Ascendant Taurus, effect on way of talking?


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Hey guys, a question.

Do you think The ascendant and the aspects to it reveal the way you "talk". Or in my case 'rap'. Because i'm quite confused, i like fast aggressive rap for the most part. Combined with smooth viby rap too. But a lot of "fast" rappers have fire ascendant, or air. (Eminem: Saggy, Kendrick: Libra, Busta rhymes: Leo, Tech N9ne: Saggy) But there are ofc a lot of artists without a known birthtime.

This is my new chart, there was a mistake with AM and PM lol. Y'all think rap is a good choice for me?

Do you think my Mars sextile Ascendant shake my groundy taurus up a bit?


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When it has to do with voice/expression - 3rd house, 3rd house ruler, also 2nd house ruler-(the throat) Venus placement and Mercury by sign.

So you like aggressive styles - 3rd house ruler is moon and moon is in scorpio. Aggressive would definitely be enjoyed, since it makes you feel something deep. Could look at merc in aqua, which generally leans toward electronic sounds, but could equally lean toward something that doesn't seem "boring".
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Ah! Finally an explanation, i was thinking like, how can a taurus ascendant be like this. They are supposed to be cool and slow talking.

Yeah my 3rd ruler is in scorpio, which explains it, also in the 6th house in aspect to Uranus, Neptune, Sun and Jupiter.

I like agressive rap, also fast, but not like Tech n9ne or busta rhymes. More like Eminem, not extremely fast but with very intense delivery, probably the scorpio energies.


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I'm a taurus rising and trust me I'm so slow .... my 7th house is in scorpio in almost all my natal chart and yes I do like rap ... maybe you have Venus in scorpio? Because Eminem has a Venus in scorpio. ..


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I'm a taurus rising and trust me I'm so slow .... my 7th house is in scorpio in almost all my natal chart and yes I do like rap ... maybe you have Venus in scorpio? Because Eminem has a Venus in scorpio. ..

I'm a taurus rising and trust me I'm so slow .... my 7th house is in scorpio in almost all my natal chart and yes I do like rap ... maybe you have Venus in scorpio? Because Eminem has a Venus in scorpio. ..

Eminem has Venus in Virgo.

He has Moon in Aquarius in 3rd, 3rd house ruler in 10th, 8th house ruler in 3rd and Taurus in 6th (about this last: maybe a job related with his voice?).

Also, I remember seeing some artistic asteroids very present in his chart.

Examples: Polyhymnia trine Jupiter and quintile Saturn.
Euterpe trine Fortuna and Neptune.
Harmonia trine VX and sextile NN.
Mnemosyne trine Mercury and sextile Venus.
Terpsichore conj. Mars.
Stereoskopia conj. Terpsichore, Uranus, Mars. Trine Moon and semi-sextile Venus.
Luscinia conj. Polyhymnia and trine Jupiter.
Jupiter trine Kaliope, Thalia, Erato.
Kaliope and Thalia conj. Erato.
Kaliope conj. Polyhymnia.
Klio trine NN.
Elatus conj. Pluto.
Elvis (for Elvis Presley) conj. his Sun and Uranus.

Curiously, Polyhymnia, Kaliope, Thalia, Erato, Klio and Aesop are in Virgo, sign of his MC (although all except Aesop are in 9th, Klio conj. MC).
Also, there are several trines to Jupiter, his chart ruler.


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Ascendant in Gemini are more probable and likely to have a talkative, highly expressive and easier communicate personality than any other sign, maybe the ascendant in Taurus is relatively close to the 3rd sun sign ruled by Mercury, a planet representing our own verbal, written and cognitive communication skills.


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Fast and aggressive sounds like Mars. Or Aries. Singing, the throat, is ruled by Taurus (and Venus). If you are a rapper, Taurus rising fits in neatly.

Saturn in Aries squares your Venus, AC ruler. Nothing about Saturn is fast. Neither, really, is your Venus sign, Capricorn. But those could be contributing factors to your aggressive rapping style. Aries might add some fast to the aggressive.

Even more tellingly, you have Mars sextile your ascendant. That puts Mars energy into it. Mars is also sextile your Venus. Venus, meanwhile, is very loosely trine your ascendant, making its expression through your ascendant extra easy and obvious.

Venus can also be the impetus for artistic expression: how does that go for you? If rapping is your artistic expression, Venus expresses itself there.

Edit: It's not quite clear, from the wording of your post, whether fast and aggressive rap is what you perform, or what you like to listen to. If you just enjoy fast, aggressive rap by other artists, that's definitely a manifestation of your Venus: Venus says what it is that pleases us, aesthetically. If you yourself perform as a rapper, or want to, your chart tells us what kind of rapper you are, or would be.
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Wow your ruler is exactly on the MC

Yep! On my actual natal chart with a specific birth time, Venus along with Pallas are conjunct my MC instead. I have both Mercurial and Venusian characteristics and traits like to stand out to be spotted in the crowd, expresses myself easily and openly, and is outspoken.


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Taurus Risings usually have a lot of presence in how they speak and carry themselves. They're not easily "rattled," barring difficult aspects.

As a Venus conjunct Pluto in Scorpio in the 1st, I know I sometimes intimidate people when I turn on the intensity, but not Taurus Risings. They hold firm.

As for rap, Taurus rising isn't going to make you a fast or technically sound rapper. That'd come from other aspects/placements. But like I said, Taurus Rising does bring presence, and that's obviously important in the genre.


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Your rising sign is the lense in which you perceive the world, imo. For example my BF also has Taurus rising and he's def a skeptic until proven otherwise, and a self-proclaimed "number cruncher." However, he has Mercury in Capricorn and so he thinks in facts and things that are tangible, is intelligent and has a above average memory imo.

Your Mercury sign, and 3rd house, 3rd house ruler would be what you look at to analyze how you talk or sing. Possibly even Venus as we're talking about artistic expression.