other. He/she can read the other person by studying everyday normal gestures. The negative issue with Pluto in 3rd house is when a person with this placement gets depressed, morbid thoughts do go through their heads, which makes it even more difficult to snap out of light degree of depression.

Seventh House

If first house was all about you, 7th house deals with others.

Aries in 7th house is weird! Libra on ascendant makes the person crave for sense of finding himself/herself in others. Libra ascendant owners get into relationships without realizing what they are getting themselves into. It is also been observed that people with libra rising try to perfect the other to suit their needs and often that leads to losing the other’s true identity, which leads to a breakup. Taurus in 7th house is 1 girl/guy person. He/she does not want to be involved in many flings or relationships. Sex for Taurus in 7th house is important and that alone can eclipse other important areas in relationships. Libra on descendant is a bit too bossy. The attitude can range from “do it my way!” to “My other half is god/dess, so if he/she is in love me with me, I must be god/dess myself” Honestly, I haven’t seen 2nd attitude at all but I have seen Aries in 1st house bossing their other halves. Aquarius in 7th house need a eccentric person to even out the flair of Leo rising person who willingly and unwillingly end up in the center of the stage.

When you have personal planets such as Sun, Moon, and ruler of your chart in 7th house, you tend to sacrifice or lose yourself in the relationship.
Mars may not be positive planet to have in 7th house. If Mars is afflicted, he/she may have a violent temper. Pluto in 7th house may bring out the worst out of the native if it is afflicted. Jealousy and possessiveness may be sparked by Pluto.

Eleventh House

If 7th house is all about one-on-one relationship, eleventh house is how we related to social groups. Also, Robert Hand notes that this house shows your ability to resolve a crisis among several people at the same time by correcting the wrong.
Aries in 11th house has a desire and a drive to prove himself/herself in society. Not only that but he/she takes a leader position in groups.

Taurus in 11th house would be perfect friend. A lot of people with that placement are extremely loyal and faithful friend .. the same goes for scorpio in 11th house owners.

Cancer in 11th house has a quite unusual approach to society. He/she is very nourishing and very protective at the same time. Maternal instincts are heightened. Unfortunately, sometimes Cancer in 11th house can be very selfish because of his/her ambitions and being self-protective.

Virgos and Pisces tend to play Mother Teresa role. You will find a lot of Virgo and Pisces in 11th house to be either in missionary tasks or in to be first on a plane to assist to those who were devastated by a disaster or in serious trouble. Pisces can lose its individuality when he/she is in the group. I guess that comes with a philosophy that he/she will be taken care of and protected. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Pisces in 11th house are more likely to be taken advantage of than any other 11th house sign. But this all depends on Neptune as its ruler.

Sun in 11th house lives in society and the person who would probably be a socialite and tends to shine there.

Moon in 11th house gives that person friends from all walks of life. Friends are highly important and the person tends to spend extra attention to them.

Mars is troublesome here. In the worst case scenario, this native will use friends to get where he/she wants.

Neptune is sketchy here. It may bring fake friends or the native may project fakeness even when he/she does not really mean to act that way.

Saturn in 11th house native tends to be very discriminating and may not be opened to friendships unless the other person is proven to be trustworthy

To be continued

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Re: aspects/houses/planets and everything in between

The unconscious houses are four, eight and twelve.

House Four

There is a big debate which house rules mother and father. Here is the answer.
If your dad was more nurturing, then he is 4th house. If you were much closer to mom, then she is 4th. Also, 4th house describes your emotional and psychological connection with family roots and routines.

It is also the house of your psychological foundation and infancy.
This house deals with roots, plain and simple.

Aries as a leader of the world loves to control the domestic environment. Also Aries individual feels he/she can express himself/herself the best in domestic conditions. This person knows exactly what he/she wants and has an incredible courage to express it or/and demand it.

Gemini hates routines at home! Parents of this child probably had many many other interests other than their own children. And in adulthood, family is seen as a burden or entrapment.

Leo in 4th house is a priceless entertainment if well behaved. The child or adult behaves from day 1 as he/she is a in his own castle. The room of this individual esp a child is very dramatic and theatrical in some ways. A female energy is usually the focal point of this child.

Scorpio is mysterious here. Often times the individuals tend to branch off and plant their own “tree” and start a new family by his/her rules and tends to have a problem with a family past.

Aquarius is similar to Scorpio in 4th house. Often times the child with Aquarius in 4th house is “black sheep.” Another thing I noticed Aquarius 4th house natives come from eccentric family.

Mars in 4th house if AFFLICTED might indicate that the native came from abusive home, which may follow him/her well into childhood.

Neptune in 4th house has a difficulty seeing a home as a nest therefore has incredibly hard time settling down. It is also noted that Neptune in 4th house shows a person whose family’s past to have secrets or parents unknown or missing. Robert Hand wrote that Neptune in 4th house gives a person a need to live near the water.

Pluto has similar effect as Aquarius in 4th house. Pluto transforms home/family roots in individual and usually the person with either of those positions in charge of a change. If Pluto is placed ill, an individual does not like to stay in 1 place and may feel very restricted.

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