ascendent falling on someones midheaven


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in synastry, what would it mean when someone's ascendent tightly conjuncts someone else's mideheaven? would it mean the asc. person benefits from the midheaven person career/jobwise?

Morghana Stellara

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My partner's Gemini ASC conjuncts (by a few minutes) my Gemini MC. With us, it means our inherent lifestyles are very different... because my ASC in Virgo naturally squares his ASC. I speak from only personal experience on this one, and that is why I responded... We work very, very hard and make lots of compromises in order to live together peacefully.

As far as career goes (MC), yeah, there was a time he benefited from my career, and we worked together - but often, the work ethic is very dissimilar as well. It creates a powerful energy that must be used carefully! :)

I must add, though, an important afterthought: his Gemini rising nature was certainly instrumental in inspiring the best writing I have ever done!