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Can anyone tell me what will be the ascendant here..Mars or Jupiter? Im trying to check something I read somewhere, which said a late ascendant could be transferred to another house, so the ascendant should be Jupiter. Not sure if that is correct.


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The Asc is in Scorpio. The querent is signified by Mars. Even if the Asc was at 29* 59', you get Mars to signify the querent. No next sign and stuff.

This is the reason why horary is truly an art, rather than a strict set of rules because we can validate the horary horoscope to the context.


There are considerations to take into account also here, just a thought

William Lily
Early/late deg
Be not confident of the Judgment if either the 1st degrees or later of any Signe be ascending; if the later degrees arise, the matter of the Question is elapsed, and it's probable the Querent hath been tampering with others, or despairs of any successes; however the Heavens advise you not to meddle with it at that time. but that it was still safe to judge if the querent's natal ascendant is of those degrees.

Anthony Louis:
"Generally an early ascendant means the matter is premature. It's too early to render a judgment. More information must come to light. A late ascendant means the matter has passed its prime. The question is "post-mature." Often the querent knows the answer and is just testing to see what you think