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I have a question -- My brother is 27 degree cancer rising, meaning he only has 3 degrees of Cancer in his first house (Placidius system) -- To me, he has much more Leo energy than Cancer in the way he presents to the world. I was wondering how meaningul the rising sign if it only partially rules the first house. I have noticed this with other people as well -- that what ever is predominant in the first house is more evident than the rising sign (if it is on the cusp). Maybe this is an obvious point, but it seems that rising signs can be misleading in this sense. Also, can someone explain to me the merits of the different house systems? I find it confusing...

and another random question -- what are the various interpretations of natal mercury retrograde? my boyfriend has this and he thinks it makes him spacey or forgetful -- is this just an excuse?!



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One explanation would be that if he had 27 Cancer rising if birth, currently his progressed Ascendant is in Leo (if he is under 33 years). The progressed Ascendant moves on the average one degree per year. Expect a more Virgo manifestation afterwards.

The different house systems? You need to know a lot of astronomy in order to understand that. Unfortunately I don't so I couldn't explain it. However, rumor has it that all these systems work. Some people like equal houses, others Koch, for one, I started with Placidus and I kind of like it. Just adopt whichever you fancy.

As for retrograde Mercury, it may contribute to forgetfullness, because he tends to pay attention more to his own thoughts and interests rather than to the outside world.

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I would need to see his chart to get a better idea. I'm not crazy about progressions personally, but there are things in a chart that can cause such a thing - planets or points int hat house, or other fire planets. Also look at his Sun or 5th - if there is anything extraordinary about these, like teh Sun's exalted or a singleton, or there's powerful planets or aspects in the 5th, he will have a more Leonine nature regardless of where his ASC is.

Sincee the 1st is ruled by Aries, it does have an inherent firey nature that doesn't jive well with Cancer. Leo is "intercepted" in this case, causing further difficultly with expressing firey energies. I suppose it is possible that this is some kind of overcompensation for what seems like an uncomfortable 1st house, but again I would need to see the chart to rule out other more likely things.

It also can be a matter of synastry, where you or others are seeing Leonine triats because your interaction brings that out in him or that's what you're projected onto him. This is especially true with any synastry planet fall into his 1st house Leo range.


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Hi Lunar,

If your brother's Ascendant is at the end of Cancer for his given birth time, thn perhaps his chart would be more significant if it was rectified so that the Ascendant is in the early degrees of Leo instead. Then see how this would affect the planetary placements, house cusps etc. and see if this is a more accurate reflection of who your brother is.

If you are certain about birth time, then Radu's comment upon the progressed Ascendant would seem to make some sense, as well as Ursas idea about the strength of the Sun, or other planets or what is going on in the 1st house.

Do you have your brothers data? It would be a lot easier to consider your query in the context of a horoscope to work on.

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