Ascendant Sign Descriptions


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I enter the party like a tank bursting through a wall and communicate in rapid-fire talks, similar to the sound of machine guns firing. Then I leave by riding a rocket ship, effectively annihilating everything in my path.

..... Like him?


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1st house is how you enter a party.
7th house is how you interact.
12th house is how you leave the party.

Everybody is remembered for one of those traits.

I don't know that I agree with that for myself. I agree with the entering when you know no one - that is when I am a Cap rising for the most part. I certainly do not leave as one! And I don't feel I interact as a Cancer...unless I am hosting and so then I am putting the food out, cleaning, etc. I think I am more Gemini interacting and leaving as a Sag for sure. My husband comes, interacts and leaves as a Leo (his would be Aries, Libra, Pisces).


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There may be "emphasis" on 5-11 and 6-12 in my chart being so wide, but having sun/moon in 5-11 could never adequately describe the constant suffering of living in my own head as 3-8. I do not really think that your proposed 4-9 as well fits either... :/

Mercury parallel Asc = thought/communication aligned with head/body (horoscopic personal Aries point). Planets are specific alignments more important and informative than house positions, which are general.
Libra rising, Venus square Uranus. I have only a few traits in that description, like the light skin and blue green eyes, small boned. Pear-shaped, no dimples. Probably come across more attractive than I actually am.

Sagittarius rising fits me, as although I have pleasant features I do have a high forehead (libra influence so use a fringe) and narrow bone structure. My energy can be expansive. Aries sun in 8th, moon in Sagittarius, Mars sextile Jupiter 2 degrees...

Venus Pisces description fits the most. Eyes are best feature, my skin has a luminescent quality (although less so with age). personality description fits really well, vulnerable charm, defend the underdog, soft spoken.
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You look older than your age. Which, now that I think about it, is fitting for Cap.

You still look young, just older than I expected.

Like the glasses and outfit, btw. :)


True it does fit cap. Thanks!! The square classes seem to be a capricorn signature from what I've noticed.

She meant it in a positive fashion tho m8

But but you said decrepit.. you make it sound like I'm some old fool.


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For astrology purpose only, Leo ascendant, Sun ruled chart,

the Sun conjunct Venus in the 2nd house square Moon/Jupiter 5th house. Contra parallel Pluto 1'30.

Moon/Jupiter trine Ascendant, Mercury sextile Ascendant. Moon conjunct Pluto (wide orb 7)

I have a lot of goddesses conjunct the ascendant like Hekate, the witch goddess. Freya the Norse goddess of beauty and war. Sekhmet, Cat goddess of destruction.

Mean and True Lilith parallel Ascendant. Psyche parallel ascendant

Ethnically I have Hispania conjunct the Ascendant. Usually people online think I'm Hispanic/Latino, I am Arab with Arabia conjunct Sun.

Vedic Cancer Ascendant and Scorpio Moon, Sun in Leo. I noticed how Leo people buff/large lips, moon or ascendant.

12th/Duad Harmonic Sun is in Cancer, Numerology 2nd harmonic in Aquarius* extra infos


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These pics lol


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