Ascendant and Appearance


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haha you are good! What are the differences between cardinal and fixed signs facial features?


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How do squares to the Asc influence ones appearance?

I have a Leo asc at 0 degrees with squares from Sun, Venus (both in Aries) and Mercury (in Taurus).


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How much does a person's moon sign affect their facial characterists?
Do you think that only occurs if their rising is in Cancer?

What I've noticed is that the Moon's condition shows up more in the skin and eyes than anywhere else. Sometimes a person with a rising sign like Pisces that tends to give very uniquely fair, translucent skin will have more pigment if the Moon is in a sign that allows that. Or they'll be fair but able to tan easily. Moon always shows in the general look in the eyes: Fire = sparkle/sharpness; Earth = dullness, evenness; Air = less obvious to me; Water = a look of feeling, added moisture on the surface of eyeball, or dark and impenetrable.

Example: If someone has a genuine fire sign Asc, but has Moon in Scorp conj Neptune, don't expect the usual fire to show in the eyes.

Amy Vir Sn Ari Mn Pis Ris

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Thanks Kannon!

I am Pisces rising 18 degrees with an Aries moon and Mars retrograding into my ascendant at Pisces 22 degrees. So I would expect all to play a role in my appearance. That and Venus closely aspects my rising with a trine by 1 degree from my rising. I hadn't checked parallels. Will do that now.

OK, my rising is considered 4 degrees of declination and the closest planets to that are both Mars and Jupiter by 8 degrees declination each.

Lesse if I can attach it.


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Try and guess my Ascendant and Sun sign! :rightful:


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i haven't been on here for 10 months but i read the leo rising description and it made me laugh so hard because most of it is very true. i've always been athletic and people always describe me as looking "strong" and "sturdy". the best part is "big bust" LOL i've been big busted since before adolescence struck me. i do have slender legs and always thought i had knobby knees but now that i look at them, i don't think they're knobby anymore. the only part that's not me is the commanding voice... i have a very soft low voice and it hurts my throat to speak loudly but i assume that has something to do with my pisces moon and having saturn in my 3rd house.
thanks for the descriptions! it's been quite wonderful!

Leo rising has a rectangular or squarish head.

Honor, integrity, courage, directness and honesty are the values of the balanced Leo rising person. The energy is that of one that wants to be recognized or dealt with. They can have a crude and loud approach (unless the humility of water or earth factors intervene) or a royal bearing, but they won't be ignored. The voice can be very appealing if soft or commanding if louder. Many are capable of great volumes that resonate from the chest, thus there are many actors and singers with this Ascendant sign.

The men tend to baldness. The eyes are often large or bulging, but can be especially attractive and magnetic. The eyes are more often widely-spaced than with any other sign. There can be a barrel chest with men and large bust with many of the women, but whatever the details, there is a strong, commanding presence or a statuesque look about them, whether slender or bulky. The frame is often large and the body sturdy, even blocky, but some are taller and more athletic. Some are swaybacked as if pushing out the chest with pride. With many there is an emphasis on upper body while the legs are skinny and knees knobby. They know they can be somebody, but some may stretch too hard in their ambition. They are natural leaders that radiate vitality and magnanimity.


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Hm...I guess I should ask too for some opinions.
I know my name already gives away that I am a Capricorn but my Ascendant is pretty much mixed.
So what do I remind you.
Sorry for the messy pic,I was trying different eyeshadows and stuff and then I noticed I hadn't cleaned my face that well.

It's a close up pic and the lighting is good so I guess you won't have a hard time with it.And no hair on the face.


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